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  1. I am guessing OP means checking the box in i-864 that says one in domiciled in the U.S.?
  2. Regarding your edit. As I said, I respect @Hawk Riders and their incredible hard work on this forum, a tonne. Nothing personal against them at all. If anything I thank him for his active participating on this forum. It has made this process easier for countless people. But just like you I am really bugged when people try to tell us to just wait our turn. We are doing just that. I was merely sharing my opinion on the timelines, which I agree was pessimistic. Folks can choose to not believe in that. Just like you I ignore some of the overtly positive posts. Some of us have hit a personal low. Seeing others react the same way is indeed cathartic. If you would talk to family, they have no clue how tough this process is. So if it weren't for folks like you on this forum also losing it. I would think I was the only one going bonkers. I'll end this on a positive note though. We will all get there. I just hope the lows are not as bad as the current one. Peace.
  3. Sorry @Hawk Riders, but I am tired of this argument as if the "policy directives" were etched upon the DOS manuals by god. It is abundantly clear to ANYONE with a working brain that U.S. administration is showing no interest in expediting family reunification in these tough times. Worse yet, they are not even bothering to be transparent. The government bureaucracies don't operate in a vacuum, their directives come from the elected leaders and those directives are driven by emotion (what is vote/mandate if not emotion of an electorate?). Case in point multiple "government bureaucracies" that did a 180 policy reversals when the new administration took over. U.S. stands out in the entire civilized western, developed worls where family reunification is so archaic and slow. If it were only due to legislation, one would at least understand. But, the truth is we suffer primarily due to policy paralysis and apathy from the executive branch who would trip over themselves to pass executive orders for other immigration matters, much likely to be challenged and struck down by courts. Truth is we simply are not on their radar. To them, we at least have a path to reunited with out spouses, who cares how long it takes, why are we crying like spoiled brats, just wait your turn. I absolutely have compassion for all other categories, hence what I want to see not a re-prioritization of the categories, but an overall increase in processing volumes. Which would address everyone's problems. Cmon, we all know this. This is just below the belt. Would you like to volunteer to wait 10 years. You'll get there eventually (in 10 years) won't you? May be you can, but we all can't put our lives, careers on hold indefinitely. It is just getting ridiculously painful. I respect you and your contribution to this forum a lot, but hope you can see that we are being treated cruelly by an unfair, non-transparent system.
  4. I am losing hope for CR1/IR1 interview dates for June. They are clearly prioritizing adoption/parents/K1 now since those have been on hold for a while. Worse yet, there is more than a year worth of F category backlog. CR1/IR1 folks can see their timelines pushed a LOT further. We may have to wait a lot longer. Stupid administration would just re-prioritize categories and make us envy each other rather than just increasing their processing volume. Even simple instructions like relaxing "subjective" criteria during pandemic would be helpful. But no, I don't expect them to act like humans. Sorry folks to break your optimism but prepare for a slowdown, I see it coming. They are coming after us now, because we were the only category that was allowed so far and now they must have their revenge.
  5. Sorry but I think your strategy is risky. Sometimes they speed up and give interview dates for 2-3 months in a single month. You may barely get a couple weeks before interview date. This happened at Mumbai consulate in India earlier this year. Please plan this carefully, you don't want to miss your interview. Good luck!
  6. They would waive interviews for work visas in a heartbeat if it came to that, because the big industries would lobby for it. But no one cares for the family immigration. This would only change if all of us who go through family immigration dont just forget about this once we are in the U.S. but form a group, and donate monthly/yearly so that we become a powerful lobbying group also. I would gladly donate $1000 USD per year for rest of my life if someone was to start this initiative for family immigration.
  7. It is when the U.S. petitioner lives aborad. I am guessing your spouse lived and worked in the U.S. throughout the process?
  8. Congrats! so happy for you. Remind me, did you do intent to reestablish domicile?
  9. somone told me a trick about it I cant remember now, but something like if you dont hear a ring at the beginning then you are going to get an automated machine which will hang up on you. So if you dont hear a ring hang up immediately, and keep calling again until you hear a ring. Once you hear a short ring at the beginning of the call that means your call will get to a human. I hope I remembered this correctly!
  10. Just ask them if Montreal didnt give slots or took the slots back etc. Sometimes a nice officer comes along who is chatty and gives more details.... Please folks, who are DQed, please try!
  11. Guys, can someone please call NVC and ask them what is going on? They are much more responsive than USCIS, so you will get an informative response. If the first operator doesnt provide informative response, please request to speak to a supervisor. They will definitely be able to share details on what is going on, why no IL for Montreal yet. Please guys, can someone call?
  12. I'm so broken. I am legit looking up log cabins to buy so I can be a hermit while this plays out. I seriously am going to go live in the woods with a husky. I am so done. Screw CCP, screw immigration, screw this pandemic.
  13. Can someone please like this comment so I can get to hundred? 🤣
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