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Survey-How long does it take you to get your GC on hand after the interview?

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Survey--Please provide number of days on how long after the interview you received the actual green card. Hope to give everyone an idea.

AOS Filing progress:

Package Filed: Dec 16

USCIS Receipt Update: Dec 18

Bio Appointment : Jan 16

RFE Receipt: Jan 23

RFE USCIS Receipt: Jan 28

EAD Approved: Feb 23

EAD on hand: Feb 28

Interview Notice Received: June 10

Interview Scheduled: Aug 10

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~ Moved from AOS from Family Based Visas to AOS from Work, Student & Tourist Visas Progress Reports sub-forum - topic is case status/OP adjusting from H1b~

Link to K-1 instructions for Ciudad Juarez, Mexico > http://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/K1/CDJ%20-%20Ciudad%20Juarez.pdf

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Thirteen days for us from the interview, eleven days from receiving a notice of approval.

Visa Received : 2014-04-04 (K1 - see timeline for details)

US Entry : 2014-09-12

POE: Detroit

Marriage : 2014-09-27

I-765 Approved: 2015-01-09

I-485 Interview: 2015-03-11

I-485 Approved: 2015-03-13

Green Card Received: 2015-03-24 Yeah!!!

I-751 ROC Submitted: 2016-12-20

I-751 NOA Received:  2016-12-29

I-751 Biometrics Appt.:  2017-01-26

I-751 Interview:  2018-04-10

I-751 Approved:  2018-05-04

N400 Filed:  2018-01-13

N400 Biometrics:  2018-02-22

N400 Interview:  2018-04-10

N400 Approved:  2018-04-10

Oath Ceremony:  2018-06-11 - DONE!!!!!!!

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To me, it's 8 days after my AOS interview, 2 days after I received the Welcome Notice. :)

710-23-2014 - K1 interview (Phils): Approved
10-31-2014 - K1 Visa received
01-20-2015 - POE
02-20-2015 - Marriage
03-20-2015 - AOS/EAD/AP Packet Submission (day 0) ** date I submitted ***
03-24-2015 - NOA1 received (day 4)
03-27-2015 - NOA1 hard copies received (day 7)
04-06-2015 - Biometrics letter hard copy received (day 17)
04-16-2015 - Biometrics Appointment (day 27)
05-01-2015 - USCIS changed to Interview is scheduled (day 42)
05-06-2015 - Hardcopy of interview notice received ( I-797 C, NOA) (day 46)
06-02-2015- Conditional GC got approved (day 82) 
06-08-2015- Hard copy of Welcome notice received via mail (day 88)
06-10-2015- Actual GC received via mail  (day 90)
4/06/17 - Sent package (day 0)
4/7/17 -  USCIS received package (day 1) NOA date
4/14/17 - check encashed (day 😎
4/15/17 - NOA 1 received (day 9)
4/22/17 - Biometrics notice date (day 16)
4/29/17 - Biometrics notice letter received (day 23)
5/9/17 - Biometrics done (day 33)
3/19/18 - Case approved
3/23/18 - Approval letter received
4/6/18 - Actual 10-yr GC received 
N400 (under 3-year rule)
4/27/18 - filed N400 online (Friday) (day 0)
4/27/18 - paid/payment received (day 0)
4/27/18 - NOA date
5/21/18 - Biometrics done
7/25/18 - Interview letter date
8/31/18 - Scheduled interview. Got approved!
9/20/18 - Naturalization ceremony in Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA
"Seasons of waiting are designed to prepare you, stretch your faith, and get you ready for everything that's coming next" - curiano quotes life

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My wife's GC arrived 8 days after the interview as well, with the welcome letter from USCIS arriving 3 days before.

Interview was in Los Angeles, California.

