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  1. Ummmmm, $43.00 for a prescription is not expensive at all. When my mom came to visit she brought all of her medications for a 6 month stay and carried them on the plane. She informed the pharmacy a month early that she was going abroad for 6 months so they had enough time to fill it all for her. She came through CBP and TSA with no problems.
  2. After my deficiency notice, I got nothing until months later when I got interview letter in the mail.
  3. They process fee waiver before they issue I-485, I-765, and I-131, but that does not have anything to do with I-360. It is not uncommon for 3-4 month wait for receipt notices.
  4. When you filed VAWA your file went to Vermont from the local office. Your file will then be transferred to NBC and then follow normal processing.
  5. The local office has jurisdiction over your file, and they will determine whether you have an interview or not, not NBC.
  6. Vermont transfers your I-485 to NBC for clearance, and review. Once it has been cleared then it is sent to your local office to schedule your interview. Only your local office will say when they can send the file.
  7. If you refile you will end up with 2 applications. The texas Field Office will see that you filed VAWA and transfer it to the Vermont Office. It will still take 12 months to receive EAD. You can only expedite application, if you have a job offer and they state you will lose the opportunity to work without your EAD.
  8. He already stated that did not maintain residency in the US while in home country. So has no proof of lease, utility bills, etc...
  9. Yes, we have to mail our documents. Your Welcome letter will have a checklist and where to mail it. VAWA is a IB category
  10. Timeline for I-824 12/2019 - Filed I-824 03/10/2020 - I-824 approved 4/10/2020 - IV Invoice - E-mail 4/11/2020 - NVC Welcome Letter - E-mail 4/15/2020 - Agent selected and fees paid 5/10.2020 - Delay as passports for kids expired - Passports renewed 6/10/2020 - DS-260 Submitted/NVC package mailed - Express Mail 6/20/2020 - DQ'd - placed in line for interview to be scheduled 8/12/2020 - Emailed Embassy and was informed that due to COVID-19 all cancelled appts are being rescheduled in tiers and we are considered third tier so not to expect an interview before December. 1/13/2021 - Interview Letter - Email for Feb 1/20/2021 - Medical Scheduled 02/2021 - Embassy Interview 03/2021 - Passports in hand 04/2021 - Paid Visa Fee
  11. Due to your error on the I-130 petition, you now have to file I-824 and pay another fee for consular processing. Then she will be able to interview at her Embassy.
  12. Not sure, I think that your Senator and US representative will be useful in contacting them monthly.
  13. Are you an attorney or a person that just reads?
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