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  1. Hello! My husband has tax returns for 2018 and 2017. He did not work in 2016 as he was a student and he only worked for half a year in 2017. He worked in 2019 but my k1 will expire and I will need to file for adjustment of status before the 2019 w2 and tax returns/1040 arrive. Will it be an issue that he can only show income for 2018 and half of 2017? We aren't sure what to do because the aos form says 3 years. Thank you for your help!
  2. I did not attend but I was told the interview was very short and not so difficult 😁
  3. Had our interview yesterday on the 24th and was approved. Today for ceac it says issued.
  4. 4chan /pol/ trolling prank. The idea is to force people who support both Islam and feminism to condemn one of them.
  5. The ceac says our case is ready for our interview when scheduled. Does this means it is at the consulate and it is time to do the ds160/medical/I-134? I thought that NVC or the embassy would contact us when it arrived at the embassy?
  6. I didn't see anything about english fluency in this or anything on who exactly needs to be earning the 250% threshold.
  7. What a scary thread to read. A lot of people are saying a lot of different things. Is this, in summary, saying that the intending immigrant needs to earn 250% of the American poverty line while they were living in their home country? Or is it saying that the immigrant needs to earn, independently 250% of the poverty line for adjustment of status (I thought the immigrant isn't even permitted to work until after the adjustment of status)? Or is it saying that the household has to earn 250%? Edit: Also is english proficiency now a part in this? What is the arbiter of whether or not someone is fluent I wonder.
  8. I did notice that, I'm just hopeful that since it references affidavits of support that the omission of the I-134 was a mistake. I suppose we'll find out soon.
  9. Does anyone know for certain whether or not Moscow requires a wet signature on the i-134 for the k1 visa interview? I was planning to send photo copies and I didnt find any confirmation in the i-134 instructions pdf
  10. I wasn't aware a wet signature is required. I've been reading the i-134 instructions and it says photocopies are fine if they are legible but signatures cant be stamped or typed. Does that mean I can't fill out the form, sign it and then scan it to my fiance? The Russian post isnt really known for reliable or fast delivery so this is concerning. Also where you able to get info on the P3 stuff? I'm trying to find out if our consulate will send via email or physical mail. Thank you!
  11. We received our NVC case number over the phone and updated the beneficiary's mailing address and email address. Hopefully they contact her email rather than physical mail because the addresses are quite difficult and unusual (hard to find on Google maps but not so difficult on yandex) and i forgot to include the postal code. I was told the case would go through administrative processing and then go to the embassy but I thought AP was after the interview.
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