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    I photographed Joan's brother-in-law's sister in Hawaii. Joan saw the photos and saw my name. She got curious and sent me a note and a friend request on Facebook on February 24, 2012. We got engaged on October 3, 2012 in Bohol! The rest will be history once we are approved!....and the rest has been a beautiful history for over three years. We are now in the Naturalization phase.

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  1. Did Florida re-institute COVID restrictions? Hawaii is locked down again as of midnight tonight. Not sure how/if that will affect USCIS, but that could also be a reason.
  2. I am actually split on the attorney thing to a degree. I paid an attorney $200.00 for a document review/consultation before filing for a K-1 Visa. It was $200.00 well spent in my opinion. She first advised waiting until my second visit to the Philippines was over (it was already scheduled) to file and then reviewed our documents. She made a few very worthwhile comments on my cover letter and offered to review my revision as part of her fee. It was a good experience: she stated out with apparent skepticism (there is a 29 year age difference), but was totally on our side by the time the consult ended. However, I did not and would not pay the $2,500.00 for her to put the documents that I had to accumulate anyway into an envelope for me! Every other step of the way has been DIY (with the incredible help here on VJ) and it was extremely smooth all of the way (except the waiting for the K-1 Visa!--no problems, just human doubt and anxiety). For the record, our 7th anniversary is in August and Joan has been a US Citizen for 3 years. My note to all of you including the OP: Patience is the key through this ordeal. It will happen and I wish you the love and life that Joan and I have shared. Good luck.
  3. Yes, it has been a long time for us too. That's why I don't respond/post much anymore. I don't know how "valid" my information is after 8 years! Best of luck to you!
  4. As an aside, do you have copies of your documentation along the way? Somewhere along the line you submitted the same evidence. Maybe reference those documents along with the copy of the expired passport? Probably goes in the "not necessary, but couldn't hurt" folder! Good luck.
  5. Everyone goes through some degree of administrative processing post-interview. Most are pretty fast but some are lengthy. It just depends. As always, front-load your application with as much information and documentation as you can. Good luck.
  6. Ugh. So sorry to hear that. Hang in there. It will happen. Best of luck to you.
  7. This is a very good and interesting point. I wonder if there will be any exemptions down the road if the applicant can prove that the absence was beyond their control (i.e., the Manila "shutdown.") Just curious.
  8. Send whatever you have that spans the length of your marriage including statements from any joint accounts---banks, credit cards, etc. (I think we sent every 3rd or 4th month--it's been a while so I forgot). Are you each other's beneficiaries on 401K/annuities/life insurance plans? Send those! The year of joint home ownership is very good (I THINK Joan and had refinanced the home just prior to filing ROC and included that even though it was new). Finally, as TBoneX always says, wills and medical power of attorney are great for ROC, but better for real life! Best of luck to you!
  9. There is a (sadly) infamous case here on VJ where the poster used the online submission the exact date he/she qualified but was rejected because if the time zone issue. It got resolved, but it was a huge headache. This process takes an uncomfortably long time, so 1 or 2 days later won't matter...but one hour early MIGHT matter. Wait the day or 2 and use either USPS next day air or similar courier of your choice with signature confirmation. Best of luck to you.
  10. Just to point out an important technicality---which you have correct already: The wedding was conducted at the courthouse; the "ceremony" (call it whatever you want--renewal of vows, party, whatever) came later. The ceremony is not a wedding, so, as noted above, no reason not to post---just make sure your family and friends don't call it a wedding! Congrats and best of luck!
  11. She will be fine as long as she speaks "good" English and can answer basic questions about her file--and the civics questions. The English language test is quite simple. Joan had to write a simple sentence and read/answer it. There is a great video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGqFdNBCmp8) that might put her mind at ease. Good luck!
  12. Sorry, Table of Contents. We just bough sticky tabs at Office Depot and placed them on the appropriate document with the correct letter or number.
  13. As Hank_ said, looks good. You said one photo from THAT trip. Do you have others? Re: Mail--we sent all of our packets (I129-F, AOS, ROC and Citizenship) via US Mail Express (not Priority, Express). Never any problems. Best of luck and love to both of you. Edit: We used a numbered/lettered TOC and had corresponding tabs throughout the packets. No problems. Edit 2: Scratch the "Do you have others?" I see that you do. Lesson for me--don't "tired post!"
  14. Your RFE documents look much more thorough and complete than your initial filing. Good luck.
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