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  1. No. They would see you had been issued a K-1 visa in their system even if you didn't present it to CBP. You can attempt entry on the VWP but it's a ####### shoot whether you'll actually be admitted when you have a K-1 too.
  2. Yep. I've got the citation somewhere and will try to put it here if I remember later.
  3. No US state requires a SSN in order to obtain a marriage license. However if you do have an SSN then you're obligated by federal law to provide that number on your application.
  4. Read https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-g-chapter-2 "Involuntary Separation". You may be able to argue that your still in a bona fide marriage despite being separated most of the time. This would then allow you to file under the three year rule. Be sure to provide lots of proof that speaks to the validity of your marriage.
  5. For most countries, no, unless it's a significant departure from cultural norms. In a western country, no.
  6. Nigeria is a high-fraud country. This is why it's far more difficult to obtain a US visa from there. It's not "unfair" but simply life. You can thank other Nigerian citizens who have committed visa fraud in the past on a large scale and made it very difficult for genuine cases to obtain a visa.
  7. A single three week visit is unlikely to be enough for Lagos.
  8. The 3 month rule cannot be waived, is my understanding. You will likely be denied at your interview or shortly after, unless the same USCIS field office has jurisdiction over both your old and new address.
  9. I concur with most of those above. She isn't eligible for VAWA benefits anymore due to her marriage to you, and she cannot AoS through you because she entered on a K-1. An I-130 seeking an immigrant visa, coupled with an I-601A (if necessary) would seem to be the way to go.
  10. Really happy to see Dallas has actually begun to address their shortcomings when it comes to processing times. I guess all our bitching did have some positive effect.
  11. Applying on the day (if available at your ceremony - it's not available for all) is applying in person.
  12. As has been stated, an SSN isn't required in order to obtain a marriage license in any state, but if you already have an SSN then you're required to disclose it.
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