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  1. on the bright side... Congratulations on your teams NBA Championship!
  2. our access code came with our original set of notifications from USCIS, so within a week of them receiving our application. we also got scheduled our biometrics. just another example of how every case is different, another applicant from Hawaii mailed their AOS application the day after us and they have not heard a thing yet.
  3. Wow, I remember you guys when i first started this process back in 2019. Back then, when i was cruising the forums i remember you guys got your noa2 in like less than 30 days. You were my benchmark! Unfortunately for us it took 6 months, lol and we got stuck in the whole covid thing. We just filed AOS also, got our biometrics scheduled 06.28.
  4. Mailed paperwork on May 24th Delivered May 30th Credit card charged June 1 No emails, but i think that's 50/50 on the notification.
  5. Aloha, Mailed our documents May 24th, USPS says expected delivery May 31st. Warp speed!
  6. Visa received! To all the Mods and whoever runs this site, thanks for all the help. I'm sure we are just getting started, but feels kinda like the end of a long journey. Mahalo!
  7. It's been so long, I think I am in this May 2020 group. Well, we finally passed the interview and waiting for our visa to arrive at home. To everyone still waiting, good luck and have faith.
  8. Apparently that's what happens when you do not re-schedule in a timely manner. Seems like 4 or 5 days is the cut-off for canceling or re-scheduling your interview. After that, you are considered a no-show and have to wait until they clear your application to re-book. Hope this helps others at the interview process.
  9. When I called and spoke to USEM, the person said it was already escalated and to just wait for phone call or email.
  10. I spoke with USEM and they show our application as being escalated for review. So we just have to be patient and wait for a reply.
  11. Sounds like it is our problem to get USEM/Travel docs to revalidate our MRV fee. The problem is, it's like talking to a wall.
  12. I am having same problem. MRV code invalid. Trying to rebook after being told to no-show because of positive covid test. Seeing your post does not make me feel good.
  13. Aloha, My F was diagnosed with Covid 2 days before her SLEC medical, 4 days later was her scheduled USEM interview. One day after her positive test results, we tried to rebook her interview date but was locked out from cancelling or re-scheduling. I called USEM and they said we have to be a no-show and after 24 hours from our original interview date was when we could re-book our interview. 24 hours after our no-show, we tried to re-book our interview and now we cannot get past entering our MRV code. So we called USEM back and told them our problem, now USEM says we have to wait 5 days after our no-show to rebook. A little bit frustrating to say the least. Anyone hear or experience similar situation? Thanks, Mil
  14. Got our 'in transit' on January 3, 2022 and 'ready' on January 4, 2022. Finally!
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