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    Brian (US) and Jodee (Australia)

    K1 Visa Timeline ~ California/Sydney
    I-129F mailed to CSC: 25 Nov 2002
    I-129F received at CSC: 27 Nov 2002
    NOA1: 02 Dec 2002
    NOA2: Online Approval 15 March 03* (110 days)
    NOA2 in mail: Never Received
    NVC receives file: March 24 2003
    NVC fwds to Sydney: March 27 2003
    Received by Sydney: April 02 2003
    Received Packet 3: March 19 2003* I faxed Sydney upon online approval to ask them to send Pkt 3, so I could get a head start, was no problem at all for them to do this.
    Ran into some Child Custodial problems just after this date. Have had to delay Visa process til problem resolved. Contacted Sydney Consulate and they were more than accomodating. Advised that if the petition expires prior to resolving issues, get my fiance to write a letter stating that he still wishes to marry me and have it faxed to Sydney Consulate, just prior to my K1 interview date. Typically I-129 f 's only have a use by date of 4 months from approval.
    Sent Packet 3 forms: Sept 29 2003
    K1 Interview Date: Nov 03 2003
    * Visa Issuance Unsuccessful* due to a minor police report discrepancy. Consulate asked to retain my Passport, and sent me on my way to rectify discepancy.
    Received VISA K1: in mail Dec 01 2003
    Flew out to Los Angeles: 21 Dec 2003.
    Married: February 04

    My K1 timeline is in my profile, too long for here!!
    AOS, and other stuff is below.

    AOS/EAD/AP Timeline ~ Los Angeles Office
    AOS/EAD to LA Office: 24 Feb 2004(walk-in)
    EAD issued: same day 24 Feb 2004
    Biometrics for AOS: same day 24 Feb 2004
    Lodged AP: 11 March 2004
    AP issued : same day
    Flew out of USA: 18 March 2004
    Flew back in using AP doc: 14 Jul 2004
    Appt for AOS: 26 Jul 2004
    AOS APPROVED!!..Finally a conditional resident free to come and go!! yay!!

    [color=red]:DISCLAIMER: I am neither a lawyer nor received any training whatsoever in legal issues. The views I express are through my own personal experiences. Always consult and Attorney or legal professional for legal advice.[/color][/color]

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