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US Immigration from Jamaica

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Changing my last name to my husband last name
1:30 am


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Good day everyone. I have a question. My passport will expire on May 10th 2019, I m still using my last name because I didn t renew my passport as yet. I also have a US visiting visa, reason why I didn t renew my passport because if I change my last name to my husband last name my visitor visa and passport would have two different last name. My husband is filing for me my case was closed at nvc on the 16 of this month. Sorry if for the confusion. Thanks for the reply.

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Beneficiary's child
4:00 pm


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My fiance has a son and we would like to bring him to the states also, what is needed from his biological mother. I listed him on the k1 visa but do we need to ascertain a written statement from her granting permission or is his passport enough? This is all in Jamaica btw. Ive been trying to find answers prior to the interview so their travels arent delayed. Thank you in advance for any help.

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AOS RFE for co sponsor
2:53 pm


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I had a co sponsor nightmare at the embassy stage. I am getting ready to prepare my husband's AOS packet and will attempt to file the I864 based on my own merits. My current income exceeds the USCIS 125% guidelines. I will be filing I765 along with the I485 so my question is at what stage are RFE's issued? Will my husband receive his employment authorization or will the RFE for the co sponsor (if needed) come first?

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What can I do next?
4:54 pm


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What documents should I start gathering at this point, what documents are needed from and for my beneficary. The embassy is in Kingston Ja btw. Also does this mean they have chosen a date for me?Screenshot_20181016-114556_Chrome.thumb.jpg.853c2a5fe7585554146927ed83ed8531.jpg

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Freelance verification letter
11:43 pm


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Any examples of a freelance musician letter how should i write when self employed .

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