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  1. Our case was approved!!! Changed to "new card being produced" yesterday and to "case was approved" today.
  2. It finally happened!!! Card being produced this afternoon! PHEW!
  3. Thanks to all for the updates on your approvals! It's giving me hope. PLEASE FIND OUR SHIZ USCIS!!
  4. Yay congrats!! I hope ours will update soon too. Maybe with offices closed to the public officers will have nothing to do but work on all the pending approvals.
  5. Still no word from our interview on Feb 20, I feel like once they put you on hold, you never hear from them again. Feeling depressed about more living in the dark when we were so close to the finish line.
  6. I'm not sure how my husband filed his Canadian taxes. He did those on his own. I believe he put married filing separately and that he was not a resident of Canada on Dec 31 or something? He did exactly what folks suggested to do in this thread. Unfortunately our H&R block person also had no idea what to do and had to "send it to corporate" so we have another appt this Sunday
  7. We are working on our taxes today and are soooo out of the loop lol. Husband just finished his Canadian taxes (looks like he did everything as suggested here) and we have an appt with h&r block to help us figure out how to file in the u.s. I need an adult!
  8. Oh geeeezzeee! This is the scenario I'm afraid of. The not knowing + no movement at all. Sorry youre dealing with this. So was the RFE for a new medical? 🙁
  9. Yeah it's pretty common. We are waiting on USCIS to get our medical as well. Here's the most recent thread I can recall with the same sitch:
  10. Just finished our interview in Portland OR. It went nice and smoothly and the officer was very nice. Mainly asked us about my employment and husband's (applicant) new job. I have a new job since we applied, she asked if there were any changes to my affidavit and I provided her w a new I-864, letter of employment, and 3 months of paystubs. She also added husband's job info to our I-864. She then asked for any addition evidence of relationship and went through our new photos and shared bills and such. She said she hadn't received the packet from when he entered the U.S. yet, that it should take about two weeks to arrive and that she would approve our case as soon as it came. We are currently on case under review status. Hopefully that will all go smoothly as well!
  11. Lol, we went to Woodstock too. Ugh. Spoke with Hope. She was like "sorry bye"
  12. Ugh, we just tried to get my husband on my account at Chase in PDX today and they told us we couldn't do it until he had a green card. 😑
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