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  1. The USPS has stopped taking delivery of items to the Philippines. Anyone know for sure Balikbayan packages are still moving? I guess if someone sent a pkg mid to ending of March can verify.
  2. My fiance said DVO is under GCQ. Correct on the curfew times. Still fairly restricted though, no one allowed outside during daylight hours on Sunday, except for frontliners. Mon-Sat, only allowed outside with a FM pass (food and medicine).
  3. Sorry, didn't see this question. Yes, my fiance is from Davao. Funny story, years ago before my visit, I said, "Hon, you folks had a bombing recently at the night market, is that close to Marco Polo hotel?" She said, "No hon, far away." I found out when I got there, it is like 400 feet away from the hotel. Sometimes they just don't get it.
  4. @Greenbaum Morning sir. Daily routine, first thing you do is answer all these questions?
  5. @Allovertheworld Do you live in Davao city or in the province? My fiance is from Davao.
  6. You see, I knew I wasn't worthy yet to give advice. Dang, should have trusted my gut feelings. 😏
  7. Fedex, UPS, DHL, and according to veterans not so worthy USPS, only because once it leaves USPS's hands ???? Be prepared for the price shock from the 1st three. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. Any options to scan documents and email to the embassy?
  8. The poll is 13 years old and only current for 17 pollsters. 0-5 years 5 5-10 years 2 10-15 years 3 15-25 years 5 25+ years 2
  9. I think I am correct in thinking, more and more young people going outside the country looking for spouses.
  10. Was the land expensive by Filipino standards? Is the size of the lot, like less than 190 sqm?
  11. @RO_AH I think that was my quote, so I will reply to your question. I have an account set up with WU through my computer. I send money directly from my bank account to her bank account in the Phils. I double checked to see if there are any charges for a larger amount like yours and the transaction is still no fees or service charges. Now, there is a 0-6 business day wait for the transaction to take. YMMV. However, I just sent some cash on Saturday and she already received the deposit in her account as of this minute. And WU has not even debited my account yet, being that it is the weekend here. Not sure if 0-6 business days is acceptable to you, however me being Pake, I can live with that for Flee! Aloha
  12. Interesting and informative thread. I am still on the fence, but leaning towards your conclusion. I have been researching buying land in a gated community in Davao and the prices are just too expensive. For the price of land and building a house, we could rent the same house in the gated community for 50 years at $250 a month. Not that I will even live that long, so yeah makes sense.
  13. saves unnecessary additional threads, kinda bored here in quarantine... looking to reopen more, same questions just 3 years apart, hehe
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