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  1. Hello. I don't want to worry you but my interview was not the most pleasant experience. And the IO did not seem very friendly. Overall I would say my AOS interview was easier and more pleasant than N-400 interview. My interview was held on the 1st and 3rd floor and consisted of 3 parts: 1) they update your personal information, ask for address, marital status, kids, job etc, when you are done you sit and wait 2)civics test - 6 questions - and English test (read and write a sentence), then sent me upstairs for the 3rd part, 3) interview with the IO itself. I applied based on 3 year rule - marriage to a US citizen and brought a lot of proof and evidence. The IO noticed that but did NOT ask for anything. Not even for 2018 tax return (it was not on file since I applied in July 2018). The IO did NOT ask me the required yes/no questions about prostitution / terrorism / communist party etc. The IO asked a LOT of questions about my life in my home country prior to coming to the US. I was not asked many questions about my life here. The interview was more like interrogation, at least that's the impression I got. It lasted about an hour. I brought my spouse with me and my spouse was not allowed to be present during the interview. I asked. And my spouse was worried that the interview was taking that long and I was there for so long. The IO asked some of the questions 2-3 times but changing the wording a little bit. And the IO was constantly changing topics and time periods. It looked like they were trying to catch me lying. Needless to say when the interview was over I was exhausted. I think the entire process (all three parts) took about 4 hours. But My friend who had her interview a couple of weeks later had an absolutely different experience. Her interview was fast (no more than an hour, that's what she said), she was not interrogated and her entire process was on the first floor. She also said that she was not asked many questions. So I guess it all depends on your case and on the immigration officer. Good luck to you! Hopefully your interview experience will be smooth and easy.
  2. Hi Maleman! I have great news for you. It may take longer than 3 months. Even near a major city. I live 20-30 minutes away from downtown Atlanta. My interview was on June 12. I still have not received my invitation to my naturalization ceremony. Oh and yes, I have been approved on the day of the interview. And also yes, I am checking my online status and guess what? It says "you have been approved. We will mail you a letter once you are scheduled" and blah blah blah. And even better after the interview my estimated completion time was 5 months, then it got to 3 month (supposedly in September 2019) and now my account does NOT show estimated completion time or estimated wait time. And finally, I don't think that people waiting here for 120+ days already don't know to check their online status.
  3. yes, you will need to attend judicial oath ceremony in court. if your name change is through marriage, then no
  4. If you go to a uscis case status page (not your account page) without logging in and type your case number, most likely you will see the 'we placed you in line for oath' message.
  5. Am I a champion of the waiting time? Submitted my n-400 - July 2018 (the very end) interview - June 12 2019: got approved on the spot and online status changed the next day oath - still waiting (so far 127 days since the interview) (by the way I also had to wait for my first green card for 2 months after the interview and approval. Yes, I am THAT lucky)
  6. i was told the same thing about 23.5 months since the receipt of my documents over the phone. and based on the fact that the person on the phone could not explain to me what case completion time is (he said that the "case completion time is when the case is completed") duh, thank you, mr obvious. I couldn't figure that out myself. I decided that it was useless to call them again. I am not sure what a lawyer can do in this case besides charging you a lot of money. Inquire as well and get a response and advice for me to wait?
  7. Thank you for your answers and your help. I think I have found this option.
  8. yes, I filed online. Where can I find this option?
  9. Could you please explain to me: how do I contact them via secure message on the application website?
  10. It is a little bit frustrating to read all these posts how people who filed in May -June 2019 are being scheduled already for their interviews in the same office, while I who filed in July 2018 am still waiting. They will probably be done with their naturalization ceremony prior me.
  11. thank you for your reply. What exactly do you mean by following up myself? I called USCIS a couple of times without any success. Also emailed a senator but got nothing but an automated reply "thank you for contacting us" a month ago. Should I try to reach a congressman? Or the second state senator since the first one didn't have time to reply anything.
  12. hello gt1! do you have any news or updates regarding your relative's N-400 case / oath ceremony?
  13. hello Afrocraft! One more question to you - if I have a proof of the decision, can anything be done regarding the time of the oath ceremony scheduling? yes, I know that it takes longer for the oath ceremony to be scheduled in case of the name change but it's already been 120 days of waiting for me. thank you for your help.
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