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    isa30 reacted to Newbie608 in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    The power of having faith.... Have fun on your trip and enjoy being Green. Hope we get to touch base in 2014...
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    isa30 reacted to jaycali in Dennied under 212 a 6 c 1 !! DON'T KNOW HOW TO PROVE I DIDN'T DO IT!   
    If you're admitted as a tourist, you don't work and you leave before your I-94 tells you to leave this shouldn't be a problem. It might cause trouble when re-entering or applying for another non-immigrant visa, but as far as an immigrant visa goes, you haven't done anything illegal - You've just covered yourself with big fat "immigrant intent" stickers.
    As far as the social security card goes - I have a "Not authorized to work without DHS approval" social security card. I haven't tried to scratch it, but I can say almost for certain that that sentence does not scratch off without the card looking completely mangled - It would be like trying to scratch the "20" off of a $20 bill.
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    isa30 reacted to mymarriagejourney in Should I cancel info pass???   
    I would go to the info pass appointment.
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    isa30 reacted to Harpa Timsah in AOS (I-485)   
    You don't understand the issue. It is illegal to enter the US on a non-immigrant visa with the intent to immigrate.
    That is not what the OP did. He visited his girlfriend and while here they had a change of plans and decided to get married. It is overly bureaucratic to force him to go home just to come back, and the US government understands that. They do not need "extra" evidence of a bona fide marriage, but they might be asked to show he did not intent to immigrate when he last entered the US.
    Since you would have been using the B2 for the express purpose of immigrating, that would be illegal.
    OP - I hope you also know you need a I-130 and other forms, yes?
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    isa30 reacted to Hypnos in April 2012 AOS Filers   
    The world is rarely as black and white as Fox News would very much like for you to believe.
    What the Dreamers are getting is their foot on the lowest rung of the ladder, and many don't even want them to have that.
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    isa30 reacted to Shooli in April 2012 AOS Filers   
    Applied for a SSN on Sep 21st - Got the card in the mail today (exactly one week later). Looks like some government offices
    in California are actually efficient!
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    isa30 reacted to Mariana D.A. in April 2012 AOS Filers   
    im very dissapointed to know that there are immigrantsin this country, who are or were illegal likeyou, and still discriminate against other defenselessillegal immigrants such as those dreamers who unfortunatelywe're brought here by their parents and never had thechance to adjust status through a USC husband/wifelike we did! Who do you think you are to be judging other peoplesaying they should be deported? You were illegal oncehun, remember? Don't blame those people for USCIS'slaziness!
    Have a heart, and think before you say something like that! 
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    isa30 reacted to Andrea&Henry in AOS -- not even 'initial review' !   
    I filed my AoS on july 12 and still waiting...the last update to my case was the fingerprints fee acceptance... I thinks is all about been patient! At least I already have my EAD/AP When I was waiting for my NOA2 of my k1 visa, I remember that our case was NEVER update at the USCIS website, always in initial review until my now husband recieved the noa2 by mail. So, dont be stress at least we are with our loveones and the EAD/AP is very very helpful while Im waiting
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    isa30 reacted to LindaC1990 in Successful green card interview (I-485/I-130) - Thanks! (and my checklist)   
    I wrote two checks.
    They cover letter starts with :
    United States Department of Homeland Security
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    P.O. Box 805887
    Chicago, IL 60680-4120
    Nature of Submission: I-485 original submission
    To Whom It May Concern:
    Enclosed please find my Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Resident or Adjust Statues. Included are the following documents:
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    isa30 reacted to Timeshifter in Successful green card interview (I-485/I-130) - Thanks! (and my checklist)   
    Hi everyone,
    My wife and I (USC) had a successful green card interview in Boston, MA today. It was very relaxed, and the interviewer asked some fair, straightforward questions about our personal histories, how we met, and evidence of a bona fide marriage. We were interviewed sequentially and separately, with the USC going first. I was actually disappointed that I hardly got to bring out any evidence. If there are no special circumstances and you have some time to be careful about paperwork, I think a lawyer is not needed for this process, as I handled all of the paperwork myself, and I'm glad to have the extra $1500. As an aside, my wife tried twice to do walk-in biometrics, but she was turned away twice, so we just stuck with the original appointment.
    I want to thank all of you who offered advice a few months ago when we were thinking about what the best application route would be. This definitely was the safest and fastest route, with approval in less than 3 months after I mailed out the packet. I've updated our timeline, and we expect the green card to come in the mail sometime in the next few weeks.
