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  1. Where is the current NOA1 for the renewal card? Each EAD has a new case number. You cannot use the extension letter from your last card as the new NOA1 referrs to that you filed a renewal in a timely manner.
  2. You have to file new EAD and that letter extends the EAD by 180 days. Not the previous letter.
  3. If you are not using the current form that included the 325a information, then they will reject your application. or if you do not fill it out completely, they will reject your application.
  4. It depends on the IO, sometimes they will make a copy and hand you back your originals.
  5. Yes, As it depends on how long you were living there, you may need a police certificate from that country.
  6. K-1 petitions do not receive NOID. They are either approved, denied, or refused.
  7. Nope You are fine. My eval and therapy sessions were through the University.
  8. Regardless of what u think is a specific time frame. You. Submitted evidence using a us address, so they want police clearance. You can submit your fingerprints to the state and get background check.
  9. Did you send police clearance in state you visited with husband?
  10. Yes, u will have to take the written and driving test again. Your driver's license will be expired when you return.
  11. If he completed his DS-260 and never mentioned the arrest and drug charges, then he has a misrep. Google Lizz Cannon - atty. She specializes in JA nationals with drug charges like this. Good Luck
  12. If your joint sponsor is not willing to supply the documents, you need to find someone who will.
  13. Special Prayers for everyone's physical and mental health in 2019 and beyond
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