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    Xanax got a reaction from koolgurl in Have got married on a tourist visa   
    Sigh, I wrote a long post on my phone then it randomly turned off...
    Basically OP, don't be scared by some of the things you read here. A great many people adjust from tourist visas every year ( that is not to say it's the "right" thing to do).
    As long as you didn't lie about your intentions when you entered the US you should be fine. Note: if you go this route you will probably need some documents mailed from home like your birth cert.
    Adjusting status here is not hard. It's forms and proving your relationship... oh and waiting. The hardest part I think is being out of a status (once adjusting you become in a "period of authorised stay" even if your old visa has expired but you can't do much (no Ssn etc)
    If you are very worried and or want to make sure you do it the "proper" way. File for a CR-1 spousal visa and leave when your B visa expires. If you choose this route you can still visit the US and the processing time is 7-10 months currently. Also one you enter the US you are a legal permanent resident which in my opinion is better than being out of status or a tourist visa overstay and has many more benefits.
    Also if you chose the CR-1 your husband could wait out the time in your country (if you could afford it).
    So OP, do what is best for you, don't let others tell you it is hard or anything, it's not hard to adjust your status! ... One forum member here adjusted after 20 years! But you should be prepared for all outcomes and one of them is denial (even if rare) and that would mean going home and filing the CR-1.
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    Xanax got a reaction from Maria2012 in I-751 December 2014 Filers   
    Thank you. We won't be traveling and it's not a big a deal for us right now. If it doesn't come we won't be stressing
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    Xanax got a reaction from Maria2012 in I-751 December 2014 Filers   
    Got my NOA / biometrics appointment in the mail today. It was dated 12/26.
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    Xanax got a reaction from thedude6752000 in Visa Turned Down in India due to "(in)sufficient economic and social ties to assure their departure after a limited stay in the United States"   
    I feel badly for you that people are responding to you so harshly, I for one believe you.
    From what you have said:
    1) you want your gf here to study english AND spend time with you, which a F1 will allow you to do.
    2) you want to use this time to figure out if you want to get married and file for CR1 or K1.
    I do not know how likely you will get this kind of visa though, as others have pointed out, there are red flags- single- no job- etc.
    Is it possible for you to go to India for a while and spend time there, then decide if K1 or CR1 are right for you?
    If not-
    Some proof of ties:
    Job back home (letter from employer) , bank statement showing sufficient funds, travel plans well documented,letter from sponsor showing financial support, rental agreement, car loan or any loan agreement.
    I think the big ones are the job, home and bank statements or proof of financial support.
    If your gf tries for another visa when she gets there make sure puts all the information on the table straight away, don't let her get bullied, present the information and ties; you said she didn't have a chance to prove anything, make sure she has a chance.
    IO: Why do you want to go to the USA?
    GF: Because I want to study, these are my plans, this is the proof I will return.
    So before the IO has asked another question your gf has already answered everything! You are guilty until proven innocent unfortunately.
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    Xanax got a reaction from caeremonarius in AOS from VWP - hoping for kind assistance   
    Stop freaking out. Apply for AOS and wait. No one can tell you for sure if you will be approved or not but they are no longer doing those automatic denials as Valerie said.
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    Xanax got a reaction from HumblePie in Wondering my chances in getting a tourist visa for my gf   
    I would say chances are slim especially if family is her only Pi tie.
    You will never know unless you try though.
    If you feel the Phillipines is "unsafe" then your best bet if her tourist visa is denied is probably to meet in a third country.
    Best of luck!
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    Xanax got a reaction from Darnell in Approved EAD. What next?   
    You wont get your SSN number straight away, your card will be mailed to you.
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    Xanax got a reaction from Brit Abroad in Should we file a new AOS now that my wife is here in US?   
    I have to agree with Darnell.
    I am all for AOS from the vwp but legitimately but this is ridiculous...
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    Xanax got a reaction from Morningmist in Should we file a new AOS now that my wife is here in US?   
    I have to agree with Darnell.
    I am all for AOS from the vwp but legitimately but this is ridiculous...
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    Xanax reacted to Darnell in Should we file a new AOS now that my wife is here in US?   
    What's the deal?
    You've established a pattern of not only asking questions about how to game the system ,
    but you've gamed the system once already.
    Now you are taking another opportunity to game the system.
    You really expect people to not have reactions to you and your continued attempts to game the system?
    Really? Truly ?
    Wow. OK.
    Note to readers - it's exceptionally useful to study this fellas prior posts here. I did, and came up with his pattern of continuous gaming of the system, for 2013.
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    Xanax got a reaction from EddieAri805 in Vaccination Requirement Waiver   
    Unfortunately, immigration is not a right, it is a privilege and not a right and thus you need to comply with USCIS rule to get that privilege.
