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  1. That is a good question that I'm curious to know the answer to. My British passport lists the town in America I was born in, but doesn't state that it is not in the UK. 🧐
  2. This. And being able to work on military bases nearby. I'd love to move abroad, but my husband isn't having it. So, we're stuck in America. 😂
  3. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    Speaking of Camden and companies' actions who align with their publicly stated values: Subaru opened a new headquarters in Camden just in the last few years.
  4. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    No. Houses in Hawaii are expensive too! This was the cheapest acceptable house I could find, but they do have bananas growing in the yard, so that is a plus. https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/HI/house_type/2087597405_zpid/18_rid/3-_beds/pricea_sort/24.026396,-153.572388,17.067287,-161.482544_rect/6_zm/3_p/0_mmm/
  5. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    Is it really that bad? I had always pictured it as being like Bismarck or something - little bit of a hick town, not much going on, and some strip malls.
  6. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    I didn't think Portland got that cold, being on the water and all. I was able to find some houses around 300k in the suburbs. 😍 But that is 3x the price of ours without an return in value besides place. Right now, staying here with both of us working, we'll be able to save lots (for us, not by Steve standards) for retirement and travel. With a mortgage, not so much. NYC pre-Giuliani was pretty gritty.
  7. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    I peruse the court calendars and have an annoying ability to remember mundane details. Can your doctor call maybe or just show up there in person?
  8. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    Glories of living in a small town: it has been noticed that there is a definite correlation between women looking for a cleaning help and divorce within several years. The Dane should take note of this.
  9. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    I read an opinion piece somewhere about this and I have to say that I agree. For all these companies purport that they have liberal values, it is quite telling that they don't want to be in Rust Belt cities as an act of revitalization. It is probably more telling that Amazon treats their warehouse workers like 💩. I have major respect for companies that choose to call Minnesota home. It tells me a lot about them and their values. TIL I learned Nordic Ware is also HQed in our state. I have so many Nordic Ware pans! Well, the trash is frozen too, so it doesn't smell.
  10. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    I'm in favor of it for the sake of the employees. Lifting the old trash bins must have been hard on their backs. Why can't you get more? We are actually paying less for our wheeled trash than our two old-fashioned cans, but that isn't the case for most people in town, especially the older people who would just pay by the bag. Our recycling ones are 96 gallon and we've usually filled both of those and then co-opted some of my mother's by pick up day. They only grab that once a month. The trash one is only 64, I think, but they pick it up once a week. It is winter here 9 months a year, so I haven't noticed a smell yet. We do have a hot water hose outside, so we could just rinse it out. Happy Anniversary!
  11. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    It had maybe 10 crumbs in it and was a patterned dish. He probably just didn't see them, if I know him. --- On the topic of neighborhoods: we've lived here 4.5 years and the neighbor with a garage across the street has closed the door to it for maybe 6 months of that time. It doesn't bother him because it is at a 90 degree angle to his house, so he doesn't see it. Not that it would probably bother him anyway since he was sitting mere feet from the trash can that the city had to plow around because he left it out in front of his house. That is thankfully not our street. Our town has moved to these trash and recycling cans that are mechanically picked up and roll. However, none of the old houses in town have anywhere to put them and most of us don't have driveways that go to the street where they are collected. Not to mention that many families need 4 of them. We have 3, 2 recycling, 1 trash. So, they've been uglying up people's front yards and just put wherever. It is hideous.
  12. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    You can't fault them too much, they are just perpetuating the cycle of abuse and passing it along. I'm pretty sure she might think about leaving him if he were that cheap.
  13. I didn't have to, but it was just pissing me off that having a child was somehow proof on the list and it wasn't possible for everyone (or something they were interested in). There is something in the water in the upper Midwest, so we ended up being able to have children as soon as we moved here, but I remember the heartbreak and the bitterness that came before that.
  14. I'm sorry. We ended up submitting proof of infertility treatments and testing for ROC. I always thought that children's birth certificate evidence point cut deep.
  15. N-o-l-a

    The Glass MenageRant

    Honestly, I'm not sure that he realized it was dirty, which is a whole 'nother issue.