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2017 spousal filers timeline check
12:31 am


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Hello fam, has any LPR who filed for spouse in 2017 received NOA2 approval yet. If YES please state the exact month you filed.

The USCIS website processing time result is a snail, not sure if its in real time. My file is with the California Service Center.


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Spousal VISA
9:51 pm


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Hello fam, my wife is a green card holder and applied for me last year (May 2017) and we got an NOA1 just a week after she filed. It's been over 14 months now and no NOA2 yet. I was wondering if we have anybody in the house with same situation or who has been approved as per my same date of filing. Thank you!

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Husband name not on the birth certificate
10:40 pm


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Hello everyone . I filed for my husband last week and I received NOA1 today , we have 3 childrens together but my husband name is not on the birth certificate , should that be a issue ? But all the children have my husband s last name as their middle name . I am just worried if the visa can be denied because his name is not on birth certificate . Thanks for any suggestion

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Need Advice
6:12 am


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I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

I learn some not so good news about my fiance this evening .My fiance who lives in Cameroon and his friend were on their way to get his passport in the capital and he and his friend among many others was aressted on thurday. I am comeplety devastated and dont know what to do.i do not know the charges as of yet. A friend of mines that is over there got a lawyer and will try to get them out this week. i was suppose to be heading to Cameroon next week but now im having second thought about my own safety over there.


I had plan on doing the K1 visa but i feel since he got arrested and cant even get his passport i dont see how i can even file.


if anybody can give me advice i would greatly appappreciate it.


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May 2018 NOA2 ----> NVC
1:41 pm


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Hello everyone. I noticed that there was not a May one open for this process. My NOA2 date is 5/8. Please feel free to comment what you know about this process because I dont have a clue! :(

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