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Received RFE for I 751 Removal of Conditions, what else is there to send??

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Hello VJ-

In March 2015 I sent in a very large packet of evidence for my husbands request for removal of conditions. On July 14th the online status update changed to say that his name had been updated and today we received a request for evidence. Honestly, I have no idea what else I can do or send so please, let me know if anyone else has been in a similar situation. Any advice will help us.

Here's what I sent along with the I-751:

  1. Personal Check (from my account) of $590 for I-751 filing fee and biometrics.
  2. Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Resident, signed by my husband and myself.
  3. Copy of the passport and green card of my husband.
  4. Two sworn affidavits attesting to our relationship and marriage by my sister and a friend, who are both US citizens.
  5. Copy of our 2012 and 2013 Tax Statements, which we filed jointly.
  6. Copy of my husband’s ITIN approval and request to merge with social security number.
  7. Copy of the lease of our apartment where my husband and I share residency with my sister. The lease includes my sister and I as the tenant and the rental agreement was established a year before my husband’s conditional residency was approved. We have remained at this residence.
  8. Copy of the letters which accompanied our dental and vision insurance cards showing a joint policy.
  9. Copies of our dental insurance statements mailed to our joint residency.
  10. Copy of an appointment reminder from our optometrist mailed to our joint residency.
  11. Copy of our joint car insurance policy.
  12. Copy of a payment confirmation where I paid for my husband’s health insurance along with various letters and statements mailed to our apartment.
  13. Copy of a form designating my husband, as the beneficiary of my retirement plan.
  14. Copy of the Family Plan (cell phones); my sister is the account holder and the plan is shared by my family, my husband and myself.
  15. Copy of various Pacific Gas and Energy Statements (utility) for our shared apartment; I am the account holder.
  16. Copy of e-mail notifications from the bank when my husband and I have transferred money to each other.
  17. Copy of e-mail notifications from Western Union where I sent money to my husband’s mother, prior to my husband established employment. My mother-in-law became the primary caregiver for my husband’s son/my stepson, after my husband immigrated to the US.
  18. Copy of our airline reservations and tickets for a vacation we took in the summer of 2014 to visit his son/my stepson and family.
  19. Copy of our joint gym agreement.
  20. Copy of my husband’s pay stubs, which list our shared residence.
  21. Copy of cards we received from family and friends addressed to my husband and myself.
  22. Copy of cards my husband and myself have exchanged for holidays and birthdays.
  23. Copy of our “friendship timeline” on Facebook (social media).
  24. Copy of photo strips; one taken at a friends wedding and the other at a shopping mall.
  25. Photo album (pink) with pictures of the two of us together along with friends and family; photos date from April 2013 to present. (200+ photos)

Here's what the RFE indicates is missing (Good Faith Marriage):

  • Birth certificates of kids (In May we submitted the I-130 for my stepson to come live with us in the US and decided to hold off on kids until he is here)
  • Joint bank accounts and statements (We never saw this as a necessity, in retrospect we should have done so just for this, but we know each others passwords and both use the same bank so we just transfer money to each other, we provided proof of those transfers)
  • Copies of mortgages/property deeds (We are renters)
  • Copy of insurance policies i.e. life insurance (We do not have life insurance, we share car insurance and he is the beneficiary on my retirement plan)
  • Copy of credit card statements (We have separate accounts- my husband just started a job that would pay him enough to get a CC)
  • Loan Documents (I just bough my first car in January, my husband has zero credit, he was not listed on the loan)
  • Rental agreements with our names (explained in original cover letter that the rental agreement was established before he came to the US)
  • Copies of utilities (since my sister and I lived in the apt before he came, the Comcast (internet/phone/cable) and the PGE are in our names.)
  • Any other documents which shows that the marriage was not entered to circumvent US immigration law (stumped)

Thank you for reading, let me know if you have any insights or suggestions.


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Power of attorney, wills, living will are strong points. Life insurance for a small policy leaving each other as beneficiary can be had for about

$20 a month.



I-129F Sent : 3-31-2014, NOA2: 4-6-2014

NVC Received : some dinkelsberry yehoo in the house of clingons send our petition to the wrong consulate.

Consulate Received : July 30,2014 Transfer to right embassy complete.

