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  1. I'm sure y'all's will be done soon, yours was sent not too long after ours!
  2. Yeah our NOA2 was 6/5 and they sent it I believe the 15th. But, I did do an inquiry and got our number through there. It's just still at the NVC currently.
  3. You need to have met once in the last two years. As long as that's the case, you should be good. Any extra can only help, but I'd make sure it's clear and valid evidence if I were you. Text messages, gift receipts, ring receipts, stuff like that also helps!
  4. What experience are you specifically talking about? The validity of the I129F expiring before the interview or?
  5. Your medical is valid for 6 months. After that, I honestly do not know because you shouldn't let that happen. Your interview is a month after, so you should be fine. You just need to make sure you're in the US before the 6month period ends
  6. I’ve been looking into everything for the last months, so I’m pretty familiar thankfully! Someone on here was kind enough to type out their exact experience with the medical, and dealing with the embassy! I was just confused with ‘department of state’ because I haven’t heard of it before in the process. But thankfully it’s just the NVC!
  7. Alright that gives me some hope! I'm hoping my timeline is a little similair to yours, I'd love to have my interview in 4 months!! Thanks for all the info, I really appreciate it
  8. Hmm I see I see. I'm just worried since the validity of the approval of the i129f is only 4 months, and by the looks of this, it's going to take atleast 2 months before I can schedule it.
  9. I think it said 20 days in our letter, but I'll ask my fiancé for a double check. Should I not go ahead and plan the medical before receiving the packet?
  10. Interesting, is it not two weeks? That's what showing in the visa flowchart on VisaJourney. And I think I also saw something about 20 days? But that might be for the USCIS sending it to the NVC? So many different answers
  11. Our case was sent to the department of state for visa processing. Does anyone know roughly how long after they send it to your embassy or how long until you get your nvc number?
  12. Yeah sadly the Hague closed immigrant visas so I'll have to go through Germany (Frankfurt). But I think that this means they sent it to the NVC, and when the NVC gets it, they'll send it to the embassy in Frankfurt
  13. I tried finding more info but it didn’t tell me anything clearly. Thank you!
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