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  1. Haha, reminds me of people in Hawaii throwing on parkas because it dips to 68.
  2. It is, and they are awful! At least he waved? 50s isn't bad. My favorite is upper 60's/lower to mid 70s. It's summer in FL now, so won't see that till winter again. Dehumidifier running pretty much non-stop now.
  3. 1. Just because someone lives in the same house, does not mean they must be counted in the household size for affidavit of support. Only the spouse and dependents listed on most recent tax return. I-134 doesn't have great instructions, but the I-864 instructions tell you how to count household size. It sounds like 5 perhaps, himself, wife, 2 dependents and person being sponsored. How Do I Count Household Size? Your household size includes yourself and the following individuals, no matter where they live: any spouse, any dependent children under 21 years of age, any other dependents listed on your most recent Federal income tax return, all persons being sponsored in this affidavit of support, and any immigrants previously sponsored with Form I-864 or Form I-864 EZ, Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA, whom you are still obligated to support. 2. Household of 5 will need $38,800 > https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p 3. Do you file taxes on the income from your father? Anyway to prove that income? If so, list on your I-134 and provide your proof. And yes, he provides his most recent tax return(and previous years if it will help prove his income) and any other documentation for other income/assets. Only assets that can be converted into cash within one year and without considerable hardship or financial loss to the owner may be included. The owner of the asset must include a description of the asset, proof of ownership, and the basis for the owner’s claim of its net cash value. You may include the net value of your home as an asset. The net value of the home is the appraised value of the home, minus the sum of any and all loans secured by a mortgage, trust deed, or other lien on the home. If you wish to include the net value of your home, then you must include documentation demonstrating that you own it, a recent appraisal by a licensed appraiser, and evidence of the amount of any and all loans secured by a mortgage, trust deed, or other lien on the home. You may not include the net value of an automobile unless you show that you have more than one automobile, and at least one automobile is not included as an asset.
  4. Yup, we ran from the bug trucks in Ohio too. Screened in porches are wonderful to me, but No-See-Ums can get through pretty much anything. Me? Nah, can't be true, sir!
  5. Ha, we don't get them enough here in FL, land of the mosquito being our state's bird. When I was a kid and we would all be outside playing, as soon as someone heard the truck coming they would yell "BUG TRUCK!" Everyone would run for cover until the truck and spray were gone.
  6. It is, and may seem silly and redundant, but that's paperwork for ya. There are other ways to prove your petition was approved, but it is still under the requirements for the form. The documentation checklist states this: 'Documentation of immigrant category, such as a copy of Form I-797, Approval or Receipt Notice, for the Form I-130 filed on your behalf (unless you are filing your Form I-485 with the Form I-130 filed on your behalf)' So, even for those that are married and filing after their I-130 petition has been approved, they still need the receipt notice. K-1 doesn't file with/have/use I-130, so use receipt notice from their approved I-129F petition plus marriage certificate to prove they married within 90 days of US entry. This is from the I-485 instructions: What Evidence Must You Submit with Form I-485? ... 5. Documentation of Your Immigrant Category (see Part 2., Item Numbers 1.a. - 1.g. of Form I-485) All Form I-485 applicants must submit evidence showing that they are eligible for adjustment of status in a particular immigrant category. Filing as a Beneficiary of an Immigrant Petition ... B. A photocopy of Form I-797, Receipt Notice, for your immigrant petition.
  7. It isn't something that someone at VJ just made up and added to the guides here. It is stated in the actual I-485 instructions. "If you are filing as a beneficiary of an immigrant petition, you generally must submit a photocopy of Form I-797, Approval Notice ... If you are filing as a principal applicant and your immigrant category allows you to file Form I-485 before your petition is approved, you may submit your Form I-485 together with: A. Your immigrant petition; or B. A photocopy of Form I-797, Receipt Notice, for your immigrant petition. "
  8. If your father is going to be the joint sponsor, then he will put his name on the form, and his wife will be part of his household size. Yes, you fill out your own separate form as the petitioner/sponsor.
  9. More than one, or just something stronger and tastier.
  10. Thank you. It's strange, yet oh so familiar.
  11. I don't know how many people will actually remember me ((see a few familiar names still here like TBone)), but I'm back researching for my husband's citizenship and thought I would stop in and say hello. Hello!
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