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  1. Thank you. Yes, he petitioned for his 2 of his siblings. One was petitioned in 2015 and one was petitioned in 2017. The one who was selected in the lottery was the 2015 petition. So, there is still a very long wait for that application. But, at least it's still there as a backup.
  2. Ugh. I’ve done more research and 23k in the Asia region isn’t good. I feel so deflated after being so excited earlier.
  3. Is her rank number the case number? Shes in the 23k range. I guess this is okay since 55k visas are available?
  4. Thank you! When we will get that rank number? I helped them fill out part of the form but then was running off with my friend for dinner and drinks so we will finish tomorrow.
  5. Oops! Duh! I was so excited, I was entering the wrong number into the system. 🙃 All good now. 😁
  6. My brother-in-law's wife won the lottery in today's posted results! I am so excited! We tried to fill out the DS-260 online and her case number is saying invalid. Is it too soon? Does it take some time for those to load into the system?
  7. The first place we contacted said that his was not the type of case they usually take. We contacted another firm with a money-back guarantee and they were more positive about his case but asked him to complete a couple of things before they could evaluate further. It will be a bit of a process as he takes care of those items.
  8. This is the firm where he submitted his details for an assessment this morning. A wait is fine.
  9. Thanks. He submitted an evaluation with an attorney today and expects to hear their opinion within 24 hours. He only has a masters and not a PhD, so maybe they will find that he is not suitably qualified, but it is worth having them take a look. Nothing to lose.
  10. I read a statistic that the visa has a 77-85% approval rate. Maybe those are mostly super qualified people, but what I read stated that it's easier to get than an EB1 or a regular EB2. Obviously, we would not want him to pursue this visa if we thought he couldn't be successful in finding employment, because his wife and two kids will be in our house until he gets on his feet, and my husband really likes having his own space. And we both consider his kids to be pains in the neck. But, we do want family nearby.
  11. This is why I was interested in this NIW option. He has been told by several that "we don't do those" but if he had a work visa without them having to do it, they would hire him.
  12. He would easily find a job if he was in the US and already had work eligibility. There seems to be a shortage of computer science professionals. He has a lot of experience. I can direct him to ask an attorney to ask if they think he qualifies if this is not a DIY process like my husband's immigration.
  13. It's nearly impossible to find an employer willing to sponsor a EB2. I've literally never found one, especially since he does not live in the US already.
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