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I-751 Sworn Affidavit for Living with Parents (help)
12:27 am yesterday

Ms. Arely C.

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Hi guys! Hubby and I are working on the I-751 packet for my husband. I posted a question 2-3 days ago and as you can see on #3 at the picture I have attached, I was told to have my parents get an affidavit attesting to our living arrangements since my husband, child and I live with my parents but I have a few questions.

1) Do both my parents need to make their own letter or can it have both their names on one letter?

2) I ve looked at older threads and examples and they all provided the parents address, social security number, Date of birth, place of birth, when they became residents or citizens, copies of parents and beneficiary/spouse drivers license, letters mailed to parents and beneficiary/spouse with the same address, and parents phone number. They also stated to send receipts of bills we pay but we don t pay bills. We only give my parents $200 a month to use on any bills they want.
Is the response the person gave me on my previous post gave me enough information to write a sworn affidavit or do I need to add all of my parents information like the older threads/examples I saw?

I would really like an update or an example letter please :)

3) Does it need to be notarized?

Thank You ?

Response from previous post mentioning affidavit from parents ??


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I-129f questions that donít pertain to me?
4:50 am April 5, 2020



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Do I leave them blank if they don t pertain to me?

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I-751 Cover Letter/Money Order/Pictures help
1:49 am April 4, 2020

Ms. Arely C.

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Hi Guys! My husband s Conditional GC expires the first week of July 2020 and the 90 days before it expires starts today so we re getting ready to file form I-751 (removal of conditions) but I have a few questions.

1) I am having a hard time with the cover letter. I was starting to work on the cover letter and looked at other cover letters but I noticed some people had their cover letter as Texas lockbox or California service center but I checked the USCIS website for the address and it is:

For U.S. Postal Service (USPS):

P.O. Box 21200
Phoenix, AZ 85036

The cover letters I saw are from 2015-2019 and I haven t seen any recent ones from 2020 and I d like to know if there is a specific lockbox or service center I need to add (I live in Oregon) or do I just use the po box 21200 Phoenix, AZ 85036 in my cover


2) For the money order: do I get $680 (filing fee is $595 + biometric fee is $85 which = $680) and as the memo I-751 filing fee + biometric fee or do I need to get a separate money order for the filing fee and the biometric fee?

3) I wanted to send pictures as proof of relationship after our marriage 2 years ago to present date and our child s birthday is next week but due to COVID19 we had to cancel our child s birthday party (that means no family picture ? ) and we re not going out (only to the grocery store) therefore I can t print out pictures at my nearest Walmart. Should I include a letter stating why I won t be sending pictures, is it okay if I don t send pictures or do I need to send pictures? I don t want to get any RFE s for not sending pictures ? I have other documents as proof of relationship like joint bank account, car title/insurance policy with both of our names, a personal loan with both of our names, plane tickets from a recent out of the country trip, our child s birth certificate and baptism certificate, etc. Only thing we don t have is our own home/apartment since we live with my parents.

Thank You in advance! Stay healthy :)

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Help with I-944
7:27 am April 2, 2020

Paul F

Paul F

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I m filling out the paperwork for my wife to adjust from an M-1 Student visa to a Permanent Resident. I m a US citizen. She has been in the US for almost 3 years with her M-1 visa, and we got married a a little bit before she started school in the US. So far all the other forms have been more or less straight forward, but this new I-944 is a real headache!

I ve got a few questions about the I-944:

1. In part 3, the household incomes. We have filed our taxes jointly (she has an ITIN, but she is not allowed to work). Where it asks for Total income from tax return do we put what was on our joint tax return twice? Or should I put $0 wages for her, and my wages on mine?

2. Since she doesn t have a SSN, I can t get a credit report for her. She is an authorized user on a few credit cards of mine, but none of the websites that give credit reports let me continue without a SSN (I tried with her ITIN, but none of them can find the right person). What do I do for that? Should I include my (spouse s) credit report?

3. She currently does not have health insurance. My plan is to get her health insurance this year when enrolment opens in June through my work. For Part 3, 15. D should I put I will enrol soon?

4. I understand having to translate high school/university diplomas, but is it really necessary to have to pay someone to evaluate them? I guess this is probably a dumb question, but it seems excessive.

5. The part where it asks about her skills with English. She had to take English classes during university, but there was no specific certification. Would I put like 6 semesters of English ?

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Filing Taxes as Married or Single?
5:50 pm March 30, 2020



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Hi Everyone!

My husband and I are still waiting on our I-130 approval. He's about to fill his taxes but we have an issue. We got married last year (August 2019 - I'm still living in Mexico) and his tax guy is telling him is best to fill as single since I don't have a SSC but our immigration attorney is telling him to file as "married filing separate" - she's also saying we will need an ITIN. Do you know what's the ITIN number? Do you think we will need it?

Thank you all for your help!

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