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    Feb. 2003... Met online
    Mar. 28/03... Met in person in Canada
    Aug. 20/03... Got engaged
    Oct. 9/03... I-129F sent to NSC
    Oct. 14/03... NOA1
    Apr. 21/04... NOA2
    May 19/04... Medical Exam (Vancouver)
    June 10/04... K-1 Interview - APPROVED!!!!
    July 31/04... Entered U.S.
    Aug. 28/04... WEDDING DAY!!!!
    Aug. 30/04... I-485, I-765 & I-131 sent to Seattle
    Oct. 19/04... AP Approved
    Nov. 1/04... EAD Approved
    Dec. 10/04... AOS Interview - APPROVED!!!!! (Passport stamped)
    Dec. 27/04... "Welcome to USA" letter rec'd
    Jan. 7/05... Conditional PR Card arrives in the mail
    Mar. 1/05... Started 1st job in U.S. (Proctor)
    Nov. 28/05... Moved into "our" brand new house
    Sept. 9/06... I-751 sent to NSC
    Sept. 27/06... Started 2nd job in U.S. (Optical Technician)
    Oct. 10/06... NOA & Biometrics Letter rec'd
    Oct. 18/06... Biometrics
    May 8/07... Email rec'd "Card Production Ordered" (May 7/07)
    May 15/07... 10-Yr. PR Card arrives in the mail
    Sept. 13/07... N-400 sent to NSC
    Nov. 8/07... Check clears bank
    Nov. 24/07... NOA rec'd
    Dec. 8/07... Fingerprint Notification rec'd
    Dec. 27/07... Fingerprints done at CIS Seattle
    June 21/08... Interview Letter rec'd
    Aug. 21/08... Interview - PASSED!!!!
    Sept. 2/08... Oath Ceremony
    Sept. 5/08... Sent in Voter Registration Card
    Sept. 9/08... SSA office to change status to "U.S. citizen"
    Oct. 8/08... Applied in person for U.S. Passport
    Oct. 22/08... U.S. Passport received
    DONE!!! DONE!!! DONE!!! DONE!!!

    KAELY (K-2 Visa: Follow-to-join)
    Early 2005.... We started the K-2 process
    Apr. 6/05... DS-230, Part I faxed to Vancouver Consulate
    Apr. 20/05..... Medical Exam (Vancouver) & RCMP Police Certificate obtained
    May 26/05... K-2 Interview - APPROVED!!!!
    Sept. 5/05... Entered U.S.
    Sept. 7/05... I-485 & I-131 sent to CLB
    Sept. 15/05... NOA's rec'd & checks clear the bank
    Oct. 24/05... AP Approved
    Nov. 10/05... Biometrics
    Feb. 22/06... AOS Interview - APPROVED!!!!! (Passport NOT stamped)
    Feb. 27/06... "Welcome to U.S.A." letter rec'd
    Mar. 6/06... Conditional PR Card arrives in the mail
    Mar. 10/06... Applied for SSN
    Mar. 16/06... Rec'd SSN card
    Aug. 2006... Started a part-time job
    Sept. 2006... Started College full-time
    Dec. 4/07... I-751 sent to NSC
    Dec. 21/07... Check clears bank
    Dec. 28/07... NOA rec'd
    Jan. 7/08... Biometrics Letter rec'd
    Jan. 29/08... Biometrics
    Jan. 30/08... Touched
    May 15/08... Email Rec'd "Card Production Ordered"
    May 23/08... 10-Yr. PR Card arrives in the mail
    Mar. 22/11..... N-400 sent to AZ
    May 03/11..... Fingerprints done
    June 27/11..... Interview - PASSED!!!
    July 12/11...... Oath Ceremony

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  1. Thank you for your replies. I am asking for my daughter, the dual citizen. They are not actually married yet, so I'm helping them figure out what is the best route to go to get her fiancé (the Canadian) to the US to live after they are married. They are planning an August, 2021 wedding, so we'll need to figure out when the best time for my daughter to get domicile in the US and then when to start the visa process for her husband.
  2. What visa would a person that is a U.S. citizen, not living in the U.S., apply for to get their Canadian spouse to the U.S.? They both live in Canada, the U.S. citizen works in the U.S. and crosses border every day from Canada to U.S.
  3. I used to be a member of Visajourney back in 2004 when I went through the K-1 and K-2 visa processes for myself and my daughter. My daughter is now a U.S. citizen. I want to ask a question on behalf of my daughter. Here are the facts: 1. She is a dual (Canada/US) citizen. 2. Her spouse is a Canadian citizen. 3. They live in Canada. 4. She works in the U.S. (she commutes across the border every day with her Nexus pass). 5. They want to move to the U.S., he wants to become a PR and they want to buy a house (because house prices are ridiculous in Canada). Given that she is a US citizen and has employment in the US (but lives in Canada), are they eligible for the DCF? Would they go through the Vancouver consulate? Any comments or advice would be appreciated.
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