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  1. My wife received the update in question, about a month before she was scheduled for her N-400 interview. She ended up having a combo interview. Her interview was at the San Bernardino office.
  2. Mountain Climber

    N-400 March 2018 Filers

    Congrats! Finally done with this crazy process.
  3. Mountain Climber

    i751 Approval

  4. Congrats! Almost done with this crazy process.
  5. Wife filed her I-751 application early February 2017. She filed her N-400 application late March 2018. She completed her oath ceremony in late July.
  6. When my wife went to her N-400 interview, we brought all the documents she had originally submitted (in case they lost a document), as well as updated bills in both our names. Turns out, all the officer wanted for the I-751 part of the interview was the newer bills.
  7. Mountain Climber

    I-751 May 2017 Filers

    Congrats! Good luck with your interview.
  8. Mountain Climber

    N-400 March 2018 Filers

    Congrats! Good luck on your interview.
  9. My wife submitted her N-400 application on 03/26/18. We had gone to the USCIS office on 05/01/18 to get an N-551 stamp in her passport. The officer told us at that time that she would have a joint interview. On 05/03/18 she received an online notification that her I-751 petition was transferred and that a new office had jurisdiction. Her interview date was on 07/10/18. I have read several other posts on here regarding the San Bernardino Office. It seems combo interviews are the norm. Good luck and relax, I am sure you will be fine.