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expedite I-30
5:55 pm December 1, 2023



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Can i expedite my husband I-30 due to me being pregnant and having depression and anxiety y

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Best Visa for Parents of U.S. Citizen
12:34 am November 28, 2023

H Suarez

H Suarez

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It s been a while since I have been on this forum, but I m coming to you once again for advice on a visa application, this time for my in-laws. When my husband received his residency, we filed for tourist visas for his parents and a sister that has Down s syndrome. They went for their interviews in Juarez and were not approved, reason sited was 214(b), due to a lack in strength of ties to their home country presented.

I contacted an attorney and she said it would be very difficult to get a tourist visa for them and that the best option for bringing them to the U.S. would be to file for residency for them after he became a U.S. citizen. To me that seemed crazy, but from what I have researched so far, it appears that may be true.

So, my husband is now a citizen and we re wanting to bring his parents to the U.S. to visit. What is the best process? Their goal really isn t to live in the U.S. but we wouldn t be opposed to residency if that is the best option. Thanks in advance for your help!

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3:29 pm November 26, 2023

Nyla J

Nyla J

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Finally got our interview date. Reading past reviews for the Juarez embassy, looks like they broke up the interview in 2 days. Is this still happening? Or is everything one day?

Also, we need airbnb or hotel recommendations.


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Got RFIE Response if I am going to move other state
6:17 am November 26, 2023


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Good evening everyone, my status changed to Request for initial evidence RFIE) on 11/22/2023, today I received the letter and they requested
Copy of marriage certificate
Copy of our baby's birth certificate
Copy of my husband's ID

I sent the birth certificate but not the other two documents.

I live in Texas and the office I was assigned to is Texas too, priority date 07/07/2021, at the beginning of December I am going to move to another state and in the letter they ask me to put when I send the documentation they ask me that in case If I have changed my address, put the new address there, I was thinking that when I send the package ( When I Move just in few days ) I will put my new address and attach a copy of the rental contract as proof.

Could you please let me know if this is good idea ? Do you think this affect the times in my case

thank you

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SSN Application "Under Investigation"
4:04 pm October 30, 2023


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My husband entered the U.S. on his CR-1 visa on September 23. He had checked "YES" on his DS-260 to automatically apply for his SSN, but three weeks went by, and it hadn't arrived, so we went to our local SSA office on October 13. They said it was never generated, so he applied for his number that day with them, saying that it should arrive in 7-10 business days. The two-week mark just passed, so we went back to the office today, and they told him that it's still processing and his application is "under investigation." (actually said in Spanish, "bajo investigaci n," so I don't know what terminology in English is used by SSA). They said that SSA would call us if they need any additional documents, and it could be another four weeks.

On SAVE, it says there was a CaseCheck on October 13, and the case status is "Returned to Agency."

My husband is very eager to start working, and even though his CR-1 visa stamp gives him authorization, every employer is saying they can't until he gets his SSN. He does have an ITIN from when we did our taxes this year. And he's obviously spooked at the term "under investigation."

Has this happened to anyone else? Anything we can do?

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