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  1. moemac59

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    bahahahhhaahhhhaaahhhaa OMG I just saw this...catching up on all the threads
  2. moemac59

    How much time do you spend on VJ?

    When I was going through the whole immigration process, I was on the site all of the time (4-5hrs) a day. Now that I'm a US citizen, I'm on here maybe once a week and that is usually to discuss the train wreck known as 90 Day Fiancee. Sometimes I will pop into the Canadian forum to see what is happening even though I can't offer any advice about the K1 visa anymore since it seems like the filing process may have changed a bit. I do comment on NEXUS quite a bit though since I travel back and forth to Canada fairly frequently.
  3. moemac59

    Reminder: keep your Nexus supporting documents current

    Always update when there has been any change to your immigration status even up to citizenship. When you become a US citizen, you will have to get a new NEXUS card showing that you are now a citizen of the US even if you have dual.
  4. moemac59

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Next station Trainwreck Danielle. I loved that she drove all the way to his house only to have him ghost her. She drove away balling her eyes out. Classic Danielle and her fake tears. I'm surprised that she didn't camp out in front of his house when he didn't answer the door. She's so dumb. I can't even. Ugh the other trainwreck that is Nicole. Girl please wash that disgusting, greasy thing on your head call hair. She is so gross and disgusting and the way that she behaves like a toddler is so maddening. I yell at the t.v. whenever they show her and Azan. She and Danielle are in a class by themselves.
  5. moemac59

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    omg lolololollolo this might have to be my new screen saver at work. I am loving this....dying right now
  6. moemac59

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    HAHAHA Me too!! I loved when Pedro kicked the table. I often why I watch this Jerry Springer immigration style but then have to admit that I LOVE how dramatic it is. I often find myself yelling at the t.v.
  7. moemac59

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    I just read on Radar.com that David is going to reverse his vasectomy...Que the spin-off
  8. moemac59

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Ugh Nicole is another one that I cannot stand. She is bats#$@ crazy and the constant whining is ridiculous. She looks so unwashed and unkept. I yelled at the TV when she was rolling around on her unmade dirty sheets..."Girl get your lazy butt out of bed!!". I feel so bad for her daughter that I wish that child services would intervene and the fact that she keeps saying "Daddy's calling" drives me crazy. They have some real doozies on this show but it makes for spectacular entertainment
  9. moemac59

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Papa Chantel!! Love that!
  10. moemac59

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    I despise David and Anfisa. David broke mooch loser who won't get a job. Anfisa makes me want to slap her. Love when the producers were questioning her about the web cam footage and she tried to play stupid...duh it's all over the internet you dumb..... Great recap EricPris. Keep them coming
  11. moemac59

    90 Day Fiancee - Season 5

    i cannot wait to watch this season's trainwrecks!! WOO WOO CHUGGA CHUGGA
  12. moemac59

    Updating name on Canadian passport and nexus card?

    Those Canadian guys can be very difficult when crossing over at Lewiston. I hardly ever use that POE. I always use the Whirlpool bridge because there is never a wait there.
  13. moemac59

    Renewing your Canadian Passport

    Excellent. Thanks for the information
  14. You need to get an extension on your GC if it is expired. You are not a USC until you take the Oath. So if you are traveling back to Canada, you will still need your valid GC to come back into the US until you become a US Citizen. You will also want to take any USCIS cards (AP/EAD, 2yr Conditional green card and 10 yr GC) that have been issued to you to the oath ceremony. They will take these from you before the oath ceremony. Once you receive your naturalization certificate, you can then apply for your US passport. I used my naturalization certificate to travel back and forth from Canada to the US while I was waiting for my passport to be processed.