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  1. It is legal to work for a foreign-based company, or be self-employed, while in the US waiting for an adjustment of status. Quite a number of us have done it, and quite a number of us have had it pre-approved by USCIS. EAD is applicable only to US employers.

    If you are looking at moving operations to include trade in the US, you will need to familiarize yourself with NAFTA and US rules and regulations. -----> I saw this comment of your in one of the forums. I have the same situation. What would you advise? Thanks

  2. Looks like they have changed their policy and no longer provide it:
  3. I have the same problem. I know it used to work in the past because I was able to retrieve it. Today it says I have no history. I hope someone who has experience with this problem sees your post and is able to offer help. Thanks for posting.
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