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  1. Yes, I feel that it worked for me because I was approved for the I-130 shortly after I applied for the K3 but I don't have proof. However, my documentation was perfect and nothing was sent back. Documentation is key for a fast approval as well.
  2. We paid for the green card January 25, 2020 and he just got an email over the weekend that says his green card is being produced. We waited over a year to get to this point.
  3. Greetings everyone, I wanted to give you an update.... So my husband kept calling the USCIS and he finally got a letter for a biometrics appointment on February 16, 2021 at 8AM. They did not allow me to come in with him, so my husband said that they woman who took his fingerprints was very since but could not answer some of the questions he had. Like: 1. How soon will I get the green card? 2. When will it expire? 3. Will I get the 2 year since I waited so long or will it be the 10 year? Anyway, we got an update on February 20, 2021 (Super FAST) 🥳 and I provided it below. Thanks for your help everyone. Card Is Being Produced We have approved your Form OS155A, Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. On February 20, 2021, we ordered your card to be produced. We will mail your card to the address you gave us. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.
  4. Hi everyone, I checked the forums and I'm not sure if I see to many concerns about this topic yet. My husband has been here almost a year and has not received his green card because he has not been able to get an appointment to complete his biometrics. Also, I saw a YouTube video that said biometric appointment have not only been backlogged due to COVID but also the Trump administration. Does anyone have more information about this? My husband's main concern involves traveling because he does not want to travel without his green card.
  5. Hey guys... So, I was just reading a post from a fellow VJ member and I was thinking about the age gap situation. I am a US citizen and my last husband who is a US citizen was much older then me and we had a significant age gap. No one even questioned it, and of course, I am totally aware that this would be an issue for some individuals in other countries because of marriage fraud. My thoughts are... how can the interviewer really determine if the marriage is a fraud because of the age difference? I, of course, do not have a concern with age because love is all that really matters, but I am worried (I overthink at times) that this issue (age gap) prevents other people from being together. Seems so unfair, but what are your thoughts?
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