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3:42 pm


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I have a few questions we filed a K1 visa app and I am a little lost on the process. We did receive the receipt number but who will get a letter about the next steps? My Fianc is in JA and the mail system there is horrible. Will I get a letter or do I have to just check and call until I get an update? My next question is how many days out do they give you before the appointment?

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3:30 pm


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Ok so i am a single mother and I work for every dollar I have. I just got a new position at work where I am able to breath after I pay bills and spoil myself. I really want to go visit my fiance especially since its the holidays, but I know (i pray) in a few months Ill have to fly there for his interview then on top of that pay for him to come to the States. AM i the only one that doesnt get to visit their spouse? I only been twice this year once in feb. and then I went for his bday in April. I miss him so much nut tickets are 700.00 roundtrip for friday to sunday and thats a waste. Any advice

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2018 vs 2019 filing I-129F
7:23 pm


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Hi all

My I-129F is ready to be dropped in the mail. Is there ANY benefit to waiting until Jan 1, 2019 to mail it in terms of approval trends?

In other words, being so late in 2018, are the quotas "met" and automatically being denied a thing or am i over thinking?

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IR5 for Parents
2:06 am


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Does anyone know what are the required documents for a visa interview in Jamaica? I received a letter requesting 3 things but they have a link to download the checklist that contains more

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Help with I-60
9:23 pm


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Hello, my hubs and I needs to file an I-601 form for a signal crimal conviction for possession( which is now decriminalize in Jamaica ). I can t afford a lawyer so I just need some advice on proving hardship.

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