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Finally a US citizen!!!

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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: Mexico

My oath time was at 8:00 AM, I left my house around 6:50 and thought I was leaving at the right time to make it with plenty of time left but boy was I wrong! First I forgot about the gas so I had to stop in the morning to get gas, then once I got on the freeway (78 east) everything looked to be going as planned but once I got close to I-15 south, it didn't seem too good. The traffic was moving at like 10 MPH when it actually moved. :/ I was trying to stay positive and this stop n go traffic lasted for about 3 miles at least and I was not even close to San Diego. Then it actually started to flow, it was about 7:40 by then, then it stopped again but this time only for about 1 or 2 miles then it was moving again. Then when I finally got to downtown, there was more traffic to get off the freeway, by this point I knew I was late. When I finally got off the freeway, it was 8:05. All that traffic thanks to the rain :/

Now, I drove towards the Golden Hall and when I got there I saw a big line to get into the building, I was relieved to see there was not going to be a problem for being late. I got into the parking area and it was around 8:20, I got off the car and into the elevator that took me to street level. I then proceeded to get in line by then it was around 8:30 but I made it in time to get in line, there were more people lining up behind me so I wasn't the only one that was late :) Once I got to the entrance (with my letter and green card on hand) they checked the letter quickly and in I went, there were about 10 lines that you could get into to. so I chose one and they checked the letter and took my green card :( then gave me some papers and a small flag. I was told to follow the diretions on a sheet of paper after the ceremony to pick up my certificate, it had number 8 circled. Then I took a seat and waited till it started, finally it started with a little game. There were about 16 ladies sitting down on the stage and 16 gentlemen standing behind the ladies. 3 people were chosen to try and match the men with their partners (the men and women on the stage were couples that were going to get naturalized as well) I have to admit it was a little fun watching them move the guys from one girl to the other. After this, 4 people danced about 4 or 5 polish dances, then people talked about the rights and responsibilities of being an American citizen, then the judge came on stage and granted the name changes :) He said some nice words about how his parents were naturalized on a similar ceremony and how great America is. The judge continued on to say the oath as we repeated after him. He then continued to say that there were 71 countries being represented that day by about 660 people. He named every single country and people had to stand up once their country was named. The judge then left the stage after congratulating every one on their new citizenship, then more people were introduced to give announcements about passport, registering to vote, and more resources. Then we were dismissed row by row, I then continued toward station number 8.

Once it was my turn, the lady took my letter and handed me the certificate, I had to check for any errors and was told to sign it at home :) I then walked out to the lobby and took a picture next to the American flag. I picked up a passport application and registered to vote :) I was finally done and ready to head out, by then it was around 11:30. Now where can I get a protector for my certificate?????

I want to take this chance and thank everyone here fror their support and help, this forum was very useful when I had questions or when I wanted to know the steps and time to become a citizen. My journey is finally over after about 18 years of coming to this country at age 6. I wish everybody here the best and good luck to everyone filing for their citizenship. I will drop by every once in a while to say hi and to try and give a little back of what everybody gave me. Once again Thank You every single person that has helped me through this 3 month process and even tough I don't know you guys in person I feel like I made some friends here. :) Thank you guys for your wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi! Congratulations!!!!

Just to be sure, double check to make sure what kind of protectors you are allowed to use. I think if you laminate the cert it will become voided and you have to apply for a new one. So make sure whatever protector you use, it can easily be removed.

Congrats again!

N-400 Naturalization Timeline

06/28/11 .. Mailed N-400 package via Priority mail with delivery confirmation

06/30/11 .. Package Delivered to Dallas Lockbox

07/06/11 .. Received e-mail notification of application acceptance

07/06/11 .. Check cashed

07/08/11 .. Received NOA letter

07/29/11 .. Received text/e-mail for biometrics notice

08/03/11 .. Received Biometrics letter - scheduled for 8/24/11

08/04/11 .. Walk-in finger prints done.

08/08/11 .. Received text/e-mail: Placed in line for interview scheduling

09/12/11 .. Received Yellow letter dated 9/7/11

09/13/11 .. Received text/e-mail: Interview scheduled

09/16/11 .. Received interview letter

10/19/11 .. Interview - PASSED

10/20/11 .. Received text/email: Oath scheduled

10/22/11 .. Received OATH letter

11/09/11 .. Oath ceremony

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Canada

Wonderful! Congratulations. :star:


NOA1 08/19/08

NOA2 01/20/09


Received 01/26/09

Completed 02/13/09 (19 Days)

Interview Assigned 03/27/09 (6 weeks after NVC completion)


04/14/09 (Toronto)


Montreal 05/12/09 (88 days after NVC completion) **APPROVED**


06/16/09 Buffalo

07/02/09 Welcome Letter Received

07/07/09 Applied for SSN

07/10/09 "Card production ordered" email received

07/13/09 SSN received

07/14/09 "Approval notice sent" email received

07/17/09 GREEN CARD received

Removal of Conditions

03/21/11 I-751 mailed to VSC

03/23/11 I-751 received at VSC

03/29/11 Cheque Cashed

03/30/11 NOA1 received (3/24/11)

04/11/11 Biometrics appointment notice received

05/05/11 Biometric appointment

12/13/11 **Approval date** (5 days short of 9 months!)

12/19/11 Approval letter and green card received


05/16/2019 Filed online (estimated completion February 2020)

05/18/2019 Biometrics scheduled

05/21/2019 Receipt notice and biometrics notices posted to online account.05/23/2019 Hard copy of NOA1 received

05/24/2019 Hard copy of biometrics appointment received

06/07/2019 Biometrics appointment (estimated completion January 2020)

12/31/2019 Email received "Interview scheduled"

01/01/2020 Interview date notice posted to online account (02/19/2020)

01/05/2019 Hard copy of interview appointment received

02/19/2020 Interview (**Approved**) and same day Oath Ceremony. 

