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129F minor passport to adult passport
9:37 am April 7, 2021

Lu & Ni

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Hello everyone,

My fiance came to the US twice when he was a minor with a tourist visa. He used to stay here for vacation and then go back home. At the time of the filling for I-129F he didn't have an adult passport and because of the pandemic was going on we weren't able to get him a new adult passport. So we filed and sent the form using his old passport number (as we didn t want to hold on the form any longer) but now after many months he was finally able to get a new one.

Is there a way we can update the form? Should we wait for an RFE instead?

Is it possible to get approved and just present his new passport at the Embassy/interview?

We sent the form back on November 2020. They asked in the form if he had a passport so that's the reason we wrote down that one, I didn't really lie and wanted to be truthful that he has been here before.

Any input is appreciated a lot.

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All F2B Updates in This Thread (Part 2)
5:27 am March 19, 2021


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This is the continuation thread for


which was closed because of its large size.


Please be sure to carry actively ongoing issues into this thread.

Good luck to all who are waiting!

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K1 & Child Support
3:12 pm March 16, 2021


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Hello everyone,

I have a rather sensitive question. My fiance (Ecuador) filed for the k1 visa back in October. He has two children (10 &12) and has not had a relationship with their mother for many years now. He was paying his child support regularly until coronavirus hit and he lost his job. She has since been quite aggressive in regards to him paying money. He owes about $1500 in backed child support and this morning she had him arrested. He is currently sitting in jail in Ecuador and if he does not pay at least $1,000 he could potentially have to be there for 60-90 days. I need to know if it is time that we got lawyer? I have known my fiance and his family for about 10 years and I do not foresee any problems with our visa paperwork besides this child support situation. I have no children and I do not know my way around Ecuadorian law or child support as it relates to the K1 visa.

Any and all advice is welcomed. If we do not have to find 5k+ for a lawyer, it would be nice but I worry about something going wrong with our case because of this very messy situation.



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Bringing additional evidence to interview versus "side-loading" at NVC/CEAC
6:01 am March 16, 2021



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Our case was just Documentarily Qualified at NVC today. My goal was to submit the required documents immediately as a way to get in line for an interview ASAP, and now I am wondering how to best handle additional relationship evidence.

I submitted a lot of quality evidence with the initial petition, but since that time have been gathering some additional evidence, mostly of visits to see my wife that happened after the initial submission.

Originally I was planning to prepare the additional evidence for my wife to take to the interview, but recently I have read about "side-loading" this information by submitting it to NVC.

It appears that CEAC still allows uploads even after everything shows as Accepted, and there is a category for "Other" in the Civil Documents section where presumably things like additional relationship evidence could go.

So my questions are:

  1. Would uploading any additional documents on CEAC after being Documentarily Qualified affect our DQ status?
  2. If the answer to (1) is "no", could I upload additional documents up until the case is transferred to the Consulate for interview?

If anything, I would consider doing this after my next visit (at the end of next month), and the evidence would mostly be boarding passes + a few photos from the visits that happened since filing the I-130. If going that route then she would still take the evidence to the interview, but the idea would be that "side-loading" would make it more likely to actually be reviewed.

I say that because my wife and I previously went through the K1 process and I had prepared additional evidence that she took with her to that interview (at the same Consulate) which I don't think anyone ever looked at. For that visa, the NVC stage worked differently so this idea of uploading additional evidence is new to me.

I'm not concerned about our case not being approved, but as long as I'm going to prepare the evidence anyway, it's worth thinking about the best time to present it.

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8:34 pm March 14, 2021

Maria Medina

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When we review the status of our ioe (https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do) it comes out that it is in Nebraska, even when we log in to our uscis account it is in Nebraska

but on the paper says that it is in Potomac.

Anyone in the group who has submitted their form i13o between october and have their ioe confirmation has the same error?


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