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  1. Yes, I believe my I-129F helped speed up my case. My I-130 was approved a month after filing the I-129F. Please view my timeline.
  2. Thanks for letting me, so I just need to be patient. It just sees like some petitions are assigned case numbers faster than other.
  3. I received notice from the USCIS that my petition was sent on 10/9.... when do you think would be a good time to call or send them an email for the case number?
  4. I was approved on 9/27 and my case was sent over 10/9 from the USCIS... How long do you think it will take for the NVC to receive my case?
  5. Wonderful....That was fast, how did you find out that the NVC received your petition three days later?
  6. NVC closed today due to Columbus holiday 😑

    1. Andy & Val

      Andy & Val


      I know you don't want to see/hear things like that especially when your future kind of depends on them.

      But they're gradually getting to your case.

      You'll hear something soon.


  7. I'm so excited about the next steps 😁 Hopefully, I will hear from them soon... They mailed the information to the NVC 14 days after my I-130 approval. My I-130 was approved in 99 days
  8. your manager can provide the employment letter as long as it has the necessary information such as, date of an employment title ECT...
  9. Hi, 4AM this morning, I got an email that says my application was submitted to the Department of State. 😁🙌
  10. Just got an email 4AM that my application was sent to the Department of State. I'm so excited 🤩
  11. 4AM this morning I got an email that said my application was sent to the Department of State.... So I'm not sure how long it will take for me to the NVC number.

    1. Chick


      Congratulations!! 👏👏👏

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