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Congrats!!! I am sure it must be a fantastic feeling to be done with USCIS forever. :dance:

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Jamaica

Congrats Danny! So very happy for you, fellow citizen! :thumbs::yes:

I-130 for husband - see TIMELINE

10/23/2007 - Receive SSC (took 9 days from POE)

12/04/2007 - Receive Welcome Letter

12/14/2007 - Received 2nd Welcome Letter and Green card!!!



09/21/2010 - Mailed application to Lewisville TX location

09/23/2010 - Information input in the system/check cashed

09/29/2010 - N-400 receipt received

09/30/2010 - RFE mailed

10/15/2010 - Biometrics appt (@8am) YAY!!!!

11/20/2010 - Received the yellow letter (dated 11/17/2010)

11/30/2010 - Case moved to the Testing & Interview stage (Email)

12/03/2010 - Received interview letter

01/06/2011 - Interview @ 10:15a...APPROVED!

02/12/2011 - Received oath ceremony letter (dated 02/10/2011)

02/18/2011 - Received descheduled oath ceremony letter (dated 2/15/2011)

02/26/2011 - Received new oath ceremony letter

03/02/2011 - Oath Ceremony @ 1:30p (IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!)

03/09/2011 - Oath Ceremony @ 1:30p...FINALLY A CITIZEN!!!

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Canada

Congratulations! What a lovely Oath ceremony you had - it will really be something lovely for everyone there to remember :yes: .

You should make some colour copies of your certificate - you are allowed to do so. You will need to use it to update your SSN status (if you didn't do that already) and then you will need to send it off with your passport application (unless you have a Passport Application Center near you in which case you show it to them but they don't need to keep it). When your passport is ready they will send you back your certificate and your passport. Store then both somewhere safe. You can put the certificate into a plastic sleeve or a cardboard folder but don't laminate it.

Again, congratulations!

“...Isn't it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive--it's such an interesting world. It wouldn't be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it? There'd be no scope for imagination then, would there?”

. Lucy Maude Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


Another Member of the VJ Fluffy Kitty Posse!

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Jamaica

Good things come to those who wait. :)


12/23/10: United States Citizen


02/14/11: I-130- Petition For Alien Relative

02/28/11: ASC *Biometrics*- 2/28/11(Early Walk In)

04/06/11: I-765 (EAD) card production ordered

04/14/11: EAD card received

06/07/11: Interview date set for *07/12/11*


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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Canada

Congrats!!! Enjoy your new life as a proud U.S. citizen!!!


KURT & RAYMA (K-1 Visa)

Oct. 9/03... I-129F sent to NSC

June 10/04... K-1 Interview - APPROVED!!!!

July 31/04... Entered U.S.

Aug. 28/04... WEDDING DAY!!!!

Aug. 30/04... I-485, I-765 & I-131 sent to Seattle

Dec. 10/04... AOS Interview - APPROVED!!!!! (Passport stamped)

Sept. 9/06... I-751 sent to NSC

May 15/07... 10-Yr. PR Card arrives in the mail

Sept. 13/07... N-400 sent to NSC

Aug. 21/08... Interview - PASSED!!!!

Sept. 2/08... Oath Ceremony

Sept. 5/08... Sent in Voter Registration Card

Sept. 9/08... SSA office to change status to "U.S. citizen"

Oct. 8/08... Applied in person for U.S. Passport

Oct. 22/08... U.S. Passport received


KAELY (K-2 Visa)

Apr. 6/05... DS-230, Part I faxed to Vancouver Consulate

May 26/05... K-2 Interview - APPROVED!!!!

Sept. 5/05... Entered U.S.

Sept. 7/05... I-485 & I-131 sent to CLB

Feb. 22/06... AOS Interview - APPROVED!!!!! (Passport NOT stamped)

Dec. 4/07... I-751 sent to NSC

May 23/08... 10-Yr. PR Card arrives in the mail

Mar. 22/11.... N-400 sent to AZ

June 27/11..... Interview - PASSED!!!

July 12/11..... Oath Ceremony

We're NOT lawyers.... just your average folks who had to find their own way!!!!! Anything we post here is simply our own opinions/suggestions/experiences and should not be taken as LAW!!!!

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Australia

Wonderful recount Danny..Congrats again dude.

Guess I should write my story too....

"When a man is educated, an individual is educated; when a woman is educated, a family and a country are educated."

— Mahatma Gandhi

The timeline... (Frankfurt) for the kids visas

10/22/2007 Filed I-130 x 2 in person + paid 710 USD (355 each )

10/22/2007 Filed DS-230 part 1 x 2

10/22/2007 Received the document checklist and FRN (case) numbers

12/18/2007 I-130 petition approved, but I didn't know. I was away at the time, didn't get confirmation letters til I got back from the states.

12/20/2007 Notice of Approval arrives in tha mail. According to the date received stamp on back of envelope at my post box.

Will now wait til hubby is back from Iraq to fax in checklist readiness, even though, I have been ready since day of lodging I-130's. all except medical.

02/18/2008 Faxed the "checklist" back to the consulate.

02/25/2008 Medicals completed.

02/25/2008 Appt letters in mail for appt on March 7th. Cant go due to prior military commitments. Emailed consulate and received an amended appt date of March 12th 2008.

03/12/2008 Visa interview - APPROVED x 2

03/27/2008 Visa's finally generated. I emailed the consulate. they apologised for the delay. They forgot to issue the visas after approval.

03/31/2008 Received visas

04/26/2008 Flying out of Frankfurt to next duty station on orders.

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