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  1. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Whirlpool-5-Burners-3-9-cu-ft-2-1-cu-ft-Self-cleaning-Double-Oven-Convection-Gas-Range-White-Ice-Common-30-in-Actual-29-938-in/1000063077 My stove will not allow the gas to be turned on if there is no flame ignition or there is a power outage. However, I'm not sure what would happen if it went out during cooking.
  2. Is it a trailer? Is there any leaking air into the crawl space? Is it frozen between the water heater at the first outlet of hot water?
  3. This kid who was an absolute jerk to me in high school and thought he was better than everyone else.... also became a paramedic (funny that), then got into drugs, became one of Colorado's most arrested people, abused his wife, got another chance and had his license reinstated, only to bonk it all up again.... is still a jerk, but at least everyone sees it now.
  4. I picked it up again a few months back after 15 years of not smoking. I only do it at work and only with certain partners. It seems to help relieve some of the stress.
  5. N-o-l-a

    Rante Macabre

    Winter has finally come in up here after a ridiculously warm winter. Temps in the 30s? Unheard of. Low of -22°F, that is more like it.
  6. N-o-l-a

    Rante Macabre

    My life right now: It is so weird having days off work between shifts. I'm just spending all day cleaning and reorganizing, but still. Is that what normal working people feel like?
  7. N-o-l-a

    Rante Macabre

    Is it worth it when you break down your salary into hourly pay? We recently had a salaried supervisor position open up and all but 1 of my coworkers refused to apply because their yearly pay would have taken a hard hit.
  8. N-o-l-a

    Rante Macabre

    I live an exciting life that I feel I must report here. I've spent the past week watching Korean TV shows set in the Joseon period. I'm there for the hats and maybe a drinking game based on the number of times someone screams "your highness" while running up to the royal chambers.
  9. I've started this thread out of a need for a separate thread from the MSP one. As has become apparent in the last several years, USCIS sometimes gives interviews and oath ceremonies in ND that have separate wait and processing times than those of filers from others areas. I'll start it out with filed 3/3/18 from northern MN and have heard nothing since biometrics that were done in Fargo.
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