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Criminal history documents I-129F, are court dispositions enough?
6:15 pm March 21, 2022

Ronald P

Ronald P

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Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of finalizing the I-129F petition for my fiance in Ecuador. I am going over everything and have a question about the necessary criminal history documents. I was arrested a couple times back in 2006 for some minor charges, none from the list of specified crimes, and went to the court to get certified copies of the court disposition for both cases. In both instances, the cases were dismissed and then expunged, so I did not think to ask about the arrest records. Has anyone just sent in the court disposition without the arrest records without getting an RFE? I am looking over the court disposition records they gave me and it only includes the outcome and date of disposition, but it does not show any original arrest dates or anything else. The disposition is also a print out from the electronic system with a signed and certified seal cover letter for each instance. Should I go back and ask for the arrest record or would this be included with this if it was available?

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VAWA, Part 25
5:56 am March 10, 2022


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This is the continuation thread for


which was closed because of its large size.


Absolutely remember ongoing issues and unfinished conversations from Part 24, and carry on with them here!

So many approvals happened in the Part 24 thread that the blessings will certainly continue here in Part 25.

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Does my mom need to file form I-864A?
12:02 pm March 2, 2022

Lu & Ni

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My now-husband came with a k1 visa. We married and now we are filling AOS.

I haven't filed taxes for this year yet but my father has and he will be my joint sponsor. We live in the same house as we share our rent.

  1. From my understanding is that my father and I both need to file form I-864 and we both need to sign form I-864A. Correct?

The confusing part for me is that my dad files married-jointly with my mom, who also lives with us but she's never worked. She has no income. So I'm not sure if she should also file a form I-864A.. I won't be using her income as she has none but she still files taxes with my dad.

  1. Is a form I-864A needed from her? or just my dad's will be enough?

Thank you in advance

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Green Card and Permit of reentry
6:40 pm February 23, 2022



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Hi community,

I need some guidance.

I'm a greencard holder. My green card will expire on 2023.

2 years ago I applied for a permit of reentry because I had to do a project for a non profit outside of the US.

The pandemic happened, my permit of reentry expired on Nov 2021 and I'm still outside of the United states.

I'm taking care of a family member who has been very sick. I'm realistically speaking I will be able to come back to the states around august 2022

I will stay for 3 months and then I will have to come back again to keep the project with the non profit.

My questions are:

1. will I have issues by reentering the country with my green card and my expired permit of reentry?

2. Will I be able to apply for another permit of reentry during those 3 months that I will be there?

Thank you so much for your time and your replies!

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I-130 for my twin step daughter
3:12 pm January 24, 2022



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What is best route recommendation I brought my husband with fianc k1 visa unfortunately I was just told by immigration his paperwork was lost and have to send everything again for his adjustment of status,so now we want to send a whole package including petition his twins do I add them to ny husband AOS case or do I file a del itate I-130 for the twins? They are 15, what is the time line for they to come approximately ??

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