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Recommendations for Birth Certificate Translations
10:38 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone,

can someone recommend me a good website where I can translate my Mexican birth certificate? Someone who will do the job to the dot and USCIS will accept.

I know I can do it myself but I have no idea of what USCIS is looking for as far as the format, if they really want you to translate what s in the logos, etc.

Thanks guys :)

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When did you quit your job?
8:06 pm yesterday

Daniela M_______

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Hi guys,

When did you quit your job while in the process of K1 visa?

I'm getting my interview in Juarez in 30 days, and I'm so anxious about it but most about the job situation:

I've been here in this company for 3 months hired by an outsourcing, and the company decided to give me a full time position so now I'm a direct employee, I just signed my new contract last week. They are counting on me to stay for some years... They even got me a new work laptop a phone and they have been trainning me to take care of my department responsibility. (They are investing in me).

They don't have any idea about the visa because I didn't mention anything when they hired me, and I feel really bad about this white lie let's say... I feel bad because I've always been really responsible at my jobs and committed with my work, but... I HAVE to leave.

I'm just trying to figure out the best moment to quit. We have a strong case, no high risk country or anything so almost sure the visa will be granted but I'm still thinking it's a risk to quit before the interview. (I wanted to let them know I'm leaving an then keep working until I get my VOH)

How did you manage to handle this job-life situation?

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Juarez Consulate & ASC questions (expedite approved)
8:02 pm yesterday


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I received an expedite due to a medical condition. The embassy sent me a letter (k1 visa) giving me an open appointment date, meaning I can walk in basically during business hours and be processed. I had already booked the interview/asc for March and I booked flights, hotel, etc. I want to go next week, but when I call the visa appointment line, they will not change my asc appointment without changing my interview appointment. I tried to explain the letter I had, but could not get a firm answer. Does anyone know if I take the expedited interview letter to an ASC (either in Tijuana or Juarez) they will allow me to walk in for biometrics without an appointment?

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E Pluribus Unum - Out of many, one. NetFlix movie
1:06 pm yesterday


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Good morning everyone,

My wife's citizenship interview is in two weeks an of course we are super excited. We were looking for something to watch last night and saw a short documentary on Netflix called Out of Many, One. Although "In God We Trust" is the official motto of the United States, E Pluribus Unum has long been acknowledged as a de facto national motto. E Pluribus Unum is Latin and is Out of many, one. The film is only 34 minutes and at least in my opinion should be watched by anyone going through the citizenship process. I will admit my wife and I both had tears at the end of the film. Very powerful and touching film. This is just my two cents but wanted to share this with all.

May God bless each and every one of you.

Elizabeth and John

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Help please - About to get married but confused about the age for my stepdaughter, 18 or 21?
7:14 am January 19, 2019


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I have two choices. I am going to Cancun to meet up with my fianc for a few days next week. We have talked about getting married there and I have checked on the paperwork options. His daughter turns 18 in mid-May and I believe that we need to get married before that date in order for her to be considered my stepdaughter. Can anyone confirm that?

The other option is to wait until I return to Mexico in early May and get married then. I live there half the year. It would be very close to her birthday, and I wonder if that raises any red flags.

If anyone can answer this with certainty, or point me to the correct information I would truly appreciate it. It turns out that the fees for getting married in Cancun are three times what they would be in the city in which we live in Mexico when I am there. I d prefer to wait, but don t want to have issues with her birthday.

Thank you!

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