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US Immigration from Jamaica

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12:03 am May 21, 2022


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Hello I have a 2 month old daughter in Jamaica I want to do a DS2029 for her however I won't be present for interview due to work obligation so am doing a DS5507 .can a regular notary notarize my signature on it I can't find any passport office in Las Vegas Nevada thank you.

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AOS NOA1 & Biometrics Mail
10:49 pm May 12, 2022


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How long its taking to get aos noa1 and biometrics mail to arrive in mail box In 2022 ?

Anyone filed this year ? And how long it took for you all ?

Mine showing biometrics was scheduled since last month and still havent gotten any mail nor any noa1 for aos/work permit nor travel permit

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I-864/I-485 RFE
10:41 pm May 4, 2022


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I got the same RFE for my k-1 and K-2 adjustment of status for my step son and husband. My income did not meet poverty guidelines in the two most recent years of taxes submitted. I started a new job January '22 that does meet guidelines. I submitted the offer letter with salary, etc. and paystubs in addition to taxes and transcripts from the past three years. We do not want to use a joint sponsor. Is there a way to respond to this RFE using my recent qualifying income solely? What else can I submit in addition to what I mentioned? Any help is appreciated.

For household size questions I put:

1. 2 (k1 and k-1 individuals)

2. 1 (myself)

4. 1 (our son)

8. 4 (for the total)

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Help writing a letter to the embassy
2:27 pm April 22, 2022


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I got a call from the embassy saying my husband need to provide a letter why he didn t filed tax in the past three year. He a new business owner since 2020 and he have a 3 year grace period to filed his tax for the business. How do I write a letter explaining this information? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Do I need an overstay waiver?
8:14 pm April 15, 2022



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My dad overstayed his tourist visa by 2 years back in the 90s. He came back to his home country willingly (was not deported or anything like that) in 2002. It has now been 12 years. Will he need a waiver or will he be fine since the 10 year ban has already been met?

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