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    Met online in August 2010Visited in person Oct 25 - Nov 18Sent K1 petition on Dec 22, 2010NOA1 on 12/28/2010Waiting patiently nowReceived RFE 4/11/2011Responded to RFE 4/15/20114/20/2011 Received text RE: NOA2!!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!Called automated response system at NVC (Useless)Talked to operator who stated case is here and should be in Manila Embassy within one week (5/06/2011)Case Arrived USEM 5/6/2011Medical: May 24-26Interview: June 22, 2011K-2 positive TB Skin Test: Back to St Lukes on 5/30 Monday to get X-Ray result; praying for the bestX-RAY Negative Yeahh!!!!!!Interview 6/22/2011 APPROVED!!!!POE likely last week in JulyTickets in hand for 8/07/2011What a roller coaster ride!!!!They get on the plane in 3 hoursDelta cancels flight Rescheduled for two hours laterFrom a nonstop to one stopover8/07/2011: THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8/11 Applied for SSN need to wait for DHS inputTied the KNOT 8/15/20119/6/11 Went back to SS Office update married name.Received TIP from MI SEC OF STATE.Learning to drive a stick nowHopefully have drivers license ASAP!!!!!!Received new SS card with married nameLooking for a surgeon for the AOSFound the surgeon $35.00 CheapFinally filed the AOS for the entire family wife and 3 kids Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chicago Received the AOS packet 3/02/2012One week since Chicago rcvd AOS packet, no responseReceived E-Mails All NOA1s are enroute 03/13/2012Received AOS NOA hardcopy 3/19/2012Received Biometric Appt for 4/19/2012Completed Biometric on 4/19/2012Received AOS interview appt letter 4/28/2012AOS interview 6/5/2012 God Bless us allOur soon to be green card holding daughter will be joining the US Air Force this fall; we are so excited as she is too. Best decision she will ever make at this point and she can naturalize one year after joining according to the new executive order. WOW!!!!!OOPS, Air Force too picky with 2 year green card. It is off to the Navy now. Less picky and many more opportunities!!Daughter entered Navy in September and received Naturalization upon graduation. Now in navy Corpsman School with grad date of March 2013. She really likes the regimentation. Maybe an application to Annapolis is in order?Applied for ROC in May 2014Daughter going to Pensacola in November for Dental Hygiene SchoolTraveling to the Philippines for family reunion on Jul 21

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  1. The CO does this day after day. They can do it in their sleep. They know the minute you step up to the window what they are facing. It is the first 30 seconds of that interview that the decision to approve or deny is made. They can ask for anything they want, to include anything you didn't bring. So don't worry. The truth is on your side.
  2. Don't be so paranoid you become numb. Remember, this is a process. What do they want at the embassies? The truth. Never, never, never lie. They will catch you like a cat catches a mouse. If the relationship is not real, they will know in an instant. The truth will set you free during this process. Try and trick you? Of course they will. You and your fiance stick to the truth? Of course you will. You must or you can kiss away any chance of completing THE PROCESS. My wife along with OUR 3 kids finished the PROCESS in 2017. You will too if you keep on telling the boring TRUTH.
  3. Is it because from that first day, you could not get her out of your mind? Is it because you can't stand being away from them for one minute? Is it because they have seen the worst in you and still end up loving you even more? Is it because of the way they smile? Is it because they always see the best in you? Is it because of the way they touch you? Is it because he/she does not want to have you post this and you persist? Ha Ha!!!! For me, a life without her and the kids would be worse than death. I like to keep things so insanely simple!! How about you? Don't be shy!!
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