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  1. When the Ukranians call their elections a joke, they mean it literally.
  2. I completely agree and I am honestly not even sure how this has even become a debate...it's a given. These days it seems common sense isn't even so common anymore...
  3. Been about 22 years since I was there...indeed very sad.
  4. OriZ

    GOT: Season 8

    Not ashamed to admit I don't follow GOT...
  5. Minors have been given much harsher sentences for much lesser(imo) offenses. We're not comparing this to legally hunting one sleeping buck/bear. We're talking about illegally murdering a mama bear and her cubs. To answer your question - if they shot a whole family of sleeping deer illegally, then yes, they would deserve 15 years of jail time.
  6. I agree, and I also wouldn't be surprised if they do this again(before doing something worse) because they basically saw you can get away with it. It's really a pathetic sentence.
  7. Apparently Alaska does play, they both got off way too easy. They deserve years. Yes that would be much more appropriate.
  8. Looking forward to the day they treat crimes against animals the same way they do humans. You have people like ross ulbricht sitting in prison while people like that basically got away scot free...what an upside down world
  9. The US Humane Society released a sickening surveillance video this week, showing a father and son from Alaska illegally killing a black bear and her two newly-born cubs — while they were still hibernating inside their den. “They’ll never be able to link it to us,” the son, Owen Renner, can be heard saying on video after taking out the mama bear and her offspring. The footage was filmed in April 2018 and released Wednesday by the Alaska Department of Public Safety after a public records request was made by the Humane Society. Renner, 18, and his dad, Andrew, 41, were skiing in a remote area of Esther Island in Prince William Sound when they “illegally slaughtered” the family of “hibernating black bears,” according to officials. “Their despicable actions were captured on a wildlife camera, set up by the US Forest Service and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, to study the bears,” the Humane Society said. “The haunting video footage shows the men creeping up to the bears’ winter den and shooting the mother as her two babies shriek in fear, until more shots pierce the air.” Hunting a mother bear with cubs — or even just the cubs themselves — is illegal in the Esther Island area, according to officials. “But that didn’t stop the Renners from murdering innocent animals, posing for a picture with the dead mother on the bloodstained snow and smugly stating, ‘We go where we want to kill,'” the Humane Society blasted. Andrew and Owen Renner later plead guilty to illegally killing the bears. They both received jail time and had their hunting licensees suspended after admitting that they destroyed evidence and presented the adult carcass as a legal kill to the Alaskan wildlife agency. According to officials, Andrew was sentenced to three months in jail and fined $9,000. He was also forced to forfeit some of his personal property — including a 22-foot boat, his vehicle and various weapons. Owen was 17 at the time and sentenced to community service. “Justice was served — but these animals deserve more respect and compassion,” the Humane Society said. “Federal law currently forbids this practice on national preserves in Alaska, but the current administration is looking to remove such prohibitions. If this heinous cruelty occurs while protections are already in place, overturning them would all but encourage these massacres to continue.” https://nypost.com/2019/03/28/haunting-video-shows-father-and-son-illegally-kill-hibernating-bear-cubs/ uh, justice was served? 3 months? what a joke. I'd give them a year for each year they took away from the cubs and mom. How disgusting.
  10. Not sure why these events always get politicized. No politics(on either side) excuse such horrid attacks against innocent people in their place of worship. We can argue about immigration, religious or territorial conflicts, terrorism, racism, but there's simply no place for acts like these. I hope he never sees the light of day.
  11. https://www.timesofisrael.com/belgian-carnival-float-condemned-for-featuring-anti-semitic-puppets-of-jews/ Like I said...almost daily, very common and accepted in Europe, in all forms.
  12. There are several things about your statement that are simply factually wrong, but we've had so many discussions about that here already that I see no reason to get into it again.
  13. Anyway the most absurd part in this "report" that for some reason isn't mentioned in the article I quoted is that whoever released it also called to not enable those they see as "responsible"(IE the soldiers who were doing their job defending Israel's sovereignty and borders) to fly, and to arrest them when they land somewhere 🤣 and I will tell you right now that the only appropriate response if that was to ever take place is for Israel and any other self respecting western democracy to boycott whatever country or airline engages in that.
  14. You do realize Israel doesn't receive nor needs to receive any military support from the U.S. and either buys or makes its own weapons? Sure, some of the funding to buy American weapons comes from the us government but nevertheless goes right back to us companies.
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