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  1. Received Courtesy Letter for I-693 today, dated 4/8/19
  2. Wow, you can see they did something recently must be good news soon.
  3. Checkstubs to show 2019 income.
  4. It is a VJ TOS violation to tell others not to comment, you can ignore them or close the post.
  5. yes you put his children down as beneficiary's children Here a sample completed form, but it the previous version but it gives you an idea what to complete. https://www.visajourney.com/examples/Form-I-134.pdf
  6. Your friend would have to do a FOIA Request and ask specifically for her denied letter. She can either write a letter requesting it or complete the form requesting it.
  7. The Post Office has been directed not to forward any mail from Homeland Security - USCIS. If they are not able to mail to address on letter, they return it to USCIS.
  8. you would include her in the number only if you are financially supporting her in JA. Be aware that if you do not provide the three years of W-2's or tax transcripts regardless of income, they will tell you to get a co-sponsor. They take your three years and average them to get a baseline of income.
  9. 2. If you meet the requirements based on income, you do not need to complete the information or provide proof of assets. 3. For JA they accept as proof of income only the following items: Tax transcript for the past three years Copies of W-2's for the past three years Letter from your employer Six months of Payroll Checkstubs Irrelevant Evidence at JA: Bank Statements
  10. They did a news release 2-3 years ago stating that when they revised the new cards that it will not have your signature on the cards.
  11. It is a TOS violation to tell VJers you dont need their opinion. U stated that ur child lives with you. It is not an immigration issue, and yes you need a lawyer, as his father's legal parental rights have to be terminated or it is considered fraud.
  12. You need to consult with an attorney in the state u live in. His biological father has to terminate his legal rights. There is a process and a certain timeline requirement
  13. You first need to find an attorney and research your state laws. Some states require a separation period before divorce can be filed.
  14. You really have to stop listening to rumors from others. I have to tell people all the time to stop telling false tales and using scare tactics.
  15. Without the I-797 she cannot justify to her supervisor to hold the I-485. She has no choice but to deny it. If they issue the NOA1 befoe she denies it, she can put it on hold.