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    Same as most, met online, met in-person, engaged 4/17/2016 hoping to spend Christmas together here or there. Hoping to marry on 12/18/16. Planning on arrival on 11/22 through Newark NJ

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  1. I was under the impression that the doll made sounds of arousal when the “secret” button was pushed, perhaps my sick twisted mind added that detail
  2. We submitted on the 1st, will be glad to get this final hurdle done
  3. Nathan hale jr.... sr was a character actor in the 30s 40s
  4. Kids in our area are out until end of 2nd qtr, online was pretty efficient
  5. I do business disaster recovery and these numbers are right in line with long standing predictions for businesses that close for 30+ days, it being a pandemic just brings the true cost into focus
  6. I like modelo dark, but dislike how the bottle fits my hand
  7. Filing online makes it really really east too, plus you can beat the increase by submitting early rather than later
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