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US Immigration from Ecuador

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to moderators
5:41 pm


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how can i address a direct question to a moderator?

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Form ds 230 equals ds 260
8:47 pm


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What a difference there is between ds 230 and ds 260, either of them can be presented, or there is a problem.

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2:16 pm


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Hello, wishing everyone good,

Actually I feel a little frustrated 10 weeks ago that I received the letter from nvc and in the two weeks that followed we gathered all the documents from AOS and sent it to. Lawyer all the tax documentation of my wife and the co-sponsor waited 5 weeks and just the lawyer says that it is missing two forms of the co-sponsor and schedule and scheduleSE, I think that my lawyer is slow, and I think that at this point it would not be good idea to change of lawyer. That they advise me to wait quietly or change lawyers.

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Detention for 24 hours
9:26 pm


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My wife requested CR1 I am in the. NVC process waiting for the approval of the. Affidavit of support.
I had a 24-hour detection for driving in a drunken state, but I fixed it and in the hearing they declared me innocent and me. They gave immediate freedom, this may affect the approval of my visa.
I must be honest and say this to the consular officer if he asks me about any detention.
This problem happened in 2015

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I-751 July 2017 Filers, Part II
7:00 am


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This is the continuation thread for the original thread --

-- which has been closed because of its large size.


Personal note: Those of us who are finished with this infernal immigration process sincerely hope and pray for progress in your case.

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