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    Same as most, met online, met in-person, engaged 4/17/2016 hoping to spend Christmas together here or there. Hoping to marry on 12/18/16. Planning on arrival on 11/22 through Newark NJ

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  1. Men Are created by their mothers, enter the military or college, our lives are planned, we marry our plan is modified to appease she who must be obeyed, we rebel, divorce and are then recaptured by wife number 2 and the last vestiges of our individuality is nagged from us until we become docile eunuchs. circle of life
  2. Go to the Philippines, they love to “fall in line”, they queue like ducklings
  3. Be glad she’s not Filipina, no makeup, but 5 phone calls to friends, 5 prepatory selfies, a snack then 4 outfit selection just to garden
  4. Mine is a housewife, we both enjoy that arrangement. She and her friends tend to get togethrr at my house when I am at work and the boy is at school, after 2 weeks with us as replacements, she is done with Covid
  5. His refusal to submit himself to the same STD test after she agreed to it cost him my vote. She was willing, he refused until return to the US
  6. At least you have a native speaker to occupy your wife, my asawa is getting bored with my son and I, as neither can indulge her need to chat and cook with fellow Filipina. She has been baking and leaving it on our porch for her friends to come by and collect, but no direct contact
  7. Cant fix stupid, perhaps a new way to qualify for a Darwin
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