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    JE06 got a reaction from reese1 in Denial decision   
    This is one of the most cryptic posts Ive ever read... lol
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    JE06 got a reaction from Pinkrlion in Denial decision   
    This is one of the most cryptic posts Ive ever read... lol
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    JE06 got a reaction from Harpa Timsah in Denial decision   
    This is one of the most cryptic posts Ive ever read... lol
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    JE06 reacted to loladolly in Husband admits during medical he smoked weed 4 years ago   
    Yeah i almost looked evil here.
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    JE06 reacted to squirrelisan in Husband admits during medical he smoked weed 4 years ago   
    **bracing for the flames**
    I think the real problem here is the U.S. government, for making marijuana illegal in this country. Or more appropriately, the people who vote for lawmakers who still have those archaic/uninformed/fear-based beliefs.
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    JE06 reacted to bigdog in VSC easily two months ahead of CSC at this point...   
    :thumbs:My Congressman was a waste of time.
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    JE06 reacted to Done--Really in I601 2012 - 2013 filers   
    There's lots of info here, but the real experts on I-601 are at www.immigrate2us.net, so that might be the better place to get ongoing information.
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    JE06 reacted to Carol C in 601 waiver and K1 timeframe_   
    Hello, I just did consultation with couple lawyers about the waiver. I will try to ask your question if I know. Since June all waivers from people outside the US have to be filed through the lockbox in Phoenix and will be adjudicated in Nebraska.
    If your I-601 application is approved, the NSC will notify Department of State consular staff at the appropriate U.S. Embassy or Consulate of the decision, and provide the specific visa ineligibility ground(s) that have been waived. Once the consular staff receive this notification, they will contact you regarding issuance of the visa.
    Most people say a lawyer is necessary. Because it going to be a lot work to prepare the documents to show your extreme's hardship if you have to move to Vienna and if you stay in the states by yourself.
    But there are some people did their waiver packet by themself also got an approval.
    Here is a website link you can read, then I think you will have more idea about the I 601 waiver.
    This is a lawyer's website. She is very famous for I 601 waiver.
    Also you can do some consultation with some lawyers too. Some they charge some are free.
    Here is the link for lawyers recommended by another immigration website.
    You can check then out. Good luck.
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    JE06 got a reaction from sarah86 in Been almost 6 months since NOA1, no NOA2 yet :'((   
    I started harassing VSC about 2 weeks after my 6 months mark.. I got in a service request and got approved a week later. It seems they are even slower now.. I know the waiting sucks but you have nothing to lose by attempting a tier 2 service request a little after 6 months. Hang in there!!!!
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    JE06 reacted to mik2012 in They just left the Hotel to the Embassy   
    Just got off the phone with her. She said the interview went well and that they only asked three questions and they just needed the I-134 and W2 for 2011. They didn't want to see any other documents she had. Apparently her CENOMAR was expired by one day. They gave her a form to take to Pasay to have attached to a form she needs to fill out. They kept both of there passports and told her congratulations and good luck.
    The little one got sick during the interview and she said they were nice about it.
    So I believe once they get the CENOMAR she is good to go. They said she will get confirmation in 10 days.
    I hope this is good news..........
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    JE06 reacted to mik2012 in They just left the Hotel to the Embassy   
    Well, the day we have been waiting for is here. They just left for the Embassy. Only a one block walk. Now I just need to wait for the phone call after the interview.
    Good Luck to anyone else having there interview today.........................
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    JE06 reacted to retemad in Processing Dates going backwards??....Grrrreat :(   
    Didn't mean to offend anyone, I guess I just meant things that pertain to Government usually take a long time (except when it comes to cashing checks). They do that quite fast
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    JE06 reacted to Kelli/Ozzy in Blue slip section 221g .. from Juarez   
    my fiance got a green slip 221g during his interview in Turkey asking for more evidence. and they gave him his passport back. the green paper asked for more phone and skype records and for him to send the documents and his passport to the embassy and the visa would be approved in 2 weeks. we did as they said, i sent them an additional 225 pages of communication (probably overkill) but almost 2 weeks to the day later his passport was sent to him with the visa stamp, he was approved and now he is here with me in Pennsylvania, USA and we are married one month and everything worked out fine.
