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  1. This is important. If the plan was for them to just stay until their case is current, it's not a plan. There are no options for them to stay and adjust. They must leave and they must leave now. If nothing else, for their kids who they are knowingly forcing into a life lived in the shadows.
  2. EmilyW


    I have big tattoos also. Was never asked about them. I think you're creating a problem where there is none.
  3. This link will be handy in terms of the definitions of continuous residence. https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume12-PartD-Chapter3.html
  4. And if you want meat pies, Australian Bakery Cafe in Marietta, Georgia. They ship anywhere and the pies are amazeballs.
  5. I'm an Aussie. Been here three years and America is still weird to me. Message me any time you like! Sometimes it helps to have someone who, if nothing else, understands the Aussie slang / culture.
  6. Not only are the odds low for the lottery, it's not a quick solution. We applied in October 2013. Found out we were selected in May 2014. Interviewed with the embassy in April 2015. So that alone was 18 months. We ended up moving over permanent in February 2016. Just over 2 years in total from start to finish, so about the same time as the F2A.
  7. ^ What @EM_Vandaveersaid. Wait a year, get the citizenship, live your best life wherever you choose.
  8. @Geowrian is doing tricky math and it's hurting my brain. Just wanted to add that.
  9. If they asked if you had a boyfriend and you said no.... now that would be different I imagine.
  10. OP, from time to time we get people on VJ who are good souls hurt by bad decisions. It's hard to see. But when you see those good souls get through the bad times, come out the other end and start on a path that will get them the happiness they deserve, it makes me smile. I hope that good times now find you. 🙂
  11. OP selected the wrong visa if travel was necessary immediately after marriage. One could argue that even applying for a visa was unnecessary since he and his fiance will be splitting their time, making compliance with legal residency requirements difficult. But this is all the government's fault apparently, as it was in the original thread.
  12. Edit: sorry, did not see @Paul & Mary's post above. Is there a reason you are re-asking this question? You received good advice in the first thread, and also abused other posters in that thread (which seems to be a trend - are you always this angry).
  13. EmilyW

    visiting USA before 180 days outside USA

    Ben fell off the wagon and landed in Visa Journey. The twists and turns of life are indeed unpredictable. Stop hating, y'all.
  14. I don't think the fiance is an Italian citizen.
  15. I would have thought that not threatening your spouse would also be part of a family's obligation.