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  1. Yes, Texas. Meanwhile in Minnesota, we're north of nowhere. We're flooding up here worse than spring. It is the worst fall flooding on record. And it is set to freeze soon. Then, the spring floods will come on top of it. I just wish the ditches would freeze completely solid through soon. Otherwise if you slide off the road, your car gets totally submerged in freezing cold water.
  2. I'm not sure if it was the property owner or the painter. No details, no letter, no return address, just a bank check. I have access to my mother's accounts, but I'd never withdraw money unless she expressly asked me to because she was disabled or needed something for her second house or whatever. I did used to have a credit card that she paid when I was younger. She told me to use it for our anniversary dinner a few weeks ago. I politely declined. Are they "married" just so they can live together and be intimate without getting into religious trouble?
  3. It was embarrassing when I was still doing that in my early 20s. I can't imagine expecting my parent(s) to pay my bills at that age. So, random check appeared in my mailbox this afternoon for the full amount of the court judgment. After my day at work yesterday, that was a welcome surprise.
  4. Won court case about paint on car by default. They didn't show up.
  5. It was in the 30s today, so no long sleeves needed. Oh oh and I got blood all over my new work jacket yesterday. The firefighters kept being like “you know you’ve got blood on your jacket?” Yes, I know.
  6. Uff da, it is a well and true blizzard. Highways are closed. The wind is getting up to 60+mph. I was working in a city today, and we were absolutely slammed with calls. Then I go to drive to my hotel on the somewhat closed highway and I break off my windshield wiper. What a day.
  7. They did get married, though. I think she might have not told her family or something like that.
  8. I wonder what happened to that girl who used to post in the Rant thread who was from Singapore. The one who lived in Seattle and they had just bought a condo out here when she decided she had enough and was moving back?
  9. That is an exciting prospect. Congrats on the job offer.
  10. My all seasons are my summer tires. Now the forecast is up to 8 inches. I'm going to see how inconvenient it would be to extend my stay in the same room for another night, given that the company is paying for the first 4. I have absolutely no interest in driving in whiteout conditions, which is exactly what it'll be with that much fresh snow and high winds. At least this hotel has a proper workout room.
  11. And meanwhile I’m over here driving 30 miles one way just to get groceries. The Dane and I also work about the same distance away from home. Glug glug on the gas. I can’t even imagine caring about the minute differences in gas stations, though.
  12. Slightly more civilized than running out of gas. I don't think I've ever seen anyone here do that. You know what happens when you run out of gas and it is -10 or -20°F? You die. You know what happens if it is 30° and you try and walk along the icy road 15 miles to the gas station? You die. I'm just bummed because my snow tires aren't on yet. I do know have a company issued bomber hat, so I should be all good.
  13. This is true. Plus it is supposed to snow 5 inches on Friday, so I'm probably stuck there for an extra day, at least.
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