10/25/2008 - Met on Friendster
12/22/2010 - Met in person in the Philippines for the first time

05/18/2013 - Got engaged

K1 Timeline:

02/28/2014 - I-129F Submitted
04/08/2014 - I-129F NOA2 Received

07/03/2014 - SLEC Medical Appointment 1 (Result: Sputum Culture)

09/18/2014 - SLEC Medical Appointment 2 (Result: Passed)

10/14/2014 - K1 Visa Interview (Result: Approved)

10/23/2014 - K1 Visa Issued

11/09/2014 - Entered USA (POE: Los Angeles)

01/02/2015 - Wedding Day

AOS Timeline:

03/02/2015 - I-485 Submitted (with I-765 & I-131)

03/13/2015 - I-485 NOA Received (with NOA for I-765 & I-131)

03/30/2015 - Biometrics Appointment Completed

05/12/2015 - I-785 & I-131 Approved

05/20/2015 - EAD/AP Combo Card Received

06/10/2015 - AOS Interview (Result: Approved)

06/18/2015 - Conditional Green Card Received

ROC Timeline:

05/15/2017 - I-751 Submitted 
05/26/2017 - I-751 NOA Received 
06/13/2017 - Biometrics Appointment Completed

07/18/2017 - Extension NOA Received (one year extension)
03/05/2018 - I-751 Received by Local Office
04/20/2018 - Infopass Appointment (Result: I-551 Stamp on Passport, six-month extension)

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8 days after interview. Was approved same day on the spot though. Local field office - Seattle, Washington.

Edited by Starkilla09

Adjustment of Status From F-1 Visa.

8/14/2014: Mailed AOS package: I-130, I-485, I-765.

8/18/2014: Accepted in Chicago. Transferred to Nebraska Service Center.

8/21/2014: Received NOA 1. I-130, I-485, I-765 in mail.

8/25/2014: Received biometrics in mail. Scheduled for 9/8/2014

9/8/2014: Went in for biometrics.

9/24/2014: EAD approved. 36 Days!

10/01/2014: EAD mailed.

10/03/2014: Received EAD card.

10/14/2014: I-485 moved to testing and interview.

1/28/2015: Interview scheduled for 3/4/2015.

1/31/2015: Received interview notice.

3/4/2015: Interview completed and APPROVED!

3/5/2015: Welcome notice mailed and I-130 Approved.

3/10/2015: Welcome notice and I-130 approval notice received.

3/12/2015: Green card mailed.

3/14/2015: Green card delivered.


Removal of Conditions: 

12/14/2016: Mailed I-751.

12/19/2016: NOA issued.

01/26/2017: Biometrics.

05/03/2018: I-751 transfered to NBC.



12/02/2017: Mailed N 400 to Phoenix, AZ Lockbox. (I-751 still pending)

12/05/2017: Package delivered in Phoenix, AZ. Transferred to Harrisonburg Processing Center.

12/07/2017: Notice of action issued. (IOE)

12/26/2017: Biometrics.







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Approval notice arrived on Monday, June 29. I had my interview on June 23rd, so it is about 6 days after interview to receive the approval notice.

Hopefull GC arrives tmr (July 2), otherwise its gonna be a long weekend and no delivery. :cry::cry::cry:

3/17/2015 sent out my whole AOS package thru overnight delivery

3/18/2015 received by USCIS in Chicago

3/24/2015 3 Text/e-mail notifications received

3/28/2015 Hardcopies of NOAs in the mailbox (i-130, i-485, i-765)

4/06/2015 Received notification of biometrics

4/17/2015 Biometrics done as scheduled.

4/27/2015 i-485 online status changed ready to schedule an interview. YAY!!!

5/21/2015 i-485 interview is scheduled for June 23rd!!! OMG so surprised!!!!

5/23/2015 i-485 interview notice received in hand

5/29/2015 i-765 is approved and new card is ordered to be produced.

6/05/2015 i-765 approval notice received

6/06/2015 EAD received in hand !!!

6/23/2015 i-485 and i-130 got approved on the spot!!!! waiting for green card to arrive!!

6/29/2015 i-485 and i-130 approval notices received in mail. (welcome letter) YAY!!!

7/09/2015 Finally, received my green card in hand!!!!

ROC Journey now

6/02/2017 i751 package to CSC

6/03/2017 i751 was received by CSC

6/06/2017 check was cashed

6/08/2017 NOA 1 received in mail

6/17/2017 NOA 2 received in mail. Biometrics is scheduled on 6/29/2017 

8/29/2018 Case status changed to "Approved", now waiting for Permanent green card to be delivered!

9/08/2018 10 year GC was delivered.   This journey finally ended today!! yay

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Almost 9 months, still waiting. No help from senator or infopass.

why is that? what happened?

