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    DV Lottery of K1 Visa - Can I file for both?
    I applied for the DV lottery 2025 and hope to be selected this year. My fiancé and I discovered that there is a fiancé visa for the USA. Do you think if we apply for the K1 visa but are selected for the DV lottery that we can stop the fiancé visa process? What are the timelines and options here :)?
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    Confused about steps after marriage
    My fiancee arrived last month on K1 fiance visa and we got married yesterday. It seems from what I have seen online that I made a mistake by not getting SSN prior to marriage? I am going to the SSN office on Monday to gather more information... also worried about employment authorization and travel authorization(s). Thanks for any insights!
    • 58 replies
    N-400 interview in TWO days. Last wise words?
    Hey everyone!! My N-400 interview is in 2 days. I am so nervous!!

    Any last words of advice?? Do's and don't? Anything you wished someone had told YOU? Thanks!
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    Divorce from non-immigrant (out of status) and financial responbsibility
    I go to court next month for another hearing... The judge previously said the "Plaintiff was financially obligated to support [my ex] while she resided in the United States." What does that mean?
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    Recently filed 129F - still so many questions - here's the first
    I am a USC, my partner is Burmese.  We met in Thailand in 2022 and are starting the K1 process but we have soo many questions... Please help! :)
    • 46 replies
    Tourist visa cancelled by CBP agent.  Can we still get a CR1 or K1 Visa?
    Upon my gf's most recent arrival, her tourist visa was cancelled at the airport due to her frequent visits last year and suspicion of working here. She was denied entry and sent back same day. Is a CR1 or K1 visa process an option still? I would appreciate any advice or tips you can provide!
    • 62 replies
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    221g Given after interview London Embassy, (Petitioners original Birth Certificate Not taken)
    4:34 am today


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    Hey all,

    I was given a 221g on the 8th July at my visa interview because we was missing the Petitioners Oringinal Birth certifcate which was in the US at her house, and had to re upload our latest Police cerficiates,

    We uploaded the police certificates on the day and we sent out the Birth certificate on the 13th July using the given courier.

    The embassy Received this on the 16th July and the case was last updated on the 16th but still showing Refused,

    does anyone know how long we will be waiting for a change at london embassy?

    Thanks everyone

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    I129f got approved, what should we do next? Should we contact the NVC now to change the location of the embassy for the interview?
    3:57 am today


    Read 49 Times
    3 Replies


    Our I129f application got approved by USCIS. What are the next steps after that especially since we also want to change interview location to his home country. Do we contact NVC and make public inquiry or should we call also the embassy in his home country? Could you please explain how things go after case got approved and what should we do? Should we wait for the letter that case got approved or wait until it moves to NVC? Do we have to submit all police certificates and other documents somewhere online? How fast do you have to submit your documents since my beneficiary is on the vacation and he cannot order police certificate from Germany remotely? When can you go for medical examination? How do you book the interview and when can you do that?

    I appreciate your help and suggestions and any comments.

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    How to understand exactly why document was rejected?
    12:03 am today


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    Read 69 Times
    3 Replies


    I had my birth certificate and India police certificate rejected by the NVC. The notes are a standard response saying please upload an acceptable doc from correct authority.

    I've checked the reciprocity page before submitting and did it again after this was received. My original birth certificate has the name, date, signature, seal and was dated a few days after my birth. I really can't figure out why it was rejected.

    My police certificate has all the details and the police commissioner's signature and seal as well.

    Has anyone faced these? What did you resubmit and how did you get DQ after that? It seems even on this forum people ask the questions and then once they get DQ, they disappear without sharing what they did differently to succeed. Please help if you have any tips.. thanks!

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    Should every single piece of evidence in the K1 Visa packet be dated and signed?
    9:46 pm yesterday


    Read 84 Times
    2 Replies

    I just finished my putting together my K1 Visa packet and I was wondering if I should sign and date every single document in the packet? Every photo page, every ticket/interary page? Every piece of evidence? What about written 3rd Party statements?

    Sorry if this was mentioned before.

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    i-129f expiring before interview
    8:39 pm yesterday


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    4 Replies

    Hello, I have been searching online all day for an answer to this, but everywhere there's different answers and I'm not sure what else to do about this. I'm in Colombia if that helps. Our i-129f approval expires in late august, but the closest appointment available for the interview that I was able to schedule is for september. I tried emailing the embassy itself with no answer, tried calling and was told by the person on the phone that he couldn't offer an extension and the only thing he could do was schedule the appointment for this month instead, which is also not an option since the closest medic check up I could get is for mid august, so the only other two options he gave me were emailing the center in charge of interview appointments here (I already did after calling so I need to wait on an answer there) or schedule an emergency appointment and hope that will fall within the i-129f validity period. Online all I can find about this is to call the embassy, which is what I tried today, or that the embassy itself will automatically extend the validity period or email you about extending it, though no confirmation on when it will happen or if it can happen in my country. We don't really have anything else we can check as everything says this is in the hands of the embassy, so could anyone offer any help with this? Either confirming that the embassy will handle it and it will be fine to just wait to hear of an extension, or any other form or contact we could try? Is there anywhere we can check online that an extension has been granted and what happens if we don't get this extension confirmed to be done by the time I have to go to my interview?

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    • namitxyz  »  JonathanDowning

      hey - did uscis schedule your interview at NYC location yet?
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    • namitxyz  »  BROCHO

      hey - did uscis schedule your interview at NYC location yet?
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    • Skyman

      N-400 Application On hold
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    • thonati  »  richard44

      Richard, can you provide the group with any specific detail why you were approved so quickly (22 days)?  Are/were you in the military/police etc?  Do you have global entry?  Do you have any security clearance?  Do/did you work in any political job?
      It will be interesting to know why your petition was approved beyond a 6 sigma timeframe.  There has to be a good reason and not random chance.
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    • Abla

      Unable to schedule the interview at the Albanian Consulate
      Unable to schedule the interview at the Albanian Consulate
        Our case was received by the Albanian Consulate from NVC in late May.    After submitting additional documents on July 2nd we received the "Appointment Package" with the link to schedule the interview (https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-al/iv).   Despite multiple attempts to schedule the interview, we keep getting the message that the Case Number "is not ready for an appointment".    As directed, we have sent an email to the CSRA support desk requesting help with this issue, however we have not received an answer in over 5 days.   The status of our case on CEAC (CEAC (state.gov)) has been "Ready" since late May.    We have emailed the embassy, but have not heard back from them.   Would appreciate any advice on whether we should do anything else or just wait.   Thank you     Quote  
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