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  1. My nephew is not in the US at this point, as he just graduated high school, but the university seems to be moving forward with processing applications. Also, interestingly, the US Embassy shows to be open in his area and is showing appointments about 40 days out. I guess we will see. Uncertain times.
  2. Thanks! I haven’t had reason to be around visa or immigration issues for a while now so I haven’t kept up!
  3. Thought I’d ask if anyone has been through recent processing and what the timeframe has been?
  4. We filed for an F4 for my husband's brother about 5 years ago. I realize that we still have 10+ years of waiting before his PD becomes current. I'm just curious when the next step might happen, as I thought further processing would have happened by now. We have not received anything beyond the acknowledgement of receipt of the application.
  5. Thank you. I'm of the firm belief that in this world, "it takes a village."
  6. I took her to the police station. They were very kind, very thorough, took photos of her injuries. They issued a warrant for his arrest, and they picked him up at 4am today. He is in jail awaiting being brought before a judge on Monday. When hearing of all of this, her mother booked a flight from her home country and arrived here late last night. She now has lots of love and support surrounding her and I will continue to help as much as I can. I have spoken with attorneys, hotlines, community advocates....I spent literally all of yesterday making calls and I now have a list of many organizations to utilize in the coming days and weeks. Thank you for all of the advice here. It was via this forum that I was able to clear my head and find the first steps to take in this situation.
  7. Thank you! All of you taking the time to write thoughtful and detailed responses has very literally made me cry this morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  8. I'd like to think that we are no better than others and that anyone would do the same in our situation. But, thank you.
  9. Thank you for the response. I agree with everything you said. We have photos of her injuries and are going to the police today. I am bringing someone to translate. I do realize that custody is extremely problematic. I will be going with her to an attorney early next week and will be asking an awful lot of questions....
  10. Amen, Zoeeeeeee. Exactly. It would be all of the disaster that you describe so perfectly and eloquently. Her sister being here is very important, yes, and she's stuffed into her sister's tiny apartment with her sister's disabled husband and 2 very small children. The sister is working and taking care of her household and is stretched very thin both emotionally and financially. My husband and I are taking her in. We can't watch this happen and do nothing when we have the space and the means.
  11. Thank you for this response. I have been told by her sister (who has limited English) that there are only religious marriage documents. I will speak with both her and her sister later this evening with a translator. I appreciate this information.
  12. I think she came in March with her mother. They have come many times before. This time, her mother decided to find her a husband. Her mother met with him a few times and then introduced him to her daughter. They were married a couple of weeks after that. They were married in July. I realize this may be difficult to understand if marriage is not handled this way in your culture. I’m American, and it’s not how I personally would get married, but many cultures do it this way.
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