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  1. We do have tonnes of mail at the address for both my spouse & I including joint bills for utilities.
  2. I live in Ontario. My spouse & I signed a joined lease with an apartment building (owned by a firm headquartered in another city). The original lease period was 1 year. At the completion of 1 year lease, I approached the manager and asked to renew the lease. I was told there is no need since if you still occupy the apartment after the lease completion the lease rolls on to a month-to-month basis. I checked the original lease and it indeed was a clause in there. Now, we have been living here for 3 years. I recently approached the landlord to please write me a letter confirming that I have been living here since 2017, and to mention that the original lease was extended on monthly basis as per clause X of the original lease. They refused to provide such a letter. The only thing they are providing is a printed rent statement with printed signature showing rent payments for all the months we have been living here. Do I need a more formal looking document to prove my residency for immigration purposes? Would they like to see signed leases or singed and dated documents or is the printed rent receipts enough? I have tried pleading with the building management but they would not cooperate. I even put together a letter for them, but they wont sign it. Any help would be great!
  3. Based on the case below, it appears that if you do not meet domicile requirements and are given 221g at the interview, when you send in the evidence of domicile or intent to domicile, if it doesn't meet their standards, you are given another chance to send in the evidence. Does anyone know how many chances are given? Do you get unlimited chances until the time provided (1 year usually I think) is exhausted?
  4. Absolutely agree. Have you ever seen a case which had both a job and a place to live but was still given a 221g and asked to move ahead of their spouse?
  5. Would be interesting to see if they force your USC spouse to move ahead. Good luck!
  6. Has anyone been denied for a lease and a job offer?
  7. It may be best practice but usually intent to domicile in Montreal is not as stringent as some folks on this forum would like you to believe. It highly depends on the circumstances. If you have been living in Canada for 10 years with Canadian born kids and only show up to interview with a lease - ummm prob not enough. I am yet to see a case where someone had a lease agreement (not with their parents, but a real lease payed for already), and a job offer with a start date mentioned be given 221g. If you know such a case, please share. Otherwise, I'd say play to your stregths, even if you have Canadian kids and have been living in Canada for 10 years. Get your kids registered in U.S. schools, get a lease, get a job offer, move your funds to U.S. and chances are more than likely you will be fine. Again don't listen to generic, best-case advice of moving ahead if it doesn't suit you. Play to your strengths, worst case they ask you for domicile in which case you can move. It will take only 2-3 months to get approved in that case. Still better than being separated for several months if you move ahead.
  8. That's a long story but basically my wife has been out of Canada for ~8 months already. If she has to move again for domcile and god forbid I get denied for IR1 visa or it takes forever to come (221g), then my wife will have to move back to Canada to meet her residency obligations as a Canadian PR, and her time out of U.S. will look very bad on her Canadian PR renewal application. Basically, if I dont end up getting green card, I dont want to risk losing my wife's Canadian PR, since that'll separate us forever. That scenario makes me incredibly scared.
  9. I think you may have misunderstood my question - I was asking how much time do they give you to establish domicile and send them the proof. From one other post here I think they give you 1 year. Do you agree?
  10. Nothing. Sorry if it was grammatically incorrect.
  11. Thanks for answering. How long do they give the folks to move back and provide the proof? Also, I know they can always ask but have you ever seen anyone on this forum who had a valid job offer and still asked to move before visa approval?
  12. My U.S.C. spouse is a Canadian PR and we don't have them to lose Canadian residency days by having to move ahead of us. We plan to have the following at the time of the interview: 1. Signed apartment lease for an year in the U.S. 2. Very strong chance of securing a U.S. job offer. My questions: 1. Is 1 sufficient? 2. If not, is there any chance they may ask my spouse to move ahead of me even if we have have both 1 & 2? If so, how long do they give the folks to move back and provide the proof? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the reply and sorry for dumb question but what do you mean by timing of it all?
  14. It actually seems to be arbitrary based on officers discretion. Another member on VJ who also came back to Canada after moving to the U.S. on IR1 tells me that when they applied the second time around for IR1 in 2017 the domicile part was quite easy for them even though they didn't move ahead of their spouse. I have couple of follow-up questions: 1. Can NVC deny the petition if the petitioner doesn't move ahead of the beneficiary to the U.S. Assuming all other proofs for intent to domicile are provided such as driver's license, U.S. bank account, job search etc.? 2. When they deny you for domicile and give you 221g, and you move back to the U.S. how long does it take to get the visa approved once sending the proof of moving back? I have researched and found that it takes 2-3 months. Have we seen someone take longer than that for resolving domicile 221g in Canada?
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