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  1. Just take your passport and it takes about two weeks or less.
  2. You will need to get a divorce, because to the eyes of the embassy traditional marriages is still seen as legal marriage.
  3. Thanks so much! Do you think I can go to SSN office to expedite the SSN? Yes, you can go to any nearest SSA building to apply as soon as you land in the US.
  4. The SSN may be sent out within 2 weeks of being in the US if the option to automatically receive it is marked on the DS260. For some, like me, they had to go to the nearest SSA office to put in an application even though that option was chosen on the ds260. That is after waiting to receive it. It was received by me after 1 week of applying. Green card takes a bit of time; some have been lucky to receive it within 3 weeks, while others like me, are still waiting. Been in the US since Sept 11, payment made since August 31st. That's not a cause for concern just yet since the Visa as endorsed by the CBP serves as the Green Card for one year. Good luck on your journey to the US.
  5. Please  how many months does it take your  2nd NOA to be approved  up to your interview day


    1. Ivie & Eguagie

      Ivie & Eguagie

      Just saw your comment @Plsam You can check my time-line to see this information which you are asking for. 

  6. We can relate this to visajourney.com as an immigration community which needs help and resources from its members to keep it going. So many people come on here, ask questions, get answers and supports from members - once visa is in their hands and they made entrance to the US, that's the last time they will come here - some even delete their accounts and forget their experiences would have been useful to this community if they had stayed to help others like they were helped. If everyone disappears from here once they have whatever immigration benefits they are filing for, will this platform still function to its full capacity? But then, people are going to be people no matter what. That's life.
  7. No, I call every other day and also ask for supervisors. Keep record of calls and who you talk with as well. NOA2 was January 10, 2019.
  8. My PD date is August 21, 2018 and yes we got an approval. We currently waiting for our interview in 11 days.
  9. Hi , can u please add me up to the WhatsApp group of the Lagos embassy? My case is CR1 thanks 🙏 

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    2. Plsam


      Thank you  sir.  But  is  this a normal processing or you  expidiate it if you  expidiate it how do you do it. Thanks for the  info. 


    3. Ivie & Eguagie

      Ivie & Eguagie


      It was a normal processing. 

    4. Plsam


      Okay  thanks 

      I received my NOA1 around April  2019 and yet to receive any responses from  USCIS i know yours took 5month before it was approved. 

  10. That's strange. Your case usually say ready a few days after you have received an interview letter from NVC and when it has reached the embassy. Maybe you need to make a call to them.
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