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  1. I'm not referring necessarily to the ones arrested since Oct 7. Although those as well once they have a trial. But I was specifically referring to those already with lengthy prison sentences. Change the law or their sentences if you have to, I'm generally not a fan of capital punishment but for terrorists? Sure.
  2. That would say something now wouldn't it. Executing israeli civilians in captivity = good Executing terrorists in prison = bad
  3. My take on ALL Palestinian inmates is they should be used as leverage. We already know hamas executed some hostages and is threatening to execute more. It's going to become more dicy the closer Israel gets to them. Imo Israel should put hamas and the world on notice that for every hostage they execute, Israel will execute 10 hamas prisoners Always thought it was crazy jews were considered white when we are literally brown (Jesus, anyone?). Yeah, nowadays european jews have lighter skin but I guess that would make my wife a Muslim since she's polish/American yet has darker skin than I do (even though I'm half sephardic) Makes zero sense.
  4. Yeah I've seen alot of it. Almost "live" the night it happened on mainly telegram and X. And some in the days following (including new stuff still coming out now). I didn't get to see what the idf made, but from what I heard about the things in there about 80% of it is on the internet as well. There's a few things that are in the film though that aren't, and those I did not see. You can't watch that stuff without being reminded every single time why it's crucial to completely do away with the nazis of the 21st century. I don't mention nazis lightly and in the past have always been hesitant to agree with anyone calling nazis any people other than, well, the original nazis. But make no mistake - these are not only nazis; they are worse nazis than the nazis of the 20th century. And that statement includes any of their sympathizers worldwide too.
  5. They, like many gazans, sympathized and identified with hamas. The material they filmed was alot of basically hamas propaganda (in addition to the head camera footage by the terrorists themselves) in the guise of "journalism". I don't think they knew way ahead because most hamas members didn't, but they definitely knew what they're about to film when they rode the same bikes and trucks as the terrorists, and they definitely had a good time filming it. To me, they are terrorists and if they were directly targeted by the IDF, I would not shed a tear
  6. The irony is that now alot of the anti Israel dimwits keep saying "there is no hamas in the west Bank so why is Israel attacking there too". Just more lies from the pathological liars side. Israel is fighting hamas there all the time which is why it's been weaker ever since 2003. But it's definitely there and if Israel didn't do what it does it would have already taken over the west Bank as well
  7. 100%. Saw the video the other day on X. But yes, what's been proven Is that more concessions don't translate into more peace but the opposite is true. Once Israel withdrew from Gaza they were able to build the tunnels, get a ton of rockets and more explosives etc. All much worse than before. After the Oslo accords the west Bank was going the same way, operation defensive shield which I mentioned a few weeks ago and following up on it with smaller operations since (often referred to as "lawn mowing") have made things calm down somewhat (but still worse than what it was before the deals). Current model I think for gaza is similar. To go back to being like Area B of the west Bank. I think it's doable. I would say I was never part of the extreme left, but also not the right. Growing up, I believed in peace, wanted to see it happen and was excited whenever they televised any new signings. That has changed for me as well. It's now obvious to anyone with a brain (seems half the world + is missing one) that if Israel doesn't retain control over security in those areas it will very quickly come under existential threat. Also about hezbollah I personally think they've already taken it too far. I'm really tired of over a month of nothing but threats from Israel as well as the US while this ####### for tat is ongoing and escalating almost daily. I say Beirut needs to get buried now, not later. Or as always, the "later" will carry a much heavier price
  8. This takes me back a bit to the conversation right after it happened about what would be considered a success or otherwise a defeat. I think, one month in, it's becoming a little easier to see that the objectives are achievable...it won't be easy, it will take time (i see people talking about 2-3 months, i think its closer to a year), and there will be a cost. But it's possible, as long as the politicians don't try to stop the military from completing what it knows how to do for whatever dumb reason. If they have to go house house, tunnel tunnel then that's what they have to do. Israel has surprised the world before by doing the "impossible" many times and it can do it again
  9. I saw that one the other day, hilarious but sad. Also not sure if you guys have seen this, been trending this week, from my favorite satire show in Israel https://youtu.be/rbfccVBo9tE?si=ntgojozXvCeoqaM7
  10. It was a plan he released a few years back, can't find a link for it rn, but basically to only annex area C. That's where majority of Jewish settlements are anyway and will only need to give citizenship to some 100k Palestinians or so. It will also ensure we don't have a new gaza a few miles from Ben Gurion Airport The rest they can handle on their own like they already are, no military of course etc The problem with annexing anything right now though is basically the Abraham accords or any potential deal with Saudi prevents it, so will be interesting
  11. Meh, I don't think that's the right solution. You'll end up either truly an apartheid state (right now people just like to claim it is, but it's not because Palestinians are not israelis), or you'll be a Muslim state run by sharia law. No third option. I'm alot closer to Naftali Bennetts plan than anything else on this at this point Also, I don't really go to the synagogue...but if I went into a specialty (kosher) store or bakery or something like that I'd probably be very aware of my surroundings. Can never be too safe
  12. Tbh I've never been a fan of forcing citizenship. Why would you want such a major change to your demography? You'll end up being a minority in a few decades There is a power plant but it only supplies a few hours worth a day (when it's working, rn it's out of fuel). Israel supplied the rest but not anymore. Important to mention that while they did plan it for a couple of years and do have stockpiles of fuel and other supplies for their own uses, they just don't care about the people in gaza so ofc didn't feel the need to make sure they have enough as well. I'm sure their thinking was Israel will just give in and supply it, or the world will. Also about jews living in fear...I do think that there's a ton of anti semitism out there, but personally can't say I encounter it or live in fear of it. Might be because I'm in Saint johns County, FL which is 75% republican (also i dont really "look jewish", im not religious etc). I've long told people that if I could walk into a bar with a bunch of bds supporters and other progressives, or a bar with alt right folks I would feel alot safer going into the latter. I've had so many people raise their eyebrows at me for that. Maybe now they understand it better, who knows
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