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  1. Jr619

    Need Advice

    He was arrested because they thought he was an activist. iv been inform by the lawyer that he trying his best to get him out since he has never been involved in any of the things he is being accused of. I'm just praying he gets released soon.
  2. I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I learn some not so good news about my fiance this evening .My fiance who lives in Cameroon and his friend were on their way to get his passport in the capital and he and his friend among many others was aressted on thurday. I am comeplety devastated and dont know what to do.i do not know the charges as of yet. A friend of mines that is over there got a lawyer and will try to get them out this week. i was suppose to be heading to Cameroon next week but now im having second thought about my own safety over there.   I had plan on doing the K1 visa but i feel since he got arrested and cant even get his passport i dont see how i can even file.   if anybody can give me advice i would greatly appappreciate it. Thanks
  3. Jr619

    K-1 Ghana Approved!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy for you both.