    To help assist others along this path, I'd like to share my own personal checklist/cover letters that I used, as I felt that this was the most difficult part of the process. My wife applied for employment authorization, but not for advance parole. I used removable stick tabs to label each set of forms, which I thought made things more organized. I didn't do anything else, such as ACCO fasteners.
    Primary cover letter said that forms for the following would be enclosed:
    Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative
    Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
    Form G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance
    I-130 packet:
    - Check payable to U.S. Department of Homeland of Security for $420 filing fee
    - Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative
    - Copy of all the pages in the passport for U.S. citizen and petitioner
    - Copy of all the pages in the passport for beneficiary
    - Copy of certified marriage certificate
    - Form G-325A, biographic information, for U.S. citizen and petitioner
    - Passport-style color photo of U.S. citizen and petitioner
    - Form G-325A, biographic information, for beneficiary
    - Passport-style color photo of beneficiary
    - Evidence in support of a bona fide marriage:
    - Letter from bank & bank account query confirming co-mingling of finances in the form of a joint account
    - Wife and beneficiary listed as beneficiary of the 401K of U.S. citizen and petitioner
    - Photos (6 photos) from relationship of beneficiary and U.S. citizen/petitioner, with dates of photos taken and descriptions of event and locations written on the back of photos
    I-485 packet:
    - Check payable to U.S. Department of Homeland of Security for $1070 ($985 I-485 filing fee + $85 biometric fee)
    - Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
    - Copy of all the pages in the passport for beneficiary
    - Copies of the front and back of the valid I-94 within the passport
    - Copy of certified translated and notarized birth certificate of beneficiary, with original copy included behind translated copy
    - Copy of certified marriage certificate
    - Form G-325A, biographic information, for beneficiary
    - Four passport-style color photos of beneficiary to be used for forms I-485 and I-765
    - Sealed envelope containing form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record
    - Form I-864, Affidavit of Support
    - Copy of 2010 Federal Tax Return for U.S. citizen and petitioner
    - Two letters from employer of U.S. citizen and petitioner documenting employment, this year’s salary, and next year’s salary
    - Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization -- no additional filing fee is being submitted since it is being filed concurrently with form I-485
    I hope this helps!
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    isa30 reacted to Krikit in Status Update   
    Posts hijacking someone else's thread have been given their own.
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    isa30 reacted to katie1990 in Im Afraid I Might Get Denied....   
    Thank You Everyone for your kind and reassuring words!!! I feel much better now ,ill just let God take it from here!
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    isa30 reacted to DandT14 in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    When I thought I couldn't get the employment letter, I was told 6 months paystubs would work too. I took both, didn't actually need any of it though.
    Good Luck!
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    isa30 reacted to Enigma11561 in I-485 Interview in Oct. Can I be my wife's translator?   
    My wife spoke limited English as well. When the questions became more difficult, he got on the phone, requested a Russian translator, and whole thing was done via speaker phone. Spanish is a very common language here so I doubt if there will be issues getting a Spanish translator on the phone, or even in the office for that matter. You cannot be the translator.
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    isa30 reacted to Newbie608 in AOS Interview experience   
    Thanks Isa. I'm sure you will do great..
    Thanks Brian... Its has been an awesome day....
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    isa30 reacted to LindaC1990 in July 2012 AOS Filers   
    First of all, You're adjusting from K1 visa, So you might not have interview.
    Even if you are lucky enough to have an interview, Los Angeles office is very busy, so the wait it's gonna be a little longer than other people.
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    isa30 reacted to Waiting_In_SC in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    Thanks. We are really excited. We want to visit her family in Mexico for Christmas, and we were beginning to worry that she wouldn't have her GC by then. Now we know that we will, assuming the interview goes well. We're nervous, but very happy to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
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    isa30 got a reaction from LindaC1990 in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    congratulations... so happy for you...
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    isa30 reacted to JayNarl in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    My husband was persistent and got them to review our case. We now have a new interview not a Stokes and we requested that they tape it. They also promised us with a new officer. We should expect the letter in the mail. Thank you for all who wished us well. Were excited to have the new interview done so we could move on with our lives
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    isa30 reacted to Phil & Alla in What are typical reasons for I485 denial?   
