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  1. Socialism is ruining this country. Everyone expects someone to get up and make them a sandwich. They can make their own sandwich.
  2. You are claiming he knew birth certificate was false. The man served his country in the Navy and that needs to count for something.
  3. There is a lot of misinformation floating around in this thread about digital ads, browsing history and "targeted ads" The display position and frequency is controlled by the hosting site, visa journey. I think the ads are excessive and detract, but it's my choice to come here or not. Everyone needs to make a living and I know the steak dinners and Las Vegas trips they bestow upon the Moderators drives a budgetary need /s Your browser, device type, Geo location, whether you have turned on and personalization and cookies from your browsing history will impact what ads you see. I have personalization turned off with Google, hence other factors weight Additionaly Google Ads (and I assume others) look at the text on the page, index the words, links, language, pages structure as possibly other factors. This is one of the more powerful tools Google and Bing have in their "secret sauce". Therefore, the words on the page do influence the ad choices and Visa Journey has little control. If the title of the thread has romance, dating and the content has words like Fiance, Mail Order, Tinder and Ex husband...then we will all be targeted (potentially). And no I am not in the Market for a farmer, but I do live in a splendid agriculture area.
  4. Gary Cohn: Trump knows he'll lose 'credibility' with China if he blinks on tariff deadline Kevin Stankiewicz | @kevin_stank Published 4 Hours Ago Updated 2 Hours AgoCNBC.com Former White House chief economic advisor Gary Cohn says he thinks President Trump will impose the Dec. 15 tariffs if the U.S. and China haven't agreed to a trade deal. "I think he thinks that that's a forcing function and if he keeps blinking, he losses credibility in the Chinese eyes," Cohn tells CNBC. Cohn also urges his former boss to sign the "phase one" that the U.S. and China announced in October.
  5. Two Loony Bill Barr Speeches Show It Didn't Start With Trump The crazy has been metastasizing in the Republican Party and the conservative movement for decades https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a29829761/william-barr-speeches-trump-secularism-unitary-executive/
  6. On October 10, federal agents arrested Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman at the airport, where they had one-way tickets to Vienna. President Trump feigned disinterest. “I don’t know those gentlemen,” he told reporters. “Maybe they were clients of Rudy. You’d have to ask Rudy, I just don’t know.” Trump did know the gentlemen. A week ago, CNN found Trump had at least ten interactions with Parnas and Fruman, straining his denials beyond all credibility. Friday night, CNN unearthed an even more dangerous piece of news. Parnas and Fruman, along with their partner, Rudy Giuliani, met with Trump in the White House during its annual Hanukkah party. Parnas told two people that Trump tasked them with pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/amp/2019/11/trump-parnas-fruman-giuliani-ukraine-scandal-impeachment.html
  7. Well not not anti Trump. But Trump did not call him a name on Twitter so I not sure what he is.
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