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  1. if the filters on the spreadsheet are filled out wrong, when it's sorted it can corrupt the file. If you sort only 3 columns, and do not mask the rest to cause them to be sorted inline it will maintain current position for those remaining portions of the records
  2. thanks! It's all good, I started this expecting a year start to finish, I am only 86 days in. It'll happen
  3. Good luck to you, we are in a quick local office also, Columbus, Ohio. For whatever reason the 5-6 people that have this as their local office are being delayed at their regional offices. We have friends at Vermont, Cali, Missouri and Potomic (we are at Nebraska) most have had bio waived 5 of 6, and we have heard nothing, we are also the ones at Nebraska, and they seek to just be slow, so I am hoping this is a blip, we have been waiting just short of 3 months, some of our friends are into their 9-10 month range, still well within processing rates
  4. Not much of an apology, she seems a self loathing troll with an over active nonsensensical opinion of her place in the world
  5. Sonny Bono moment .. at least you avoided the tree
  6. I am just stoking the fire, In reality it doesn't affect or offend me, just following the leanings you oft see on here
  7. He's not my type either, I think I am too old to swoon regardless. So it is ok to objectify people or in some cases de-objectify them?
  8. No but I can see you using body shaming tactics to make your point, is it only women you object this to happen to?
  9. when I was 17 stationed in Texas, I was reprimanded for trying to help a 16yo senorita immigrate with me from Texas ...
  10. They are a little haphazard in consistency, I am at the Nebraska center and submitted July 22, for Nebraska not out of the ordinary as it appears to take 7 months for biometrics appt, you might want to check with other Texas processers and see what their experiences are, good luck
  11. My wife and I used RapidVisa, in my opinion, they did not improve our petition, offered little to no "advice" and "value", they organized my work in a format I would have done had I used the suggestions from here. The one or two times I had actual questions for them I got very soft answers not useful information. They did not hinder the process but they did not help it at all. YMMV
  12. the whole cow that steaklet came from did not eat that much vegetables .... that green stuff looks like cat vomit
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