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  1. You can always reapply for I-485, if it gets denied before VAWA approval.
  2. For extreme hardship waiver, you have to prove that you could not meet in other countries, she could not come to the US, there was a reason why other than COVID-19 between October 2018 - October 2020.
  3. No SSN or GC Card and it has been 4 weeks since POE, paid fees before POE.
  4. EXACTLY..... Sometimes we are in a such a rush that we do not take the time to complete the task. IO asked for a specific document, did not submit the specific document, so he rejected what was submitted therefore you were refused.
  5. Dont worry, sometimes this happens when you go for biometrics they put your fingerprints correctly
  6. When I send pictures, I use a word document and insert the picture in a gallery style page and underneath each picture state the date, place, reason, and people in the picture. Simple and easy
  7. I have tried walk ins andw had no problems. Just state you are not able to keep that appointment date
  8. It has been stated several times that I-130 and I360 are two separate petitions and NO they are not replaced by each other. I would keep my biometrics appt, as it will be with C09.
  9. There is nothing that she qualifies for within the US unless she is married to a USC or LPR
  10. Once you have been DQ'd then you are done. NVC is just waiting on JA to send them interview dates and then they will schedule your interview and send your file to Kingston.
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