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US Immigration from Mexico

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I-130 Beneficiary : Should I put my address from Mexico even though I am temporarily in the USA
5:34 pm August 12, 2022

Omar López

Omar López

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Hello! My wife and I are filing the I-130 and I-130a, I am the beneficiary.

I'm in the US on tourist visa since February and I am going back to Mexico in December and do consular processing.

The issue is that I don't know how to answer this question in the form.

It is asking to put my address for the last five years which I think I should put my address from Mexico which is from 2005 to present.

Then the I-130 asks to put the last address where we live together... we've been living together since June to Present. So I think that's the correct answer.

However isn't it contradictory that I have 2 address at the same time ?

It's very confusing.

I will attach 2 pictures.

Thank you for your help ??

it won't let me upload the pictures Sorry

I hope it's clear

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Expedite I-601
8:53 pm August 8, 2022


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Hello. My friend had her appointment this morning in Cd Juarez Mexico and she's devastated because she was asked to submit I-601 waiver regardless having I-601A approved. The basis of denial are 212(a)(6) (E)- for aiding the illegal entry of another foreigner (her baby at that time). My question is how can she apply to get her application expedited? It seems that she'll qualify because her husband and kid have medical issues that were proven/submitted with I601a. Thank you

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Tourist visa interview location selection
2:24 am August 5, 2022



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We are working on Tourist visas for my in-laws living in Mexico. My father-in-law filled out his DS-160 and was trying to schedule his interview. According to the page, the preferred location of Mexico city does not have available interviews at this time, but also all the other locations are at least a year out anyway.

1: Should we just select Mexico city and hope some availability opens soon for tourist visa interviews?
2: If we select Mexico city for example, can we later change this? Similarily doing the opposite and picking a location that is taking interviews and change to Mexico city if interviews become available.
3: Will we have to go back and change the DS-160 somehow if there is a change in interview location? Will this cause a problem?

Thanks in advance!


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"Recruiting Agency" in Mexico - Scam?
8:49 pm August 2, 2022


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I am a USC petitioning for my husband and stepdaughters, but I'm posting here for a friend of mine (seems like since I've started this process, I am everyone's go-to for immigration questions ?).

He's a franchise owner of a couple restaurants in the U.S., and he has a former employee that now lives in Mexico that he would like to help bring to the U.S. through an employment-based visa (if that's even possible). I believe he's already discussed this with the former employee because my friend received an e-mail from a place called LaborMexy, which seems to be a recruiting agency for companies for workers from Mexico. He wanted to know if the e-mail he got looked legit, and I really don't think it does, but wanted the opinions of all of VJers who are much more knowledgeable than me.

The lawyer and company do exist, so maybe the spelling errors are due to a language barrier issue. Still, to my knowledge, employment-based visas are petitioned by the employer in the U.S., NOT by the employee in the foreign country through a lawyer, correct?

Also - any insight into what "process their pardons with USCIS" means would be great.


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N-400 Interview and required evidence
4:12 pm August 1, 2022


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Hi all,

My husband finally got the citizenship interview scheduled after over 2 years pending, for his N-400 application. It says to bring his MX passport. A couple questions:

- The NOA says to bring passport, green card and any other documents used for travel. Does it matter if his MX passport is expired? The USCIS document doesn t mention validity. (We haven t left the US since prior COVID started in 2019 and his passport expires this month which is of course the same month as his interview. ?????)

- He wants to renew his MX passport but isn t sure the consulate will have it renewed prior to his interview. Does he need to wait to renew it? Or it needs to be valid so he has to renew it?

- Does he need the original passport he traveled with for the interview or can he provide the renewed one if it s done in time?

TIA for your help!

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