    And we might be able to help you better
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    isa30 reacted to itsmeabbyd in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Hello everybody im back! Just had my interview yesterday Sept. 13 at 1:15pm... So my interview is 1:15p we are late because of my husband thinks he knows all the places and he dont wanna use a GPS so thats what happen we were late for about 30mins. We got there 1:44p, i handed my appointment letter and seated, 5 mins later a tall white man in he's 60's called my name i thought he forgave us for being late and he will interview us but when i came he said we were late for 30 mins and we should be there in time, but he is so nice he said that he will try to interview me if theres a free time but theres no guarantee that can happen cos he have to interview those people on time, he said if we cant wait or we can re schedule the interview, and my husband said we can wait.
    I feel like crying because we were late and theres no guarantee that i can get an interview yesterday and that we have to re schedule for another day, so another stressing time for me, i dont wanna feel so stressed anymore, so while sitting im just saying a prayer hoping i can get through with this interview today. After 10mins of waiting thank God the IO called us back again for interview! yahooooooo!!!
    The IO escorted us in hes office and asked for our ID's he took my passport and remove the I-94, he didnt asked us about our relationship, he just look on my birth certificate, our daughter birth certificate and the marriage certificate thats it and he said he's satisfied with our 4 yrs relationship with daughter together i am so shocked that our interview last for 5 mins only and i was approved! I am actually expecting a RFE cos i didnt have a medical exam with me cos im having trouble looking for cheap doctor so we went to the interview without I-693. And my vaccination record DS-3025 is 3yrs old and he accepts it. And also we only have apartment lease and pictures only but he never asked for those and that my I-130 is pending because i need to send my police cert form phils but til my interview day i havent get to send my police certificate cos i've been waiting for it in the mailbox that my sister sent 3 weeks ago and i havent get it yet.
    I think my husbands job helped too cos he's pleased that my husband work for the state he is a correction officer. Overall it was a very easy interview, the IO is so nice, my husband and IO actually laughing but i dont know what there talking about cos im just filled with happiness knowing im approved. Yesterday around 6pm i got a email stating my case staus changed to decision "we had registered this customers new permanent resident status".
    I am so happy all the stress are gone, i am happy im getting a 10 yr GC too. Thanks everyone in this forum for those who answers my questions and specially to our Almighty God just keep praying and be confident that everything will be alright. Goodluck to everyone who will go through this interview the interview is so easy you dont have to be stressed if u know your relationship is real then u dont have worry and u will get an approval soon. :thumbs:
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    isa30 reacted to fernz in Interview Experience In Los Angeles   
    I wanted to share our adjustment of status interview because the experiences on this website that people shared have helped me & my wife a lot through this exhausting process.
    First the background info.
    I'm a US citizen and my wife is mexican and adjusting from a B1/B2 visa.
    We married in Sept. 2009 but had been living apart until last october when she arrived in the us for a business trip, after which she would stay with me for a month. during her visit, my temporary job became permanent allowing me to support us in the US, so when I found out we could adjust her status because she was inspected at the POE even though it was with a B1/B2 Visa, I asked her to stay and go through the process immediately because I was tired from all the hassle and expense of traveling back and forth to visit each other. She talked with her company to arrange a leave of absence and since she's in such good standing with the company it was granted.
    So here's the timeline:
    12-16-11 - Sent i130/i485 package to Chicago lock box.
    12-19-11 - Received NOA1 for i130 and a second for i485
    12-28-11 - Received Biometrics Appointment letter
    1-12-12 - Biometrics successfully done
    3-16-12 - received NOA2 interview appointment
    4-18-12 - Interview 11:00am - approved almost on the spot...read on...
    4-18-12 - later in the day - 3:30pm received email: card in production
    Here's our interview experience:
    Our Appointment was at 11:00am @ the Federal building in Downtown LA (300 N Los Angeles St.). we arrived at 9:30, but there's some construction going on in the building, and that on top of a lot of people waiting to get in, made passing through security very long. we finally got in at 10:45am. My wife was getting very nervous that we would be late, but we got in with 15 minutes to spare.
    We turned in our appointment notice at the greeting window.
    we sat down and waited. We were called in at about 11:15 so almost on time... Our interviewing officer was very friendly and professional, and made us feel very comfortable. She swore us in, and then she noticed that my wife was very nervous so she turned some music on, and told her to sit back and relax, and that we were just going to have a friendly conversation. That she had nothing to worry about.
