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  1. Also curious on the ages of your children. If they are at school age, have they been attending school?
  2. Conversely, having family in the US who are prepared to fund your vacation while in the US, can also imply that they may be prepared to continue to fund you if you overstay. It isn't always the win people think it is.
  3. I wouldn't even rely on the 'six month rule', at least not as a repeated pattern. At this point, your friend is not living in the US. He is visiting. And, at some stage, border officials will figure that out and he may be in danger of losing his GC. He needs to live in the US before thinking about naturalization.
  4. Naturalization is the least of their problems, I would imagine.
  5. I have no advice. Just wanted to say to the OP that what you and your wife have tried to do is very kind, and your niece is fortunate to have people who love her and are looking out for her.
  6. You asked a question and you received responses. Not sure how people responding to a question YOU ASKED on a public forum is them being 'emotionally invested'. People are just trying to help. You may not think it protects the beneficiary. Your thought process is not the law. If it offends you so much, contact your congress person and ask them to change the law because you think it sucks. As others have said, if this is a problematic request, you can decide to withdraw from the process and immigrate to your fiancee's country
  7. You file the N-400 online. Include your divorce certificate in the documents you submit. You will be asked to list marriages and divorces, and the form does ask for some basic information (name, DOB) of the previous spouse, but it does not ask for any information like passport numbers.
  8. Agree with the above. Since your wife is an 'expert', and she is liaising with other 'experts', they really should handle the whole thing. It will get done same day and the parents will be here by next Friday.
  9. I never said there would be an issue. I just said it would not be true unless, at the time of filling out the form, you do have the documentation.
  10. When we filled out our DS260, we did what Top Secret did. 'No' and then an explanation that, by the time of interview, we would. It was not a problem. Saying 'Yes' when it's not true is a lie.
  11. I would agree with Jeanne's advice not to feel guilty. They have made an adult decision to marry, hence they are responsible for making sure they do all the adulting things necessary to fulfill that adult decision. If that means another job or another sponsor, then that's what they have to do.
  12. She's not in a great spot, from an immigration perspective. She is deportable and, given the length of her overstay, she will have a ban when she leaves the country. If you were a US citizen, you could marry her, and then do an adjustment of status. Her overstay would be forgiven. You are not a US citizen, so this option is not available to you.
  13. The petitioner having a criminal record is less of an issue (unless it's Adam Walsh related): they will grill as.a means of ensuring the beneficiary knows who they are marrying. A beneficiary having a criminal record is different. The information is less about the relationship being bonafide and more - in my opinion - about trying to figure out if the beneficiary would be a criminal risk once in the US.
  14. The test isn't multiple choice, and the officer will ask the questions. Don't sweat the test too much. A few minutes a day on the app, going through each question, and you will be fine!
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