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  1. agree. when i did my ROC (Aug 2019 filer), i went ahead and submit everything we have. it was approved without interview. we submitted the following: - bank account statements way back from 2017 - joint insurance (health, vision, dental, car) - joint bills (utility, power, mobile, internet) - properties together - joint loans (car, furniture financing, etc) - ITR - 2 affidavit from my family and friends(notarized) - trips together (boarding pass, passport stamps, one page photo supporting trip) - couple of photos (one page collage for him with my family, me with his family, us attending events and public gatherings) - family planning visits and appointments (since we dont have kids yet) - employment portal showing each other as beneficiaries & emergency contact - driver's license showing address - couple of proof of billing (mails addressed for me and my husband showing similar address)
  2. I dont think it would be an issue but he better read the terms of his contract/job offer. I work virtual too and I dont have any requirement as to where I choose to work. But, my company requires me to full disclosure of my address and if I move.
  3. Same. I filed from K1 too. I wasnt interviewed for AOS. It's possible to skip ROC interview too depending on who is handling your case.
  4. My field office is also in San Antonio. I got the approval update today. Although my status changed to "New Card is Being Produced" last Friday. I guess cases in San Antonio are moving.
  5. My husband didn't meet my family until I had my greencard and it has no bearing against any of the immigration processes. (Although it might not be the same case if it is in US Embassy in India or Morocco where family is everything). I just figured it's better not to jeopardize my relationship and move on in life. My husband understood the situation. I moved and settled in US. Then one day, I thought it's the right time to see them (family in PH). My husband and I paid them a visit. My husband got to travel to Philippines for the first time and get to meet them for the first time. Status, money, accomplishments change perspectives in Philippines. It's all in the past now. So I think you don't need to worry if you don't have a good relationship with your family in Philippines. Best of luck on your immigration journey!
  6. If you havent sent out I751 yet, you can change name at ROC. I successfully changed mine during ROC. What I did was, make sure to fill up the forms in married name, make sure to attach marriage certificate (even if it didnt have a married name in it.), add IDs in married name (Drivers license, passport etc) since changing PH maiden name is a little different from US. Just to ensure it's done correctly.
  7. If it makes you feel better, I'm on the same boat. I left my family's home at 21 and had not been in contact with them. I dont have a relationship with them prior to me immigrating. I lived on my own. They dont like me and I keep it at that. I worked, worked and worked. Met my husband in the process, immigrated via K1. No issues during any of the processes. No RFEs, interview got even waived. But there was real bad blood between us (me and my family in PH). we only reconciled after I got my Greencard.
  8. I segregated it via tabs so the USCIS folks can easily discard what they think is unnecessary.
  9. I am aware that they will dismantle it and scan it individually. I used fasteners too. But I added an extra tabbed page to properly segregate each set of documents. In that way, if they wanna check specifics, they can go right to it. The tabs are based on USCIS filing tips that it should be at the bottom of the page.
  10. i thought it's based on service center first and foremost since it depends on their workload. Then evidences. I thought evidences would have matter at least. I did front load heavily and submitted all we've got. Including multiple properties (4 in Philippines, 1 here in US), 2 cars, all loans, bills and insurances, bank accounts in Philippines and here. I don't think there is anything left in my husband's name alone. we also had multiple trips abroad (tickets, photos) at least 5 countries and multiple US states. Trips with his family (boarding passes, photos), Trips with us and my Family in Philippines. Proofs that we are each other's emergency contacts and beneficiaries at work. We also added sworn affidavits from friends and family. And Proofs of report of Marriage to Philippines. Philippines have a record of our marriage. We don't have a child together yet. But, to supplement that, we added my fertility diagnoses, visits and treatments.
  11. I kinda didnt thought it was based on country of origin. I thought it was based on evidences I had submitted on my original application.
  12. Thank you! I was approve on the spot. But then, not all US Embassies are created equal. Some are more difficult than others. Unfortunately I am not familiar with US Embassy in Chile. Hopefully, the CO wouldn't look for it and you'll have a smooth K1 process. As what others stated above, photos are secondary evidence. Maybe you can supplement it with proof that you've actually lived there for a while and explain your situation.
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