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  1. Those plus, the Economist, the Atlantic, the Hill, the wall street journal, 538, and what happens to pop into my Google feed.
  2. I care little about the data, which is by the nature of this disease is evolving dynamically. What I do care about is those I know and love.
  3. Ok I made several assertions, was it the vitamin C part or one can thrive without meat?
  4. I think what is remarkable is the very people providing leadership and money on this topic, are the targets of misinformation campaigns from some coordinator.
  5. I really don't see things that way, but I don't watch Fox news, read Townhall or that Ilk or listen to Rush Limbaugh. So it is certainly possible we have different information.
  6. I have seen so many friends in the tech industry where the husband sour on children and parenthood and cynical to boot. In three cases I can remember, they wound up being the model father and primary caregiver. I have seen the total opposite where the enthusiastic husband folds once the reality of loosing their indepence sets in. We don't know this guy's side of story and what commitments were made It's probably unfair to judge him. She did allude to the fact that her commitments had changed due to a loss of business.
  7. Not to excuse the manchild father in the least, but is her decision really black and white? Is There is no other decision that would allow her to work less than 70 hours? As far as kids bouncing around during conferences and not having good boundaries, everyone from newscasters to instructors are in that boat. No one is expecting there to be no children like that castle in Chitty Chitty bangbang. I couldn't read the entire article because the writer is all over the place comparing women in this skill and opportunity category to the working poor. The overall theme about 80% pay and the social burden of maintaining house and home falling to women...I don't see the the primary subject as a good example.
  8. https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/05/22/h-1b-visa-outsourcers-and-it-staffing-companies-score-big-win-with-government-settlement/amp/ After two courts ruled against a federal government policy on the use of H-1B visa workers by staffing and outsourcing companies, an industry group has won a major victory in a settlement with the government amid an ongoing lawsuit. The agreement between the government and the ITServe Alliance, which represents firms that place foreign workers at U.S. companies, requires U.S. Citizenship and Immigration to scrap a 2018 policy memo widely seen as a blow to the IT staffing and outsourcing industry. The memo, which according to the deal made this week must be tossed out within 90 days, requires companies placing H-1B holders at third-party firms to provide the government with evidence for the duration of the requested visa term of where the foreign citizens will work and what jobs they will do.
  9. Your mission: report back on the garbanzo beanb tahini hack.
  10. Every one with a elementary school understanding of health should know that vitamin C is essential to health and that it is not found in meat or dairy. It cannot by synthesized in our body. There are other nutients in plants that meat cannot provide. Protein is readily available in plant products, calcium can be difficult to get but it can be done. One can thrive without meat, not so plants outside a bottle of supplements .
  11. I have no interest in asking her to fill out a medical survey at this time.
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