AOS Filing progress:

Package Filed: Dec 16

USCIS Receipt Update: Dec 18

Bio Appointment : Jan 16

RFE Receipt: Jan 23

RFE USCIS Receipt: Jan 28

EAD Approved: Feb 23

EAD on hand: Feb 28

Interview Notice Received: June 10

Interview Scheduled: Aug 10

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Timelines here look like GC should arrive just days after the "card is in production" update.

However, almost 3 weeks for me since that update (July 17). Permanent resident status registered July 20th. Received welcome notice July 24th.

Hope to get more responses on here of others that has waited longer than just a few days!


04/26/17:  Sent ROC package

04/27/17:  Package received

05/20/17:  Biometrics letter received

06/02/17:  Biometrics

08/22/18:  Card being produced


AOS from F1 visa:

08/16/14: Sent AOS package: I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131

08/19/14: Package received at Chicago Lockbox

08/22/14: Acceptance confirmation text messages/emails

08/22/14: Checks cashed

08/26/14: Hard copies of NOA's received in mail

08/27/14: Biometrics appointment notice received. Scheduled for 9/8/14.

09/08/14: Biometrics

11/14/14: File service request (Day 88)

11/24/14: EAD/AP approved (Day 98)

12/01/14: EAD mailed

12/03/14: EAD received

03/12/15: Status changed to Testing & Interview

04/16/15: Interview, no decision

07/17/15: "Your card is in production" email!

08/07/15: Card mailed

08/10/15: Card received!

~11 months, 3 weeks & 4 days from filing to green card in hand, no RFE's~

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I wish i knew. I just called them today, again, they opened a service request. I've been waiting since may 2014 when i submitted my i-485, had the interview in aug 2014. It's been pending ever since.

did you get the welcome notice?

AOS Filing progress:

Package Filed: Dec 16

USCIS Receipt Update: Dec 18

Bio Appointment : Jan 16

RFE Receipt: Jan 23

RFE USCIS Receipt: Jan 28

EAD Approved: Feb 23

EAD on hand: Feb 28

Interview Notice Received: June 10

Interview Scheduled: Aug 10

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We were approved on a spot on July 27th, got "card production" email on the next day July 28th. I recevied my welcome notice on August 3 and no updates since then. I called USCIS and they told me I should get it by September 26, but the IO told us I will get it in 1,5-2 weeks after the interview. Well it's been almost 3 weeks already and I'm getting realty upset and anxious :(



June 13, 2017 I-751 Package sent

June 15, 2017 Package delivered to VSC

June 20, 2017 Check cashed

June 22, 2017 NOA-1 received (dated June 16th)

July 7, 2017    Biometrics Appointment letter received

July 20, 2017  Biometrics done

August 6, 2018 "New Card is being produced" 

August 9, 2018 "Card was mailed to you" 

August 11, 2018 New card was delivered to an old address by USCIS's mistake

August 13, 2018 Brother-in-law went to our old residence to pick up a card from the current residents

August 16, 2018 Card was mailed to me 

August 18, 2018 10-year Green Card received 






March 3, 2015 AOS (I-485, I-130 & I-765) package sent to Chicago Lockbox
March 6, 2015, The package delivered to Chicago Lockbox
March 12, 2015, AOS package was accepted on March 9th and was routed to National Benefits Center
March 17, 2015, Hard copies of NOA1 received for all the forms
March 20, 2015, Biometrics letter received with the appointment on April 3
March 28, 2015, Email notification for I-485 RFE received
April 3, 2015, Successful biometrics
April 3, 2015, Hard copy of RFE received
April 17, 2015, RFE respond sent
April 22, 2015, RFE response received by USCIS
May 20, 2015, EAD approved
May 26, 2015, Hard copy of NOA2 for I-765 received
May 27, 2015, EAD was mailed to me
May 29, 2015, EAD received
June 15, 2015, Hard copy of NOA2 for I-485 received. Interview scheduled on July 21
June 18, 2015, Interview was canceled
June 27, 2015, Hard copy of NOA2 received. New interview date is July 27
July 27, 2015, Interview completed. Approved on the spot
July 28, 2015, Got texts and emails for case updates. Form I-130: the petition was approved. Form I-485: new card has been ordered and welcome notice was mailed
August 3, 2015, Welcome notice and NOA2 for I-130 received
August 20, 2015, Email notification "Card has been mailed"
August 22, 2015, Green Card received


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