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  1. Seats are pre assigned. You will follow their instructions. Not sure how they assigned those seats. Mine was 1:15 and I got there around 1:10, waited 20mins to get in since there was a long line. Ceremony did not start till 2pm. Congrats!
  2. looks like I posted this back in Jan... so I received my interview notice in May, interview scheduled in SF in July, and my oath ceremony was in Aug. so you can do the math.. good luck!
  3. Hi everyone, Wanted to share my oath ceremony experience yesterday. My oath was scheduled at 1:15pm. My husband I took bart and got off at 19th Oakland around 1pm. Once we came out of the Bart station, walked right across the street, and saw a long line of people lining up around the corner, and most of them holding the passport packets. waited outside for about 20mins- yesterday was brutal hot, esp we live in SF and not used to the heat in east bay, so recommend wear hats/sunglasses, there were two separate lines - for applicants and for friends and family. once i got into the theatre, they checked for my info - since I am combo filer and also changed my last name to my married name, the staff asked me if i brought any paperwork that showed that my 751 was approved - luckily I brought the letter which I received couple days after my combo interview saying my green card/751 has been approved. She took the paperwork, and let me in. I was in section 10. not sure how they divide us up but anyhow, we sat down(family and friends are all upstairs), and the ceremony did not start till 2pm. It took around 1 hour for the whole process, then we were called our names to get the naturalization certificate. There were 1355 new citizens coming from 101 countries of origin, pretty impressive. This morning I went to Noe Valley USPS and was planning to apply for a passport, but since I will be going to Canada in 2 weeks, she suggested me going to the passport agency on golden gate ave. I made an appointment online - did anyone else go through the process? Can you take passport photos there? and besides the passport application form, any other paperwork we need to bring? the website review says the cost is around $180..is that right? thank you!
  4. Got it. We will plan to arrive around 1:15pm:) so if we travel within the US after applying for passport(after handed over the certificate), and can’t update the driver license yet, should we still use our old name to book tickets so it aligns with our driver license? My potential international travel is in 5 weeks after 8/14th oath date.
  5. Thank you! After reading your comment, I just made an appointment in the noe valley usps on August 15th. This is getting real and close. Can’t wait. And good tip on printing out the notice ahead of time:) I guess my husband can go with us but will have to sit in a different section. How long did the entire ceremony take knowing I won’t be waiting to apply for the passport? Guess next step is to take the certificate and change driver’s license and ssn since I changed my laat name...
  6. Hi @DandelionSF thanks for the heads up. I think I would just apply it at the local post office. But do we need an appointment to apply for a passport? Can’t just walk in? Congrats again!
  7. Just got my oath ceremony letter, August 14th 1:15pm in Oakland. Finally! for those who applied passport after the ceremony, how long did it take for you guys to receive the passport? if I have an international travel one month later, can I still expedite it? What’s the process? Thanks!
  8. Yes, changing my maiden last name to my married last name, but first name is the same. I did bring our marriage license. This morning, got another text - application has been approved. still waiting for the oath ceremony letter.
  9. Hi All, sorry for the delay, was traveling for work this week, and finally got some time to share my experience. Here you go. I am a combo filer - I751 pending with N400 Interview was scheduled on last Friday July 12th 9:15am. Since it's a combo interview, my husband and I showed up around 9:10. Yes, we were right on time, even got some Noah Bagel on the way. Security check in was easy, and were told to go to 2nd floor. There were only 3 folks in front of us, so we waited for like 2mins. We live in Glen Park, 5mins from the Bart Station, so we took bart to Montgomery, walked 10mins to USCIS office. Recommend taking bart cuz parking can be tricky... once we got to 2nd floor, waited for another 5mins to check in, the lady said we are a bit late, but she understands the security check could take some time, so no worries. My husband was chatting with the lady, very cool vibe, relaxing...then were told to go to the 3rd floor. got up on the 3rd floor, wait began, i brought the civic test booklet with me so I had a chance to review it before the interview. After 30-40mins of waiting, finally they called my name. She first interviewed us for 751 - I brought our joint tax, mortgage and home owner insurances our joint properties(bought two houses, one in STL, one in San Francisco), our joint car insurance, some recent trip photos(she specifically asked me if i brought any photos), then she asked my husband how we met, it was very relaxing vibe, interactive conversation. Then she asked me if I wanted to change my name, I said, yes, I'd like to use my married last name, she said, Ok, then corrected it in the system. then she said let's start your N400 interview, first civic, questions she asked - what two parts in congress - how many house of representatives - president of WWI - I said Wilson, but cant remember first name, she said she will give me this one since there is only one Wilson:) - CA Governor - two holidays then that was it, writting test - the president lives in the white house, and then she asked me to sign something that has my info, my new name, cell #, etc, then she said, I am approved. Should get a letter in mail to attend August 14th Oath Ceremony in Oakland. We even talked about restaurants in the mission we like, and how we like taking tennis class in the Bay Club, she also asked about my parents, are they still in China, my husband is very chatty, so the whole process was more like a conversation, not interview. She was smiling a lot, and very nice. today got a text message that oath ceremony has been scheduled - havent got the letter yet and funny thing is my 751 status said new card has been produced...do not know if they are still going to send me a new GC.. the whole process was like 2 hours, including waiting. Now I am waiting for my oath ceremony letter, and ready to apply for the passport. I recalled someone said that if we have an incoming international trip, we can show the itinerary and ask to expedite. will have to dig out that thread and read more. Anyway, will share oath ceremony experience once it's done. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Hi SadMar, good luck with the combo interview. Mine is on this Friday. Pls share more details on the process after your interview. Rooting for you!!
  11. Hi DandelionSF, congrats on your approval. So exiting! one quick question on the name change - what did the officer say/mean by “you wouldn’t needed the name change done in the court?” What did you submit to the officer during the interview for the name change? Thank you!
  12. My interview is scheduled on July 12th 9am. Hoping I can get the oath ceremony in August. how soon after the interview did you all get the oath ceremony scheduled in Oakland?
  13. Congrats! After seeing your post, I also got a text update that an action was taken on the case. Sure enough, interview scheduled today, although the letter has not shown up under the document tab yet. I expect it to be after July 9th since I filed on May 24th and I have also i751 green card conditional status pending, hopefully it’s a combo interview. Did anyone on the same boat as me have a combo interview in San Francisco already? mind sharing your experiences? great to see our cases are moving along!
  14. Are you still gonna be in SF? Or the same field office? I don’t see why they would delay you if it’s the same field office. but again I’ve neger changed address with case pending so don’t quote me on this. Maybe you can call uscis customer service to find out?
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