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US Immigration from Jamaica

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Andrew's medical
4:18 am yesterday

Ms grim

Ms grim

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I did my medical and they found drugs in my urine how long will i have to wait before they call me for a second test

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Waiver 212a k1 visa
1:20 am yesterday

Miss daley

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Ihow long do you have to complete the 212a waiver for k1 visa? Is there a time limit? We recived the letter to file a waiver in september i was planning to file in december as im gatering evidence now. Does it matter when i file?

Who has to fill out the waiver foreign fiance or us citizen?

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November 2018 filers IR5 Nebraska
6:23 am October 12, 2019



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Are there any November filers here? We can all share our timelines and assist each other where required.

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Ban for weed
3:03 am October 12, 2019

Miss daley

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Just wondering what would happen if you were put on a one year ban for weed and failed the first random drug test but passed the rest,what would happen? What would be the best thing to do ? Should you wait from the last failed drug test to continue the pricess with the embass? K1 visa

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NVC phone recording
11:21 pm October 7, 2019


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I'm trying to get thru to the NVC and this very annoying recording finally lets me know all reps are busy and to call back. Does anyone know if there is another message that plays when a rep is available or do I have to listen to the annoying one all the way through to wait and hear is anyone is available? Thanks much!!

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