Interview Date : Oct 22, 2014

Interview Result : AP , requesting another PC (not expired) and certified divorce decree (was submitted)Stokes interview via phone for petitioner 4 hrs after interview.

Oct 23 email notification visa approved.
Visa Received : Nov. 3 , 2014 VISA IN HAND.

US Entry : Nov. 21, 2014

Marriage : Dec 27, 2014

AOS send : May 12, 2015, received May 14, 2015 USPS priority

Email &text : May 18, 2015, check cashed May 19,2015, return receipt May 21, 2015 stamped USCIS Lockbox, NOA1 (3x) May 22,2015

Biometrics : June 1, 2015 letter received for appointment June 8, 2015, successful walk-in June 1, 2015

RFE : June 12, 2015 for income not meeting guideline. Income does ( ! ) exceed guideline.

RFE response : June 26, 2015 returned with a boat load full of financial evidence.

UPDATE: July 5, 2015 updated on all 3 cases, RFE received June 30, 2015.

Service request : Aug 12, 2015, letter received that it will be processed within 90 days from receipt of RFE.

UPDATE: Aug 24, 2015, EAD card being produced/ordered. ( 102 days from AOS receipt day and 55 days from RFE response received.) Thank you Jesus !

Emails : Aug 24, 2015, EAD approved, EAD card ordered.

I-797 EAD/AP approval notice received : Aug 27, 2015

EAD/AP combo card mailed : Aug 27, 2015, EAD/AP combo card received: Aug 31, 2015

Renewal application send for EAD/AP : May 31,2016 (AOS pending over 1 year). Received June 2, 2016,Notice date June7, 2016, emails,texts, NOA1 hard copy

Service request for pending AOS April 21, 2016, case not assigned yet.
Service request for pending AOS June 14, 2016, tier 2 said performing background checks.
Expedite request for EAD/AP Aug 3, 2016, Aug10 notification >request was received, assigned, completed. RFE letter requesting evidence for expedite, docs faxed Aug18

*Service request for I-485 Aug 3, 2016, Aug11 notification> request was assigned. Service request Dec 2, 2016.
AOS Interview letter received Aug 12, 2016

AOS Interview September 21, 2016.

Second Biometrics appointment letters received for EAD and AOS on Aug 15, 2016 for Aug 17 ( 2 day notice).

Second Biometrics completed Aug 17, 2016

Third Biometrics appointment letter received Aug 19, 2016 for Sept. 1, 2016. WTH ?!

EAD/AP (renewal) approval Aug 22, 2016, NOA2 received Aug 25, 2016

Renewal EAD in production notification text and online, expedite successful 4 days after RFE request response was faxed, Aug25mailed,Aug29received.

Sept. 21 Interview, 2 hour interview, we were separated and asked about 50 questions each for an hour each. IO was firm but professional, some smiles.
Several service requests made, contacted Senator and Ombudsman. Background checks still pending.
July 21, 2017 HOME VISIT.  Went well. Topic thread in AOS forum.
Waiting to skip ROC and get 10 yr GC due to over 2 year while pending AOS
AOS APPROVED Oct. 4, 2017 * Green card in hand Oct 13, 2017 !!!!!

First K1 denied after 16 month of AP. Refiled. We are a couple since 2009. Not a sprint but a matter of endurance.


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Agree with above, wills, DPOA, Living Wills, are good things now and later on in life. Here is a link to several similar-themed ROC-RFE threads: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/557945-i-751-more-evidence/ After our RFE, we included anything that looked like a "marriage bona fide" that had been done since the inception of the marriage, except the kitchen sink.

Good luck on your immigration journey.

Completed: K1/K2 (271 days) - AOS/EAD/AP (134 days) - ROC (279 days)

> Almost 2 years of our lives involved with the USCIS/DOS "shuffle" & worth every second of it ! <

"Si vis amari, ama" - Seneca


:idea: Read more, post less.... Google can be your friend ! :idea:

Prior apologies if I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

Keep your timeline current: http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/

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I see the major things missing. Sure you are showing you share a residence but you don't show any joint bank accounts, joint credit cards, joint loans or a joint lease (you said your sister and you are the tenants.) You need those things, wills, LPOA, etc...

You need more financial co-mingling and other important documents.