    As a nurse myself, I will not debate semantics on vaccines, how they can help protect people etc or how they work but I truly believe you should have to comply with the vaccine requirements to gain the privilege of emigration.
    What does your fiancée think about vaccines? Afterall you have only mentioned your thoughts and it is her body they will be going into?
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    Xanax reacted to Harpa Timsah in married in us, left,then returned on vwp. Can i file a I-130 and adjust in US?   
    You obviously have intent since you are asking all of your "hypothetical" questions and your spouse is outside the US right now.
    Your understanding is wrong about the I-130. No matter where the person is the I-130 is still in play. If someone had to leave and abandon AOS, then they I-485 would be gone/dead/abandoned, but the I-130 could still continue and lead to the spousal visa. Did you file I-130? Did you withdraw it?
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    Xanax got a reaction from Nona in second thoughts...   
    I had major cold feet about getting married and living in the US full time / leaving my family etc. It is normal. The very best thing you can do is try to talk things out and if your partner really isn't ready yet, continue your relationship until he is or end it and save yourselves the extended heartache.
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    Xanax got a reaction from Ivie & Eguagie in second thoughts...   
    I had major cold feet about getting married and living in the US full time / leaving my family etc. It is normal. The very best thing you can do is try to talk things out and if your partner really isn't ready yet, continue your relationship until he is or end it and save yourselves the extended heartache.
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    Xanax got a reaction from user19000 in Wife and GC extension   
    Agreed. She could have left at any time and you say she wants/ wanted to go home... It doesn't sound like she is trying to use you to get a 10 year GC. Maybe her family hope she will sponsor them or something but it doesn't sound like that is her main goal or she could have left earlier and still done it!
    Similarly, you can't "get her kicked out of the country". I have no idea why the USC always seems to think they can just send back their immigrant spouse when things don't work out... And just because things aren't working out does not mean she had fraudulent intentions or your marriage was not "bonafide" - she stayed with you and had your child! She did not have to stay , nor have your child and if all she wanted was a GC she could have tried other means to that end like filing a false VAWA (has been done), divorcing you and ROC on her own, etc.
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    Xanax got a reaction from user19000 in We're different people than we were before marriage...   
    Then you haven't been to a good counselor
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    Xanax got a reaction from user19000 in Deportation   
    You said "she doesn't want to go" and you have also said she said "she wants to go home". It seems you are not sure what she wants.
    My advice would be to:
    1)a)File for divorce and inform her of this fact.
    1)b)Try counselling again and let her know things need to be fixed or you do not feel you can continue in this unhappy union.
    2) Give her options ie/ does she want to go home or stay and make her own way here if you do get divorced( I would not back her into a corner and tell her you are buying her a ticket back, otherwise she might make things harder for you); does she want to work on things.
    I cannot believe that if you love someone or had loved them previously that you would intentionally want to hurt them, even if your marriage does dissolve, I am sure it is better to dissolve it amicably and it will probably save you from heartache/ stress/ financial loss late.
    IF you both entered in to the marriage in good faith then you cannot have her "deported" . Actually YOU can never have her deported, you can only report the marriage as fraudulent AND doing things like this/ saying those things to her as threats may encourage her to do the same thing, try to hurt you, she might file VAWA , report you to police etc etc and it could get messy. You cannot have someone deported because they don't "treat you nice".
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    Xanax reacted to Brit Abroad in is this true? marriage with out k1   
    Britain also has a process for getting the equivalent of a resident's visa (called "leave to remain"). It's a shorter process, but you are scrutinised just as thoroughly and you are vetted for financial stability as you are unable to take advantage of social security for a minimum period. What you CAN do, is to visit the UK for a period of up to 6 months (that's 3 months longer than the US visitor visa).
    Given that you wish to live in America, you have two options in front of you:-
    1. File for a fiance visa (K1)
    2. Next time your fiance visits, get married and have him return to Britain and file a spouse visa (CR1)
    It would be inappropriate and illegal for him to come to the US on a visitor visa (VWP), marry and attempt to adjust status and stay. The lawyer has given you advice that she thinks you want to hear. Once she receives your money she doesn't care if your fiance is deported and gets a lifetime ban. YOU do, so do it properly. If you're going to spend a lifetime together (and that's the intent of marriage) then waiting a year to be together is a relatively small chunk of time. Meanwhile, both of you start saving so you have a financial cushion once you are able to legally live together.
    Best of luck to you.
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    Xanax reacted to Inky in is this true? marriage with out k1   
    That lawyer is telling you to commit visa fraud and saying you will be fine and it is OK to do it. It is not ok. You should not use this lawyer, she should be reported for this.
