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  1. Okay, I got this information - you are correct -- for residents (I-551), the DL is issued for 8 years! And since I presented the address proof of Texas only so all this makes sense.. thank you! https://www.dps.texas.gov/driverlicense/applyforlicense.htm The Department issues driver licenses valid for up to eight years to Texas residents 18 years of age and older.
  2. @HRQX @Lucky Cat This was a first time DL application and not renewal. And yes, it was issued till my birth day of 2028 Has anyone heard that the DL being issued is directly proportional to the VISA which a person has? I wonder why so many people on H1B told me they got the DL issued till their H1B was active. NOTE - I heard from another fellow that he was issued a DL till 2029 and he entered the US in 2020 (so maybe this isn't an error from DPS but some rule or process - dont know). And he entered after 2 years of marriage. He is currently waiting for his GC to arrive and expecting a 10 yr GC but doesn't know for sure as he hasn't seen the GC yet. Maybe I am looking to hear what I am anticipating for 😃
  3. @Darnell, @John & Rose, @Amica Nostra, @bcking, @OriZ, @jg121783, @Soloenta, @Anh map, @Novembro, @Abies, @eieio, @carmel34, @Not a Tailor, @LilyJ, @Hotter Otter, @Dianalorena @mallafri76, @LoveMyTico, @David & Zoila, @Duke & Marie, @Mr&Mrs G., @KierenHby, @JBMG, @nastra30, @Kaylara, @CanAm1980, @Tofu, @Steffy Stef, @SusnOwen, @T&S_MTL@TBoneTX @Boiler @geowrian @Teddy B @Lucky Cat @Harpa Timsah @NikLR @Naes @Greenbaum @smilesammich @Voice of Reason @Ban Hammer @Ontarkie @elmcitymaven @SAT @spookyturtle @Hank_ @Pennylane @aaron2020 @yuna628 @The Nature Boy @Jacque67 @N-o-l-a @Cyberfx1024 @Hypnos Further updates - - I had sent the package containing my original green card, letter explaining why I should get 10 yr IR1 GC, copy of marriage certificate and form I-90 in late October to USCIS. My case is under review and as per the myaccount section on USCIS, it will take 3 more months for USCIS to decide. I didn't have to go through Biometrics this time as they were able to use the previously submitted biometrics. I have also gotten an extended I-551 stamp on my passport by taking InfoPass appointment with USCIS which is active till Dec 2021. Update - I went to get a Leaners permit last week (as I got a delayed appointment due to Covid). I gave the online test at a DPS location here in Texas. And I got a learner's permit which will be active till Dec 2028. Question - They have issued me a drivers learner's permit which will be active until 2028. Does this mean at the backend its visible that I will get a IR1 (10 yr) Green Card? I had heard that the license is issued as per the VISA. They asked me for my passport (which has an extended stamp till Dec 2021 which I got via Info Pass appointment) and my SSN. Let me know your thoughts. Regards, Karan Mehta
  4. Hey @Duke & Marie - thank you for sharing the link, I am able to see what you were referring to. I hope my situation has a similar timeline as I have filled an Offline I-90 form (without fees). And with the documentation, they have to make a call to convert the GC to IR1.
  5. Hey @Duke & Marie thank you for a prompt response. I wanted to ask you on which website are you able to track this information about timelines? Like you mentioned currently the processing is July 2020, where do I see it myself?
  6. @Darnell, @John & Rose, @Amica Nostra, @bcking, @OriZ, @jg121783, @Soloenta, @Anh map, @Novembro, @Abies, @eieio, @carmel34, @Not a Tailor, @LilyJ, @Hotter Otter, @Dianalorena @mallafri76, @LoveMyTico, @David & Zoila, @Duke & Marie, @Mr&Mrs G., @KierenHby, @JBMG, @nastra30, @Kaylara, @CanAm1980, @Tofu, @Steffy Stef, @SusnOwen, @T&S_MTL
  7. Hi, I am in Houston, Texas. I was actually very interested to know about the process that happens when you send the documents to convert to IR1 and if someone has done that and what happens next (any real experience). For the stamp, I read somewhere later that I’ll have to call USCIS and get an appointment a month before. I am clear on that now. Thank you!
  8. @HRQX - no I don’t have the physical green card with me as we have to send the original to USCIS as thats a requirement
  9. Hi All, Background - I married a US citizen on 17th Dec 2017 and my visa got approved in Oct 2019 and got a CR1 stamp on my passport. After reading online (mainly this forum), I realised that entering the USA after 2 years of marriage can be a good aid to get CR1 converted to IR1. Keeping this in mind, I entered the US on 23rd Dec 2019. At POE, after immigration the officer told me that I will be getting CR1 and I should come back in 2 years with my spouse for renewal. I informed the officer that I am entering after 2 years and 6 days of my marriage and thus I should be given an IR1 status instead. He was a bit surprised at first and then started looking for IV documents online. After 10-15 min of searching, he was able to locate the Marriage Certificate and told me he found it and then started entering notes for next 7-10 minutes in the system. I asked him, if he is changing from CR1 to IR1, he said he cant do that and is adding relevant notes and assured me that I will get IR1. But I had to travel back to India for some reason and due to Covid got stuck there. In the meantime, Green card came but the packet got lost by my spouse. So I applied for the lost GC (I-90) in Aug '20 upon my return to the US. I received a Green Card within 2 months (last week precisely) but I found that I was issued a CR1 Category GC instead with an expiry of Dec 2021. Current Situation - I reached out to USCIS who told me that I should file I-90, write a letter stating the error and put in my original green card along with marriage certificate copy and send to USCIS office in Phoenix, Arizona. Yesterday, I sent a next day delivery to USCIS at the express delivery address with the I-90 (signed), Letter explaining the mistake, and Marriage certificate copy which was received by USCIS today morning. Questions - 1. Has anyone done this in the past? If yes, what was your experience? Kindly let me know all the details. 2. How much time did it take for USCIS to take a decision? 3. Did they ask for any additional documentation after receiving this packet? 4. How were you tracking this case? As this is not an online form but an offline (without fee) I-90? 5. Did you eventually get the IR1 Green Card? If yes, in how much time? 6. I need to get an extended I-551 stamp on my passport. What should I do for that? Please add anything relevant you may have for me to keep in mind and act accordingly and proactively. And what should I expect in next few days/weeks/months? Thanks a lot. I love this forum as these are all real-life experiences which the community shares with each other and these are extremely helpful. Regards, Karan
  10. @Ayrton - Did they ask you for photocopies or originals of your passport, marriage certificate etc? They have asked for photo-copies from me
  11. @Paul & Mary - thank you for your suggestions. I went to DPS in texas and they are okay with the I-551 stamp for the driver's license. It's just that I didnt get the appointment due to covid and everything being online these days so long wait times. USCIS has asked me to send a copy of the marriage certificate. You are right, they should have it as I uploaded it on the CEAC website during DS-260 filing. Maybe they want to compare it. And yes, I have to send my original green card. @Paul&Mary - with the information I have given (again mentioning below), do you think I am on the right track? And I should ideally be getting IR1 for 10 years? 1. Date of Marriage = 17th Dec 2017 2. Date of Entry in the US = 23rd Dec 2019 (2 Years and 6 Days after marriage) Please let me know your valuable thoughts
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