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.  - Dr. Seuss


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Thanks for the initial responses. I can definitely get the life insurance, power of attorney and the will but would it matter if it was initiated after the RFE?

Outside of transferring money and paying for things for each other its difficult to show mingling of finances without the joint bank account.

Have any of you ever received a RFE, and in response to the RFE establish bank accounts, wills, life insurance, etc and then were approved?

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Have any of you ever received a RFE, and in response to the RFE establish bank accounts, wills, life insurance, etc and then were approved?

It happens often. Do it all without a second thought.

In the highly unlikely event that you're called for an interview and are questioned about it, say "We were casual about these things earlier, but you can see that we got serious, because these are important things to have in life."

06-04-2007 = TSC stamps postal return-receipt for I-129f.

06-11-2007 = NOA1 date (unknown to me).

07-20-2007 = Phoned Immigration Officer; got WAC#; where's NOA1?

09-25-2007 = Touch (first-ever).

09-28-2007 = NOA1, 23 days after their 45-day promise to send it (grrrr).

10-20 & 11-14-2007 = Phoned ImmOffs; "still pending."

12-11-2007 = 180 days; file is "between workstations, may be early Jan."; touches 12/11 & 12/12.

12-18-2007 = Call; file is with Division 9 ofcr. (bckgrnd check); e-prompt to shake it; touch.

12-19-2007 = NOA2 by e-mail & web, dated 12-18-07 (187 days; 201 per VJ); in mail 12/24/07.

01-09-2008 = File from USCIS to NVC, 1-4-08; NVC creates file, 1/15/08; to consulate 1/16/08.

01-23-2008 = Consulate gets file; outdated Packet 4 mailed to fiancee 1/27/08; rec'd 3/3/08.

04-29-2008 = Fiancee's 4-min. consular interview, 8:30 a.m.; much evidence brought but not allowed to be presented (consul: "More proof! Second interview! Bring your fiance!").

05-05-2008 = Infuriating $12 call to non-English-speaking consulate appointment-setter.

05-06-2008 = Better $12 call to English-speaker; "joint" interview date 6/30/08 (my selection).

06-30-2008 = Stokes Interrogations w/Ecuadorian (not USC); "wait 2 weeks; we'll mail her."

07-2008 = Daily calls to DOS: "currently processing"; 8/05 = Phoned consulate, got Section Chief; wrote him.

08-07-08 = E-mail from consulate, promising to issue visa "as soon as we get her passport" (on 8/12, per DHL).

08-27-08 = Phoned consulate (they "couldn't find" our file); visa DHL'd 8/28; in hand 9/1; through POE on 10/9 with NO hassles(!).

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I'm a little bit confused about send Credit Card statements as evidence.

Since credit card is issued only to one individual, how could we show uscis that the credit card is something joint?

Adjustment of Status

9/18/2014 - Package shipped by USPS (00)

9/22/2014 - Package delivered (05)

10/09/2014 - Received SMS and emails, 11PM (22)

10/10/2014 - Check cashed (23)

10/15/2014 - Received hard copies of NOAs (28)

10/23/2014 - Received Biometric Appointment Letter (for Nov 03) (36)

11/03/2014 - Completed Biometric (47)

11/06/2014 - "Testing and Interview" on I-485 (50)

11/14/2014 - Get the notification stating that our interview has been scheduled (58) on December 18th (92)

11/19/2014 - I-131 status moved to "Advance Parole Document Was Produced"


12/18/2014 - Interview (Day 92) , APPROVED ON SPOT

12/19/2014 - Emails and Texts saying I-130 has been approved and I-485 new card is being produced

12/29/2014 - Card was mailed

12/29/2014 - Card was Delivered. Best HAPPY NEW YEAR gift/greet ever!!!

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I'm a little bit confused about send Credit Card statements as evidence.

Since credit card is issued only to one individual, how could we show uscis that the credit card is something joint?

If the statements do not list both names as a joint account, then is there is something from the account that shows both names? Print that out and you can also provide copies of both cards. Black out all but the last 4 numbers to show they are the same account in both names.

Link to K-1 instructions for Ciudad Juarez, Mexico > http://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/K1/CDJ%20-%20Ciudad%20Juarez.pdf

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