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    none of the above or all of the above...it's up to each one of us how we go about preparing our submissions. and i am sure it makes a big difference what country we are dealing with. for example, if i was not present at the embassy interview, my fiance would have been automatically denied her visa. that's the US embassy's policy in the dominican republic. i doubt that's true worldwide.
    my point is what's the harm in preparing everything up front? ...but then again, everyone is free to do whatever they want. just glad you, i, and everyone here that got approved can now be with the one they love.
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    JE06 reacted to moemac59 in Frustrations   
    QingChangBingBang just contacted me via private message to reprimand me for my comment that I made earlier in the thread. Can you please issue a warning to them that this is not appreciated.
    Thank you
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    JE06 got a reaction from nicolasandres in Frustrations   
    Wow Nola looking at your signature you have been through quite a mess already! As someone else said ignore the rude people and vent all you want... I remember no one understanding how I felt so Id go in my car, close the door and scream! Sounds a little psycho now but at the time it helped I hope you can get an expedite based on their error... no harm in trying!!!!
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    JE06 reacted to moemac59 in Frustrations   
    You should get OFF this thread if it offends you so much. Nobody is twisting your arm to read it. Your tone is rude and demeaning. The purpose of VJ is to offer advice to its members and sometimes be a site of support especially when an individual is frustrated with the process that they are going thru. You need to conduct yourself accordingly.
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    JE06 reacted to N-o-l-a in Frustrations   
    Thanks and what I said originally wasn't that bad, but I did have the good sense to ask to have it edited myself as posts here have an edit time limit and the titles can't be edited. You are being really snotty and being that you are AOSing your presence in this thread isn't helpful at all, especially because you are contributing nothing.
    You have no idea the mess that USCIS could have created by doing this and the extra money and time it might have cost us to have it fixed later on. ( I think we'd need to file something for action on an approved petition if the SEnator hasn't discovered it). This is no small error.
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    JE06 reacted to bsd058 in Frustrations   
    If you don't like how the OP posted, just don't say anything and move on. Criticizing them won't make them less upset (if that was your goal). Show tact and move along or look past the bad words and give some support. No one is forcing you to read this thread.
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    JE06 reacted to N-o-l-a in Frustrations   
    Thank-you, we need an edit title function.
    Ok, please stay out of my thread.
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    JE06 reacted to N-o-l-a in Frustrations   
    I just caught that title and asked the mods to change it. If you knew the half of what we were going through, you'd understand. It was 100% their error and when I called several times since them and said we were both in DK, no one said a word to me about the error that has existed since December 12 and had stopped our app from being fast tracked, which has become a critical issue at this point.
    So, before you rebuke me, get some context to the situation.
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    JE06 reacted to Ismael&Blair in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    You hit the nail on the coffin with this comment...
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    JE06 reacted to Karee in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    Hey whatever it takes to get more registered democrats.
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    JE06 reacted to nunya business in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    I find if funny that most of the people on here that have not very good things to say have their visas and are with there loved ones. On another note USPS has now confirmed that my packet was indeed delivered to USCIS but to the wrong PO box they delivered it to, now get this, the office that processes......wait for it..... the I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. How ironic I had to laugh when they told e that one!!!
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    JE06 reacted to BeauteDLaVie in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    I agree with some of the things being said here...it kind of feels like a slap in the face to those who have tried to come here to the United States legally. I was brought here to the US at a very young age as well but my mom, brother, & I had to wait for some time until we were reunited with our dad (who already immigrated her months before us). It was a difficult process then and still a difficult process now. I appreciate all the sacrifices hat my parents had to ensure that my brothers & I would live a decent life...It has been said that many came at a very young age and we can not really blame them for it but if anyone were to take responsiblity for being irresponsible, it would be the parents. Just curious if there was anything being done to the parents of these children....(if the parents are still around)...On same note, it is unfortunate that I am going to be waiting a few more months for a response on my case like many of you because of this Deferred Act.It is not right but what could be done other than writing to the people in Congress?
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