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Where to find Oath Ceremony's future dates?
5:31 am today



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Is there a way to find out when and where Oath Ceremonies will be taking place in the near future? I am looking to find out how long will the wait be after my M-400 aproval.?

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Is it necessary bring all time the Green Card?
12:38 am yesterday


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I am October 2018 filer and received my Green Card in September in the Approval letter said for law it is necessary I bring with me all time? I read in Uscis page and there say that also but I worry about I could loss it if I bring with me all time

thank you for your opinion

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"At NVC", already skipped one shipment Tuesday
8:32 pm October 14, 2019



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Hello everyone! Hoping everyone is doing well, question...

Some people from a group we have of our country are wondering why, even if they had their NVC number some days before last Tuesday October 1st,(embassy shipment day), still have "At NVC" status and haven't received NVC email. Is this normal?

Thanks in advance!

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Is it too late for my 5 y/o to start school?
5:52 pm October 14, 2019


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My daughter has been going to school here in mexico since she was 3. Is it too late for her to start kindergarten in the USA? Is there any official papers we need to bring to the USA to prove she went to school here in Mexico? We are moving to the USA Oct 17th and my daughter is 5.

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POE question- First time entering USA
5:36 pm October 14, 2019


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This will be my wife's (CR1) and daughters (CRBA/passport) first time traveling to the USA. When we reach the POE(Houston) is it ok if I join them in the "immigrant" customs line even though I am a USA resident?

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