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US Immigration from Mexico

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Ciudad Juarez
9:30 pm yesterday


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is it normal for the wait for an appointment to be this long?????

we got CC from Ciudad Juarez May 14,2018 and still been waiting for a interview date :(

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Help with how long to receive visa? After approved I601
5:39 am yesterday


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My husbands I601 has been approved. He received instructions from Ciudad Juarez just to send his updated medical/passport, he was not asked to have a second interview because it has been less than a year since his first interview. I just want to know how long will Ciudad Juarez take until they send his visa? Has anyone had the same experience? It has been a little over 5 business days and we are just anxious because holidays are coming and don t really know what s going to happen next.

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Visa cancelada.
5:51 pm yesterday


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Hola, a mi, me cancelaron mi visa de turista, pero retire la solicitud de entrada.

Crees que cuando llegue el momento de la entrevista, para tarjeta verde, me den un castigo?

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6+ months waiting for an appointment for CJ U.S Consulate
9:42 am yesterday


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I m new to this site. I am very curious to see how long it took you all to get an appointment at the CJ US consulate. I have an IR-1 case. Got a CC on April 26th. It is now November and nothing. Let me know if there are any similar cases.


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I-751 Cover Letter/Evidence Help
2:58 pm yesterday


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Our 90-day window is almost upon us for filing for my husband's ROC. I am supplying what I feel like is pretty basic evidence, but it makes my cover page four pages long!! Can I eliminate any of these? My package is going to be like 10 pounds. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence

1. $680 personal check for filing fee and biometric service fee re: Form I-751, made payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security ;

2. Form I-1751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, signed by HUSBAND ( HUSBAND ) and WIFE ( WIFE );

3. Copy of the front and back of HUSBAND s Permanent Resident Card (copy);

Re: Supporting documents regarding the bona fides of the marriage between HUSBAND and WIFE;

1. Marriage certificate of HUSBAND and WIFE (under her maiden name EXAMPLE) evidencing their marriage on July 5, 2015 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with certified English translation (copy);

2. Birth certificate of DAUGHTER, daughter born to HUSBAND and WIFE on August 8, 2018 (copy);

3. Tax return transcripts from 2015 2017 showing that HUSBAND and WIFE filed taxes as Married, Filing Separately (when HUSBAND was still living in Mexico) and Married, Filing Jointly (once HUSBAND entered the U.S. as a conditional resident) (copies). Note that their 2018 taxes have not yet been filed as the couple is waiting for their employers to produce W2 s, but they will be filing as Married, Filing Jointly;

4. W2 s from HUSBAND and WIFE listing their home address together at OUR HOME ADDRESS (copies);

5. Paystubs for HUSBAND and WIFE listing their home address at OUR HOME ADDRESS (copies);

6. Monthly statements from HUSBAND and WIFE s joint checking account through Ally Bank since the account opened in June 2017, with full transaction history showing deposits from both of their employers, payments for bills and money spent on outings together;

7. Name Change Form from Ally bank showing WIFE changing from her maiden name to her married name in June 2017 (copy);

8. Monthly bills for HUSBAND and WIFE s joint lease of Subaru Impreza showing HUSBAND and WIFE as responsible parties, beginning in March 2018 at the time of purchase (copies);

9. Bills for HUSBAND and WIFE s joint ownership of Mercedes car, financed through Wings Financial, showing HUSBAND and WIFE as responsible parties, beginning at the time of purchase in May 2018 (copies);

10. Monthly bills from HUSBAND and WIFE s joint cell phone account through AT&T beginning in July of 2017 (copies);

11. Screenshot of joint Sun Country credit card account showing HUSBAND and WIFE as authorized users (copy);

12. Car insurance slips for WIFE and HUSBAND through American Family Insurance, showing they were and are both insured on their joint cars (copies);

13. Application for Coverage through WIFE s employer requesting to add HUSBAND to her health benefits upon his arrival to the U.S. (copy);

14. HUSBAND and WIFE s health insurance cards showing them as insured members together through Medica (copies);

15. Car title of Honda Civic, owned by WIFE and HUSBAND, combined with receipt of sale (copy);

16. HUSBAND and WIFE s drivers licenses listing their home address together at OUR HOME ADDRESS (copies);

17. E-mails between WIFE and Bell Bank/Edina Realty Title documenting that HUSBAND was still in Mexico when WIFE purchased their home at OUR HOME ADDRESS showing that it was not possible to get HUSBAND on the title because he was not living in the U.S.;

18. Closing Disclosure form from Bell Bank made out to HUSBAND and WIFE with information about final pricing for their home at OUR HOME ADDRESS (copy);

19. Gas bills through CenterPoint Energy listing HUSBAND and WIFE as the customers at their home at OUR HOME ADDRESS (copies);

20. Payments through Moneygram to cover child support for HUSBAND s children DAUGHTER S NAME and SON S NAME, made out to their mother, HUSBAND S EX made from HUSBAND and WIFE s joint checking account (please note that Moneygram requires the first account holder s name, meaning payments are listed as coming from only WIFE and not HUSBAND) (copies);

21. WIFE s term life insurance beneficiary designation page though Securian Group Insurance and her employer, listing HUSBAND as primary beneficiary (copy);

22. Registration confirmation for tour of the Birthplace where HUSBAND and WIFE s daughter DAUGHTER was to be born (copy);

23. Complete copy of WIFE s U.S. passport, travel documentation evidencing WIFE s numerous trips to Puerto Vallarta to visit HUSBAND since February 2015 (copy);

24. Copy of letter from WIFE s father (DAD S NAME) to WIFE at their home in Mexico, while she was living there (copy);

25. WIFE s telephone bills from before HUSBAND s arrival in the U.S. evidencing constant communication between HUSBAND and WIFE (copies);

26. Mexican Public Health Insurance Membership Policy for WIFE (with certified English translation of relevant excerpts) and HUSBAND s Mexican federal identification card evidencing WIFE and HUSBAND s cohabitation while together in Puerto Vallarta (July 2015 to November 2015) (copy);

27. Invitation to friends and family for HUSBAND and WIFE s wedding reception in June 2017 in celebration of HUSBAND s arrival to the U.S. (copy);

28. Various photographs of HUSBAND and WIFE with family and friends (copies);

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