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    Same as most, met online, met in-person, engaged 4/17/2016 hoping to spend Christmas together here or there. Hoping to marry on 12/18/16. Planning on arrival on 11/22 through Newark NJ

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  1. I discount most of what you day because of your contentious nature, go find some more big words to impress everyone with your intellectualism
  2. I am not attacking your world view in any way shape or form, you claim benefits of non citizens from a liberal sources, I see you knock counter opinions from conservative sources to the contrary, my point was you can't live on an extreme while declaring a different extreme cannot be trusted because it's extreme. If you can't see the lunacy in that don't accuse me of attacking your world view
  3. Not so sure it's hyperbole as much as it is trying to group legal non-citizens with illegally entered non citizens, they are 2 different entities but conveniently grouped to blur the distinction
  4. Live in your world of puppies and rainbows, I could not care less. You spout a liberally biased report and then are countered with a conservative biased report and claim foul because of the bias that does not conform tou your bias. At least you are transparent.
  5. I think he is actually saying both arguments are sacks of Doo, biased reporting in both cases support a negative connotation of the opposing view.
  6. How many illegal aliens in prison? deport them immediately, you save the annual prison cost x the number deported, bet you hat adds up quick.
  7. My wife is a non citizen, she pays taxes in conjunction with me I had neighbors that were illegal they transacted everything in cash, I do not think they paid taxes, but that is an assumption based on conversations with them
  8. Is the question legal immigrants or illegal immigrants, no one here is advocating against people that have followed the course of law or even legitimate refugee seekers, it's those that have chosen to sidestep the proscribed path
  9. Randyandyuni

    After aos interview

    take a vacation home, leave him with daughter and relax ... that will teach him to be nicer
  10. Not really, I,m old. Grew up in Roslindale moved to Dedham went in the army in 76 never moved back
  11. Seems like you have been a functioning adult without issues, I am not minimizing your anxiety and depression, but you have survived for several years without an episode of acting out. It took me 20 years to finish my degree, at the time it was not that important, maybe the same with you, I don't know, I am not a professional mental health worker. Seek help as you see fit, if it becomes unbearable for you, seek diagnosis and treatment when you need it, you would not delay treatment for a broken arm pending immigration, your mental health should be at least equally important
  12. Totally agree, I still remember my 1st game at Nickerson Field ... They were painful to watch, .. thank God the Celtics we're great in the 60s
  13. I miss the service oriented small mom and pops they replaced