    She asked for our IDs, and we gave her our passports. She also asked my wife for her b1/b2 visa.
    The first thing she did was go over our basic information from the forms. She asked my wife directly. name, address, phone, etc. Then she asked all the y/n questions from the forms. Then she asked for her birth and marriage certificates and translation, as well as my naturalization certificate so she could check them to make sure the photocopies corresponded to the original documents.
    As soon as she finished, she punctured the B1/B2 visa, and take away the i94 form from the passport.
    Then she asked my wife to tell her my birthdate, how we met, and asked her to identify some people from the photographs we had submitted in our package. Then she checked all of our bonified marriage proof which was also submitted in the package. We had: Car insurance, Life insurance, Dental insurance, vision insurance, Cel phone statements with the family plan including her name. Moneygram receipts. She Made sure both our names were in all those documents, which was easy because I took the care to highlight them in bright yellow, on each document.
    She asked if we had a lease or a vehicle together and I said that although we do, she is not included in those documents because she does not have a SS number yet. She said, ok no problem. We had a bunch of extra evidence which had been built up since she came here, but she asked for nothing more.
    Then she said: After reviewing everything I think I can approve you but I have an issue with your tax returns.
    I filed single in 2010 & 2011 because I was advised to do it this way since my wife was a Non Resident Alien. She said this is not right, I have to correct this because they're giving us a 10yr greencard, not a conditional one, due to the fact that we're married for over 2 years, and she will give us an RFE and we'd have 87 days to fix it. She printed out the RFE, and then she recommended that we go to the IRS office which is in the same building and fix it.
    I was surprised. In any case this is an IRS issue not a USCIS issue. She said we need to make sure you're paying your taxes. To which I responded, well my taxes are being paid. I have my W2's which prove that. (I thought to myself that in any case I'm paying more because I filed single...) She said, I understand, but you have to fix it...
    Anyways, she kept going through the rest of the documents, and said, you guys are good, all we need now is for you to fix the tax issue. She asked for my California ID and my wife's Mexican Driver's License, and she said she would have to photocopy them, and then ask her supervisor to initial the file and RFE and we we could go. She came back about 5 minutes later, and told us that her supervisor was at lunch, so she would give us a chance to go to the IRS and try to fix it, and come back to see her. if we got it fixed, she would approve us today.
    So off to the IRS we went where they told us they were not doing corrections on that day, but gave us the procedure to fix it and they would start receiving corrections the next day.
    Back again to the USCIS office & we asked for our interviewing officer. she had just called somebody else for an interview so it took about 30 minutes for her to come back and see us again. I explained what happened at the IRS, and she said, ok give me a minute because my supervisor is not back yet from lunch, but once she initials the RFE she will bring it to us and we can go. So we waited again, for about an hour. I'm still very surprised that they're asking me to fix the tax return, and I was telling my wife that I was sure that the supervisor would say we didn't need to do this... Anyways an hour later she came looking for us again and we went to her office again. She said, I got good news, based on all the evidence you have provided (and she complemented us on how well we prepared our package), she would be approving us. But we should still look into fixing my tax returns because it may create an issue if my wife decided to apply for citizenship 3 years later. My wife was so happy she almost gave the officer a HUG!!! I discretely stopped her because it seemed inappropriate to me, so she just shook her hand.
    She congratulated us and printed out a letter stating that my wife's AOS application had been approved for permanent residency and to expect a GC within the next 90 days. If we needed to travel, she could call infopass to get a stamp on the passport.
    We were so relieved! I knew that tax issue was really a NON issue... but it really threw me off at first when she brought it up. In any case I'll try and fix it anyway, but it did not end up delaying the process any more. we were out of the building at 2:30.
    Later that that day, at about 3:30, we got an email saying that the card production had been ordered and we would receive it within 30 days.
    I hope you find this review helpful as I have done with many others in VJ.
    Good luck with your filings!
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    isa30 got a reaction from mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Thank you... I will definitely count my blessings before the interview.... I'm not sure if is the expedite request that helped. But for sure God listened to my prayers yesterday.... Now a different kind of stress....lol....
    So happy though....
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    isa30 got a reaction from mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Expedited It worked! Interview for 10/17 Thank you lord
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    isa30 reacted to LindaC1990 in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    wonderful!!! I am so happy for you!!! :thumbs:
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