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  1. I reponded by getting fingerprints from my local county and sending the fingerprint form to my country. I received response in 7 days.
  2. That was about 4-5 years ago. Now it is anywhere between 1 1/2 - 2 years. Some are 3 years
  3. Common Ones: Birth Certificate, Police certificate from home country, good faith marriage, evidence of living together.
  4. Was USC Child listed as a dependent on Income Taxes??? Then Yes. Household size would include you and your son on both.
  5. No it is just a notice so that you can be aware you still need to do another medical because the other one expired or you did not submit one with your paperwork. I got my Courtesy Letter in April, my interview letter came in July, and my Interview was in August.
  6. They changed the guidelines for medicals. They are now good for 2 years, but you cannot get them done more than 60 days before you turn them in. So a medical that is already one year old when you get to your interview, they will not accept.
  7. Yes they accept money orders. Make sure that you get one that you can track. I suggest going to the Post Office to get a money order.
  8. @sandranj I would ask Sandra, it sounds like you didn't need to file VAWA, if he did not pull his I-864 from I-485. When you go to interview, it will most likely be your I-130 interview. Not sure....I would bring proof of filing VAWA to interview to prove why you are not together at interview.
  9. If your I-130 is approved, did husband pull I-864 from I-485?
  10. Yes, but you can submit another fee waiver. If that is denied you will have to pay.
  11. So it sounds like since you submitted fee waiver, that they did not check the I-485 receipt, and denied the fee waiver and told you to pay. Your I-485 receipt shows if you paid or used a fee waiver.
  12. Then you do not need a fee waiver, just a copy of receipt for I-485.
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