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7:36 am yesterday

Andrea Vargas

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Hi! I'm very close to having my immigration medical exam appointment and I've been reading that self-harm scars can be a factor for inadmissibility.

I have pretty recent cuts on my leg (not that deep), that are starting to scar, I'm not a threat to my self in terms of suicide attempts and less so a potential harm to others.

I haven't had any phycological issues diagnosed, so there's no medical records that explain my behavior neither am I seeing a physiatrist.

I'm really scare that my stupid actions can cause me not getting a visa, and I don't know what to do to help my case.

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K1 visa 221g next steps timeline
12:54 am August 3, 2021



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July 19th we received notice of my fiances interview and she had her K1 visa interview at the consulate in Mexico City on July 29th. We received a 221g because she did not have an original copy of my birth certificate on hand, only a copy. The embassy did keep her passport, which I hear is a good sign. I had the birth certificate overnighted and it arrived at the embassy on July 30th. We are trying to figure out our timeline for the next steps.

Any idea how long it will take for them to review the birth certificate, and notify us of approval status? Anything I can do at this point to move it forward more quickly?

Additionally, we have a trip planned September 7th to go to Peru, if this takes a long time, and her passport is still at the embassy in a month, are there options for her to still be able to do that trip even though they have her passport?

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Got my Interview Appointment for Ciudad Juarez!!
5:32 pm August 2, 2021



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Oh my goodness I am still in shock. I started my case in May of 2019 with USCIS. Visa Class IR2, Child of US Citizen. (Beneficiary is my step child). In November of 2019 my case was accepted and forwarded to NVC. On March and April I submitted all documents to NVC and in July 22, 2020 my case became Documentarily Qualified.

Friday July 30 in the afternoon I was notified from NVC that my case has been scheduled for an interview in Ciudad Juarez on Tues Aug. 17, 2021.

What I can tell you guys is that lately the US Embassy in Ciudad Juarez has been scheduling appointments with just 2 to 3 weeks notice tops. So if your case is DQ'd and all you are waiting on is the interview date, I suggest you start preparing yourself now and make sure you have all your paperwork in order. Good luck Everyone!

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Updating affidavit of support
11:03 pm July 31, 2021


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Hello everyone.

My interview will be in a couple of weeks so we re updating AOS. My husband just got a new job and I m wondering what do we put on my current individual income if we basically don t know cause is not time to fill out 2021 taxes please help, TIA!


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Extension Letter (I-797) Expiring Soon
5:55 pm July 31, 2021

Dan Jr

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Hi All, last year I submitted form I-751 to remove conditions on my permanent resident status (I currently have a green card). USCIS sent an I-797 letter extending my conditional status for 18 months, but this letter expires in two months. Does anybody know what happens when this letter expires? My main concern is that I'm no longer going to be able to travel outside the US (which I do very often to visit family). I've tried to contact the 800-375-5283 number but they have very limited options and can never get pass the recorded calls.



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