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  1. Congrats! And thanks for the report. Very helpful to know what evidence they wanted to see and what questions were asked.
  2. Moe428 it's like you're our lucky charm - or "reverse jinx" - just checked and saw "New Card Is Being Produced" - this is for the receipt # related to our EAD. No update to status for AP, but of course we have our fingers crossed that it's actually a combo card that's coming.
  3. Congrats - though sorry it's not gonna be the 10-year GC. But for what it's worth, you've given me some hope that things are moving! We're really hoping to get EAD & AP soon... according to VJ timeline & processing times, it should be any day now (though we had an RFIE that added 3 weeks to the process, don't know if that's factored in on VJ). Anyway, good luck with the interview! How far out is it scheduled?
  4. I highly recommend spending time with the guides on this site and info in the forums. This one (K1 Fiance Visa Step-by-Step Guide on Filing an I-129F for a Foreign Fiance) covers this stuff pretty well. I don't believe anything at this stage (the filing of the I-129F) needs to be notarized, I didn't notarize anything on our I-129F. Just to clarify, for the I-129F they ask for Evidence of In-Person Meeting, not "proof of relationship." Later in the process (getting the greencard) you'll do a separate, different "proof of relationship" exercise. The in-person meeting bit is on the I-129F form - Part 2, Question 53, "Have you and your fiancé(e) met in person during the two years immediately before filing this petition?" and then question 54 gives you 5 lines to describe it. I used the guide here on VisaJourney (here's that link again) to prep everything. On line 54 I wrote a short description but then put SEE ATTACHED, and created a separate document that was included in the I-129F I submitted. I just followed the guide, and made a cover page with a brief description, and then wrote out details of our two most recent in person visits, and on the subsequent pages, put photos and captions from those in person visits. This was a word document that totaled 5 pages, and then I also attached as much documentation as I could as part of this packet - boarding passes, receipts from tours we went on, hotel bookings (thanks to reading up on this site, I made a point of putting BOTH our names on the hotel reservations so they would appear on the receipts/folios). Hope that helps! Best of luck, it truly is a journey... a long one for sure, take a lot of patience and research but this website is a tremendous resource.
  5. Likewise! I wonder if your application goes faster as you’ve been “in the system” for so long (comparatively). Did you expedite your EAD or did it just happen that quickly on its own? I mean your case is really different than those of us doing K-1 adjustments - you’re already working, so the EAD seems redundant (unless, like you say, you move).
  6. Just checked the site today and saw that our "Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview" ... so, still in the waiting game but at least we're on to the next phase of the waiting game! Our field office will be Sacramento which I think has long processing times.
  7. To be clear: 2018 taxes have not been filed yet. Nothing will be owed, so no back taxes as an issue, no amended filing. But, based on what you said I think what I will do is: 1 - finish and file my 2018 taxes 2 - reply to RFIE with complete copy of 1040 (including W4s and 1099s) 3 - also include a copy of the extension form (I will, in addition, print a screenshot of my IRS account online - it has a big note on the homepage that I have been granted an extension). “Most current tax year” is all they asked for, so that’s all I’m going to send. There was no request about income level so I’m not going to do paystubs. I knew this was a possibility so when we got the email notification that an RFIE was coming I ordered my 2018 tax account record (or whatever it’s called - it’s not the tax transcript because taxes aren’t filed yet). If that arrives in time I will include that as well. Anything I’m missing?
  8. Received RFIE... it's for tax return... I provided tax transcripts on the I-864 for the last 3 years filed (2017, 2016, 2015), however I have not yet filed my 2018 taxes (applied for and received an extension). I wondered about this when filling out the 864... "the most recent tax year" I guess is not open to interpretation... to *me* "most recent tax year" is 2017, the last year that I filed. I guess they want my finished return in hand. Any advice on this? Seems like the best option is to just finish my taxes, file them, and then submit my finished 2018 1040 after I've filed. Or could I explain that I have an extension?
  9. Got sort of an update today via a letter from USCIS. To recap, we're a K-1 AOS. 07/08/19 - AOS Received 07/11/19 - NOA1 Date since it had been over 30 days, we called in to USCIS to inquire about the biometric letter - we've received nothing, and like I said it has been more than 5 weeks. The officer from USCIS was very kind and helpful and said he'd put in a request to check on the status. Today we received a letter from USCIS Sacramento office, saying "We researched the status of your case and found that you have not been scheduled for a biometrics yet. Your application is currently pending. You should receive further information regarding your case in the next 60-90 days." This is frustrating, of course (isn't all the waiting frustrating?), but at least we know our biometrics letter wasn't lost in the mail. We're going on 9 weeks now with no biometrics appointment ... hope we get an appointment soon!
  10. thanks to you both. been stressing because we're at almost 6 weeks since NOA1.
  11. I'm wondering if the biometrics appointment letter just comes on its own, or if there is a text message notification (and/or email notification) ALONG WITH the letter. We filed Form G-1145 with our EAD/AOS/AP application, so we got text messages upon receipt by USCIS of our application. Now we await the biometrics appointment letter, I don't know if we'll continue to get text notifications or not.
  12. Yes, we did, and we received texts upon receipt of the EAD, AOS, AP. My question still stands: > Does a text message precede the letter with the bio appt?
  13. So, it's been over 5 weeks since our NOA and no biometric appointment letter yet. Wondering if anyone else has seen that long a delay? 07/08/19 - AOS Received 07/11/19 - NOA1 Date Seems like the biometric appointments for most people are at about 5 weeks. Does a text message precede the letter with the bio appt?
  14. Thanks for the help and the quick responses. I have followup questions. FYI, I (poster/OP) am the US Petitioner. My fiancee is the Filipina Beneficiary, and she doesn't post here. She told me that when she went to BPI with her 2 deposit slips to pay her Visa fee, BPI asked for her passport number, and then asked for her child's, which we don't have yet. They suggested just filling in HER passport number there. She was unsure at this point, so she texted me, and I said don't make the Visa fee payments today, lemme research this. So, you're saying no passports needed. When she returns, if BPI asks for the passport numbers, she should tell them "those aren't needed, just take the payments with these deposit slips" (and get the names correct). Is that correct? OK, I was hoping to schedule interview now, before we have child's (K-2) passport in hand, by filling in "pending" in the space for the child's passport number on the scheduling website. But if you're sure that the scheduling tool requires the child's passport we'll have to schedule after we have the passport in hand (it's being picked up next week).
  15. Are you saying: I need the child's passport to schedule the CHILD'S interview, or THE FIANCEE'S interview. I'll restate my question: are passport #'s required to pay the Visa fee at BPI. Didn't get a clear answer from BPI.
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