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  1. oh this is perfect, just what I wanted to know. I have mine today in Louisville, KY at 2pm. I'm making hubby drive me in with the kids and wanted to be able to tell him how long he would have to wait. I'm expecting it to be similar to yours. Thanks again and congrats!
  2. update... after sending an email to USCIS regarding my biometrics appointment not being rescheduled, it was and I went in on Dec 16, 2020. I have since had my interview on the 12th of Feb, I answered the first 6 questions correctly. The officer corrected a few things on my application and then approved me, I waited in the waiting room for around 30 minutes for them to print my Oath Ceremony notice and its today at 2pm! 12 days after my interview. Its nice that part is so quick. after today, my journey is pretty much done.
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