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  1. First things first. Get a copy of the incident report and see what it says. It may say nothing more than an officer was called to an address for a domestic dispute. Do you know how many times cops are called because a nosy neighbor hears a couple fighting? A lot. You may be getting a bit too anxious over nothing.
  2. Enigma11561


    Well there you go. Glad someone else chimed in. However, for the OP, it is good news just the same.
  3. Enigma11561


    If you are fully divorced and the divorce stipulates that neither one of you is responsible for the other, I see no reason to include him. I would think that this would override any affidavit of support you may have previously filed. But I would like to hear from others who may have been down this path before.
  4. The question is "did you ever apply for a visa". The answer is NO. Even if this whole lottery thing was legit, which I doubt, he did not apply for a visa. The answer is still NO.
  5. Enigma11561

    Buying Plane tickets

    Hello Sophie. Usually one ways are less expensive. And, of course, I hope when you arrive you do not plan to go back anytime soon. When the time comes to take a trip back, round trip !! (PS. You can buy whatever you want )
  6. My concern is a bit different. You both spent a lot of time and money to go thru the K1 process. You were married about 2 weeks after arrival but had such a blow out argument that she left and flew back home. That must have been something you guys might not have discussed before .And it is a pretty severe reaction. It's not like you had to spend the night on the couch. You say you have reconciled. But you now have to repeat the process all over again for the spousal visa. If you intend to go thru the time and money a second time,please make sure all your differences are ironed out before you even start.
  7. Da Da Da. Can I put down the Xanax now? Seriously, I am the responsible one here as I put together the paperwork and I hoped I researched it all correctly. But you never know. Better to ask you mensas. Thank you.
  8. 2. One for wife and one for baby. Both were filed when he was an LPR. Then they were both "upgraded" to reflect his naturalization a few months later.. The concept being as an USC, the process may be a bit shorter.
  9. Seriously? Having heart failure here. She will not come without her daughter. And if they must wait another 1 and a half years, I don't think they will make it as a couple. gotta do an info pass ASAP and get this cleared up.
  10. A I-130 was filed for both.back last Sept.Received the NOA1 for both a few months ago.Now still waiting.
  11. My step son ( and everyone else) is anxiously waiting for approval on his I-130 for both his wife and 2yo daughter. It will be an IR1 visa for the wife. She would be given a 10 yr green card but I have no idea what happens to the daughter. How does she get resident status and possible citizenship? . Further, the child was born when he was a LPR so citizenship was not automatically granted. He subsequently naturalized and upgraded the petition. Your advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. My wife had a hard time getting her head wrapped around the massive number of people in NYC. She could not believe that there are more people in NYC than her entire country and her country just about fits into the boundaries for New York State.
  13. First, Even an individual can speak to the district attorney or prosecutor in the court room and ask for leniency and very typically if you have a clean record the charges are reduced. Very common. In my town they are reduced to a parking ticket. The town still gets their money and no record for the driver. Secondly, as a ex-police officer, I have never, never, ever seen not having a registered car being a misdemeanor..It is just a ticket punishable by a fine and still no record for the owner. Most times if you get the car registered before the court date the ticket is just thrown out. And lastly, having read your info above, where does it even say "misdemeanor" ? Finally, as others have stated, you are good to go.( IMHO, I doubt that this ticket will ever appear in any kind of immigration database anyway)
  14. Enigma11561

    Confusing RFE on I-130

    Thanks Julia. I was afraid of this. They were quick to cash the checks and all that and they must have the applicators because they have all the names correct. Find it difficult they lost everything as there were quite a few pages. More delays.
  15. So we filed an I-130s for both my step son's wife and baby back in Sept of 2017. Received NOAs and all going well. Then we get an RFE. It says, "" you failed to submit the required initial evidence in support of the petition." But it does not say what is missing. Did they lose the whole package? We went through all necessary documentation, many times, and had a cover letter listing all attached evidence. We have been trying to reach a second level person and was told hold times approaching 3 hours. Should we keep trying to find out exactly what is missing or just resubmit the whole package all over again. Advice is appreciated. Thanks.