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  1. I will start a guide on REQUIREMENTS AND BEST PRACTICES FOR NEW IMMIGRANTS using all your comments and inputs soon. Hopefully that will help folks like me. Thank you for all your comments and advice. Please keep commenting when you have something to add to the list!
  2. I recently moved to the U.S. We moved after moving and filed AR-11 and I-865 forms for myself and USC spouse respectively. I was a bit surprised to see that how little (10 days) notice you get for reporting change of address and how serious repercussions can be. So, I am now wondering what are other requirements that I and my USC spouse should be mindful of going forwards. I am listing the things (requirements, best practices etc.) that come to mind below, please feel free to add to the list. 1. AR-11 to be filed withing 10 days of LPR moving 2. I-865 to be filed via mail within 30 days of USC sponsor moving 3. Going to SSA in-person if SSN does not come in mail within 3-4 weeks of arrival (I went in person and they had to apply for me as I was not in their system) 4. Tracking I-551 green card status on myUSCIS to get an idea of when it is printed and mailed (sign up for USPS informed delivery as well to get a heads up before the mail is delivered) 5. As a LPR, NEVER EVER claim to be a USC on any form etc. 6. As a LPR, do not spend more than six months out of the U.S. in any (calendar?) year unless permitted by DHS/DOS to do so Are there any other best practices and MORE IMPORTANTLY, ****REQUIREMENTS**** that I should be aware of as a LPR such as forms to file etc. (like AR-11) that can have serious consequences if not filed? Thanks!
  3. Clarification on something in the FAQ (BTW cant thank you guys enough for maintaining the FAQ doc). Can I bring a bag? Small bags are ok, but large bags are not allowed and cannot be stored at the consulate. Are cloth style grocery carrying bags ok to carry documents in? or only plastic bags are preferable.
  4. Just checked this but would like to confirm - currently, Quebec has no entry restrictions/curfews etc. The only requirement seems to be to have the covid vaccination proof with you in order to onboard your flight/train/bus to Montreal? Would be great if someone can confirm. Thank you so much!
  5. Applicants using Form DS-260 If you are applying for an immigrant visa, using Form DS-260, you must provide two (2) identical photos at your immigrant visa interview. Your photos must be: Printed on photo quality paper 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size ------------------------------------------------ Does the above the photos have to be identical to the one submitted online to NVC with DS-260 ---- OR ---- that the two photos (which HAVE be RECENT/NEW) have to be identical to each other? Thank you!
  6. I have put together the following document checklist based on my reading of the ceac website etc. Please let me know if I am missing something? I have tagged each document in one of the two categories - REQUIRED and NICE_TO_HAVE. I have marked my questions in RED. REQUIRED ----------------- 1. NVC interview letter 2. Applicant's ORIGINAL passport valid for more than 6 months 3. (1) COPY of Applicant's passport bio page 4. Applicant's TWO passport size photographs (2 in x 2 in OR 5 cm x 5 cm) 5. Medical exam results (sent directly by Physician's office) 6. Applicant's ORIGINAL birth certificate (translation, if needed) 7. (1) COPY of Applicant's original birth certificate (translation, if needed) 8. Petitioner's ORIGINAL birth certificate 9. (1) COPY of Petitioner's birth certificate 10. ORIGINAL MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE (English translation, if needed) 11. (1) COPY of original marriage certificate (English translation, if needed) 12. Applicant's ORIGINAL POLICE CERTIFICATE(s) (valid for two years) 13. I-864 related I-864 copy not needed? But NICE_TO_HAVE the original with you? PROOF of petitioner's legal status in the U.S. (photocopy of a U.S. passport, birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or legal permanent resident card) - Do we need copy of ALL pages of petitioner's U.S. passport? Copy of Federal tax return OR transcript from most recent tax year. For me, I am taking both (2020, which was uploaded at NVC stage and 2021 which was uploaded to CEAC before interview) The above is all I find on the official website https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/MTL-Montreal.html What are other NICE_TO_HAVE documents that I should carry with me? below are some that come to mind.... 1. Is it advised to take a copy of original I-130 petition and all supporting relationship evidence that was sent along with it? 2. Relationship evidence in general? What stuff should we take? 3. Copy of everything uploaded to NVC/CEAC which is not already covered under REQUIRED documents list above? Am I missing something? Inviting @From_CAN_2_US, @DamAk, @affy, , @pushbrk @Canada_F3 for their views. Thank you!
  7. I was talking about time taken to receive the form and fill it and send it back, not the actual DS5535 processing time, which I know can be more than 6 months. If the time in receiving and sending the form back adds only one or two weeks to the whole dreaded process, I would rather not waste time before interview in filling it. Hope that makes sense. And yes, I am done worrying about this. Off to gathering and double checking all the interview documents. Thank you!
  8. I do not have time nor sanity right now before my interview to put together DS5535. Anyway, how long does it usually take to receive and send back DS5535 after interview? If it adds a week or two to the process, who cares at that point if you are already in for a long ride.
  9. What other countries have you travelled to, if you don't mind me asking? Thank you! For India, I am wondering if religion could have anything to with it?
  10. Does your mom have travel history to any country other than India? I thought travel to India wasn't triggering extreme vetting. Can you please confirm ASAP. I have my interview next week and I am freaked out!!!!
  11. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you That was indeed fast.... Some people upload proof things that change after NVC and before interview such as moving back to the U.S. in case of intent to reestablish domicile OR if there was a job change etc. I was referring to that. Already uploaded to CEAC at NVC stage.
  12. For folks who uploaded more documents to CEAC just before their interview - did the petitioner sign any of the documents such as cover letter or domicile update? or did you just type it and upload it.
  13. For folks who have submitted updated information about their intent to reestablish domicile, how do you upload this to CEAC. Do you upload under "AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT & FINANCIAL EVIDENCE" section? and what do you select the category of the documents? "OTHER" or "PROOF_OF_U.S._DOMICILE"? Thank you!
  14. For folks who have submitted updated information about their intent to reestablish domicile, how do you upload this to CEAC. Do you upload under "AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT & FINANCIAL EVIDENCE" section? and what do you select the category of the documents? "OTHER" or "PROOF_OF_U.S._DOMICILE"? Thank you!
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