    You can come visit in the USA and get married yes, but you have to go home after your visit is over and then file the I-130.
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    Xanax got a reaction from SweetDelish in K-1 Wife vanished after receiving conditional green card   
    This is how I see it:
    You did not lie per se at the interview, because you were not sworn in, that's fine, But... by attending the interview and being there supporting your spouse you are saying that your relationship is valid and true, all is well etc.
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    Xanax reacted to bt1 in What should I do?   
    Yes, I think you should definitely file a complaint....I'd be really interested to hear their response!!!
    All respect to cultural differences, but when marriages are arranged, does sex come up as a topic in the negotiations? I ask this because you keep saying that her parents knew about this and were trying to hide it from you and your family.
    I'd rather would like to think that this is just basic lack of communication: when a marriage is arranged, I think the couple has a lot of work to do when they start living together, unlike most, non-arranged marriages in which some level of communication has already developed prior to marriage. I would say that you are being inpatient and unreasonable and perhaps even selfish to expect everything will fall into place the minute she steps on the US soil. Don't you think that maybe she also feels cheated by you: thought she was getting a husband not a "master" she submits to?
    If you really feel that she has nothing to offer you, by all means, divorce her, but don't blame her or her parents...and certainly not the US immigration system!!!
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    Xanax reacted to Caryh in What should I do?   
    First let me say I have no idea how these arranged marriages normally work. Is it expected the woman will just get married and spread her legs for you? Must be like the Sahara desert down there, and I don't think I'd want to be going there. I would guess there would need to be a significant courtship period before sexual relations would become a wanted thing by a woman in an arranged marriage. Maybe you expected the period to be a week, or a month and at two months you're fed up. If your attitude and actions went towards demanding sex from her after 30 days, you were just pushing her farther away. From my own experience of having an immigrant spouse, when homesickness hits sex is not an option. She might not even want me to kiss her, let alone have sex with her. I can't imagine how hard getting married and moving so far from your wife's family to live with someone she doesn't even know was for her. So you took her to Vegas, big deal. You should have been taking her for walks in the park, movies, out to dinner, etc... Courting her to fall in love with and want you. There's a courtship process that is shared across human cultures, that comes from the core of being human, and I'm afraid you didn't understand this and tried to skip straight to dessert when you hardly put appetizers on the table yet. Maybe she was taking longer to come around than you expected, that doesn't make her defective, it makes her a person with her own needs and feelings. If she needed more time and attention, you should have given more, or there may be people calling you the defective one. Again let me repeat, I do not know the culture of arranged marriages and the expectations. But I can hardly guess that she wasn't the only arranged bride that was reluctant to have sex so fast after getting married. And yes I know you were married much earlier on paper, but in the heart and mind that marriage was not complete until she came to live with you.
    As to reporting this to immigration, when your marriage is terminated, yes you can report that with her A number. There is no sort of fraud to report, so get that out of your head. Also if the marriage was never consummated, you should be able to go the route of annulment rather than divorce. You'll need to look into
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    Xanax reacted to N-o-l-a in What should I do?   
    I think we will need some clarification on that.
    A woman is a lot like a piece of fine porcelain. She needs to be treated gently and carefully. Trying to force a woman who is disinterested in sex to have sex is not only bordering marital rape, but unless she has some hardcore fetishes, is likely to lead to her withdrawing more. She might be scared out of her mind, she might not be attracted to you, etc. You really have no idea but unless you learn how to behave around a woman especially one as cherished as your wife, it is probably best that you divorce and not get remarried. This woman is your life partner and she deserves to be treated as such.
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    Xanax reacted to MedRoni in What should I do?   
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    Xanax got a reaction from VanessaTony in intend to do AOS but I was interrogated upon entry.   
    Normally I would be all "go for it, it really isn't a big risk" etc as I adjusted from the VWP... but you were interrogated by CBP and they didn't want to let you in and all the other evidence that would point to you staying like bringing your cats, obviously all your luggage, did you say you had police certificates/ clearances? the fact you were already married to your husband, I just personally would not risk that.
    Similarly, If you are denied you will have to leave the US and find somewhere else to live and file for an IR-1 visa, you won't be eligible for the VWP (so no visiting while the visa process takes place) anymore and you will have to file a waiver for your overstay.
    The most logical route in my mind is to return home to your family in Aus, spend some quality time with them, apply for the IR-1 visa (you can do that while you are here now), visit on the VWP if you like and wait out the process. Your spouse can also visit you in Australia during this time and once granted your visa and you enter the USA you will have a greencard, be legal and be able to work/ travel straight away without worrying.
    Note: I say IR-1 because I assume you have been married for 2+ years (or I thought I read that).
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