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  1. That annotation can be removed once you have a green card. Permanent residents don't need separate work authorization, so you can update your status to permanent residency with the SSA and they will send you a new card without that statement on it. Also a good time to update if you had a name change.
  2. My husband had no issues(successfully naturalized) using only the middle initial that's on the front of the card for that question. I think it doesn't really matter either way. Probably only an important thing for those that had misspellings on their cards.
  3. You can always try. It can't hurt to ask. If they do it, that would be great. (Immigration stuff is always frustrating) Congrats on the visa approval, and good luck either way.
  4. My husband put it exactly as it appears on the front of the green card. Given name: John Middle name: S Surname: Doe
  5. Just a notation here: Panel physicians do not fill out the I-693 for K-1 medicals. That would be a DS-3025. I'm not sure the panel physician will bother with this, and it would then need to be updated with the consulate because the medical in your packet to turn over at your POE would have to be redone to include the newly updated DS-3025. You can bring the vaccination records with you and find a civil surgeon in the US to do the vaccinations only on an I-693 for AOS. See this pinned topic in the AOS forum> https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/551080-immunizations-ds-3025-or-i-693/
  6. From the pinned topic in this forum>> What if I don't have a DS-3025? If you are positive that you got the needed shots, then actually mailing in a DS-3025 photocopy is not necessary. The original form is with your other medical results and was turned over to USCIS at POE. That's actually the one that counts because it remained in the "chain of custody" so you didn't have an opportunity to alter it.
  7. Your first step is the I-129F petition. Focus on it and providing what is required for that form alone. Once the I-129-F petition is approved, THEN you will be able to apply for the K-1 visa in your country. There will be more required documentation for the visa application/interview, including the sponsor support aspect. The K-1 visa interview will entail using the I-134, and later when filing for AOS in the US after you are married, THEN you will need the I-864. Your petitioner/sponsor will always need to fill out there own affidavit support form, whether using a joint sponsor or not. The joint/co sponsor will fill out their own separate form and each will provide their own supporting documentation. Read through the guides here > https://www.visajourney.com/guides/k1-fiance-visa-flowchart/ https://www.visajourney.com/guides/k1-fiance-visa/ https://www.visajourney.com/forms/examples/ https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/family-immigration/nonimmigrant-visa-for-a-fiance-k-1.html
  8. She can print and sign her intent letter and scan it for you to print out.
  9. Vaccines aren't technically required for a k-1, however they are for AOS. And yes, they can just get them once in the US, but they'll pay for them here too. Not only that, but they'll pay for a civil surgeon to do an I-693 and perhaps another medical exam because it can be difficult to find a civil surgeon that will only sign off on the vaccinations. If a K-1 entrant has a completed DS-3025 from their visa medical, then they don't need an I-693 when filing for AOS as long as they file within a year of their K-1 medical. OP> I suggest you have her get the vaccinations there before her medical, and take the records to have the panel physician mark them off on her DS-3025. AOS is easier with a DS-3025 that's marked complete. There's a pinned topic in the AOS forum with more info on this.
  10. No. You just need to fill out the form and upload a photo.
  11. If you are paying for your travel, such as buying your ticket, then your answer was correct.
  12. Lawyers don't/can't/shouldn't guarantee they can get you a visa. Being denied a tourist visa for that reason has no impact on qualifying for a K-1. My husband was denied 2 or 3 times before getting his K-1. This doesn't complicate your case. Only hire an attorney if you feel unable to read all the form instructions and fill them out yourself. You will be providing all the info to the lawyer anyway.
  13. If you're self employed then you use total income from your most recent tax return. If you're an employee, then you list your annualized current income. That would be how much you make an hour times hours worked per week, then weekly amount times 52 weeks = your current annual income. You can provide letter from employer and pay stubs to prove that amount.
  14. Our stupid AC is not working. If only it wasn't humid with no breeze at all and mid 80s still in the middle of the night. Air so stale, hot and stagnant. Can't breathe, have headache, can't sleep. I really hope someone can come tomorrow to fix it. I don't want to do this all weekend.
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