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    Same as most, met online, met in-person, engaged 4/17/2016 hoping to spend Christmas together here or there. Hoping to marry on 12/18/16. Planning on arrival on 11/22 through Newark NJ

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  1. Email notice of impending citizenship interview. Guess need to wait on the actual notice
  2. My x wife as she is the source of eternal damnation
  3. Applied Aug 1, bio reuse on Sep 8, nothing since but completion date still showing 12/2020
  4. Wow ... a moody Filipina? Who would have thougt
  5. Yes - largest pandemic in our history partisan politics dragging action political opponents attempted to stagnate goverment all in all a damn fine job
  6. I think all women should be required to breast feed publicly even in the absence of a child, just random men
  7. Personally I do not care what they call us, we do the same, the problem is when the powers that be believe it, then it’s policy
  8. This is a nit, nothing (since you paid) will come of this
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