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  1. Yes, I know there is a long wait ahead. I still do like to be aware of changes in processes.
  2. Thanks for the response. We have 2 pending applications. One for over 5 years, and one for about 3.5 years. Neither has been approved yet; both still state receipt only. I realize there is a long wait ahead for both applications, but I still try to keep up on any surrounding legislation.
  3. Thanks for the response. I saw that a proposal was rolled out and my googling couldn't find mention of siblings, except for some mentions around election time, but I figured I'd double-check here.
  4. Is there a thread or an article someone can point me to that outlines any proposed immigration overhaul to the sibling immigration process?
  5. My husband filed an F4 application for his brother 5 years ago. The I-130 still has not been processed; we received notice that the application has been received but there has been no further movement. His brother had a visitor visa and visited us in the past (over 5 years ago). That visa has now expired. Is it possible to renew the visa for another visit or will he need to wait for the immigration process to complete?
  6. My brothers-in-law have pending F4 applications, and these are the questions I had also. We very much want to have family around us, but how is that supposed to work if the temporary visas don't allow them to work? If this comes to fruition, I'd love to know what this would entail.
  7. Ours was also fast, a bit over 2 months, and we have a 21 year age difference. Been married over 8 years now and he’s now a citizen. I’m glad to be done with immigration but still check in here from time to time. Congratulations!
  8. Thought I’d ask if anyone has been through recent processing and what the timeframe has been?
  9. We filed for an F4 for my husband's brother about 5 years ago. I realize that we still have 10+ years of waiting before his PD becomes current. I'm just curious when the next step might happen, as I thought further processing would have happened by now. We have not received anything beyond the acknowledgement of receipt of the application.
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