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Travel to London City
1:43 am June 6, 2022



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Hello VJ friends, I am planning to travel to London, UK, this summer with wife (newly LPR). Any advice as far as the Dos and Don ts? Want to attend one of the Chelsea s soccer game . Closest airport to the Stamford bridge locate in Fulham? What is your recommendation as far as travel requirements to UK (visas if needed), lodging, transportation (best airlines, cabs...), attractions in London city?

Thank you

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DV 2023 Winners forum
4:14 am May 7, 2022



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The 2023 DV lottery results will be out tomorrow by noon. Please all winners post here and let discuss the next steps.

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Affidavit Of Support
11:52 am December 8, 2021


Cherryl stone

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Hello folks.
My spouse submitted all our documents on October 6, 2021 but I just realized that we didn't sign this space? on the client copy of Tax return 1040( our tax return transcript is not available yet on IRS website).
We submitted tax return transcript of 2018,2019 and tax return 2020 copy with all W2 included.

Please do you guys know if it will be an issue or our document will not be DQ since isn't signed and dated?



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Denied visa 221g (SPLIT)
12:53 pm November 5, 2021



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Greetings everyone. My wife was denied visa under 221g and her petition sent back to USCIS recommending revocation.

These were the questions asked by the consular officer and her answers to them;

1. Who is petitioning for you? *My husband*

2. What does he do? Answers

3. Where are you going to stay in the US? Answers

4. How did you two meet? *At a friend's wedding party*

5. What's the name of the friend? Sandra

6. when did you two meet? Answers

7. What relationship do you have with Sandra? *I'm a friend of Sandra. *

8. What about your husband. *Is he friends with the groom or bride. we're both friends Of the bride*

9. When did you get married? Answers

10. Who is this in the picture(points to her mother)? *My mother*

11. Who's this(points to an invited person)? *My mother's co-worker*

12. Who's this(points to another woman)? *My husband's Aunt*

13. Did his parents attend the wedding? *No*.

14. Why were his parents absent? *His mother was sick*

15. Did you meet his parents? *Yes*

16. When did you meet his parents? *2015*

17. Was there a knock door(traditional wedding)?*No but there was an introduction*

18. Are you from the same village with your husband? *No*

19. Did you live together? *Yes*

20. Did you live together alone or with people? *We lived together alone*

21. Was there an engagement? *Yes*

22. When did he propose? *2016, May 2016 on my birthday*

23. How did your husband immigrate to the US? *Through the Diversity visa lottery*

24. When did he travel to the US?Answered

25. When did you get married? Answered

26. Has your husband been back to your home country since he travelled to the US? *No, he was to come last year but the covid-19 hindered*

27. Where did the court wedding take place? answered

28. Tell me about your relationship with your husband? Answered

29. What was your husband doing when he was in your home country? Answered

30. What do you do for a living? *I'm unemployed*

Another officer told my wife the consular officer is suspicious about my marriage and cannot give a visa, I don't know why because she answered all questions asked. What way forward should I take. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

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NVC cancelled never scheduled appointments
3:21 am September 12, 2021

Nyuydze Roda Kila

Nyuydze Roda Kila

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My husband and I received a letter of cancelation of appointment that were never scheduled. Please has anyone had the same experience and what was the outcome. Or what can be done


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