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US Immigration from Cameroon

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New immigration law for F2A minor under 21
9:16 pm October 10, 2019



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Hi everybody, Im really concerned about this upcoming law on insurance and public charge rules as it may hit me really hard. I joined the military so I could bring my family here (mom and my 2 youngest siblings). My mom is here as a permanent resident. She applied 3 years ago for my brother 15, my sister 20 and her 2 little boys as derivatives. The process has been dragging for ever, we finally got approved and awaiting for the interview and now boom this new law.

My mom herself doesn't meet the minimum requirements to sponsor 4 people. she barely makes $10,000/year working at macdonald and she is on my work insurance. I am the joint sponsor as household member. Both incomes combined = $63,000 which was perfectly fine before this new law.The 15 years old is ok but for my sister although she is considered minor under the immigration laws she is not really a child anymore; since she has 2 kids herself. NVC said it's going to be up to the CO to decide whether to grant them the visa or not. I was still very hopefull until this new law came out last week about getting an insurance before you get here or proving you are not going to be a public charge. How can I prove that? We don't have anybody else to add as co-sponsor. there are only 2 of us here in the U.S. The perspective of ending the loneliness of this country and alleviate the stress of my very demanding job as a military by reuniting with my family is now jeopardized.

Anybody has any advise, hints that could help? That would be much appreciated!

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Ds260 mistake, please help
11:57 am September 27, 2019



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Hello everyone. I made a mistake on my husband Ds260( did you have any previous spouse ) I made a mistake a check no, I realized that after the ds260 was submit already, i called nvc and they told me that there is no way to re open it only the officer at the Interview can do it , but they said I can still upload death certificate for his previous wife which I did . Today my husband 's brother told him that the officer gonna denied him a visa because it seems like a fraud, I am freaking out right now , please help. His interview is on October 3. Thanks in advance for any input

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Anyone recently attended an interview appointment at the US embassy in Cameroon
10:57 pm September 24, 2019



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Hey my fellow Cameroonians hope y all gd ? Wanted to know if anyone recently attended an interview appointment at the US embassy how was it.. I heard it s really tight there right now is it true ?? Is getting approved now really difficult?? And has anyone gotten approval just once ?? Like u didn t hv to be rescheduled.. also anyone has any idea of the types of questions usually asked in an interview for a child ?? Thanks!!!

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IOE receipt for I-130 petition
9:28 pm August 15, 2019


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Hi Fam,

Has any one experience or know how the IOE receipt for I-130 petition works? Is the IOE process faster?

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U.S Citizen vs Permanent resident priority
6:16 pm August 6, 2019


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Hi fam,

Is the waiting period for U.S Citizens to bring their spouse from abroad to USA shorter than for a Permanent resident? and how long of wait do U.S. Citizens have to wait for their i-130 filing to go through than Permanent residents?

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