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Today we received our NOA stating out request for removal of conditions has been approved and card production has been ordered for the PERMANENT RESIDENT CARD!!!

For all of you in the process of applying, here is a list of our evidence. We did not have joint banking accounts, joint lease or mortgage so we were worried about how things would go. But, four months later, without an interview, we have been approved!

Good luck to all and thanks to all the wonderful people in this forum who have helped us along the way!

• Copies of the passport and green card

• Copies of tax transcripts for 2007 and 2008 to show joint filling status.

• Copy of State Farm Insurance Homeowners/Condominium Unitowners Binder-Receipt for our home under both of our names. Dated 6/17/08.

• Copy of State Farm Insurance Condominum Unitowners Policy for our home under both of our names. Dated 06/17/09.

• Copies of joint AT&T wireless account bills:

o 4/17/08-5/16/08

o 9/17/08-10/16/08

o 12/17/09-01/16/10

• Copies of Time Warner cable bill to our home in the name of my husband Dates:

o 1/23/10

o 9/23/09

o 09/23/08

• Copies of ConEdison bill in both of our names. Dates:

o 09/02/08-10/01/08

o 12/04/09-01/05/10

• A copy of our airline reservations and trip insurance for a vacation to Grenada on 8/24/2009.

• A copy of our airline reservation to San Francisco and then to Belize 12/21/08-1/6/09.

• Photos covering the span of our relationship.


2/24 Sent I 129f to VSC

3/2 Check cashed

3/6 NOA2

3/27 Packet 3 arrives

6/19 Interview- APPROVED K1 visa

8/3 Fede arrives in JFK, gets work authorization stamp


9/24 NVC recieves AOS/AP/EAD package

9/28 Check cashed

10/03 NOA1 for EAD, AP

10/07 NOA1 for AOS

10/07 Biometrics letter

10/22 Biometrics appointment


10/25 EAD card production ordered

11/02 EAD card mailed

11/05 EAD card recieved

11/16 Case transfered to CSC

12/10 RFE for I-693

1/14 Contact local Representative for help

2/6 Mail RFE letter stating we didn't send in medical per instructions of AOS for K1 because medical was done less than a year ago (We didn't think we would ever hear from our Congressman at this point)

2/13 Response (finally!) from Rep's office saying USCIS does not have the medical report

2/13 Decide to re-do medical :( another $300 spent in the name of sweet love

3/14 Letter of intent to deny with clear explanation of why.... medical didn't have TB skin test!

3/21/08 Green Card printed

4/1 Receive Green Card!


1/05/2010- Working on 751 packet

2/24/10 "Your item was delivered at 11:10 AM on February 24, 2010 in SAINT ALBANS, VT 05479."

3/5/10 Received NOA dated 2/25/10. Check not cashed yet.

3/17/10 I wrote the date on the check as 2009!!! I had to resend entire package with a new check. :(

3/21/2010- 2 year green card expires

4/23/10 Biometrics Appointment

7/12/10 ROC APPROVED!! Card production ordered for a Lawful Permanent Resident card. (We were not interviewed.)

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Filed: Lift. Cond. (apr) Country: Japan

Congrats fedekat :dance: !! I'll update "Feb Filers" list for you :)

I just noticed you resent package in March! So, you need to be on March Filers list!!

I'll move your name from Feb Filers list to March Filers' :) Let me know the Receipt Date on your NOA letter ;)

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Congratulations!!! :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

K1 Timeline

02/26/2007 - Filed I-129F

03/08/2007 - NOA1

06/05/2007 - NOA2

09/10/2007 - Interview

09/13/2007 - Visa Received

12/14/2007 - Flight to USA, POE-LAX

02/22/2008 - Wedding Date


05/29/2008 - I-485 received at Chicago Lockbox

06/19/2008 - Biometrics

08/25/2008 - Card production ordered

08/30/2008 - Green Card received


07/15/2010 - Mailed I-751 to CSC

07/19/2010 - NOA1

07/21/2010 - Check cleared

08/11/2010 - Biometrics

08/24/2010 - Card production ordered

08/27/2010 - Approval notice received

08/30/2010 - Green card received

N400 - Naturalization

08/08/2011 - Mailed N400 to Phoenix, AZ lockbox

08/12/2011 - NOA

08/15/2011 - Check cashed

09/07/2011 - Biometrics

09/09/2011 - Case status update - In line for testing & interview

09/13/2011 - Case status update - Interview scheduled

09/16/2011 - Interview appointment letter received from the mail

10/31/2011 - Test/Interview - Passed

12/07/2011 - In line for Oath Ceremony Scheduling

01/27/2012 - Oath Ceremony

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: India

Congrulations :dance: :dance: What a relief now....

CR-1 Timeline

12/06/2007: I-130 petition sent to Chicago Lockbox.

01/30/2008: Received NOA 1.

04/25/2008: I-130 APPROVED.

06/04/2008: Came to know about Visa Journey.com.

07/02/2008: CASE COMPLETED.

07/14/2008: Case transferred to Mumbai.

08/27/2008: Interview - Visa Approved

09/03/2008: POE-Chicago

09/04/2008: Applied for SSN

09/11/2008: Received SSN

10/27/2008: Received "Welcome Letter"

11/04/2008: USCIS mailed the approval notice

11/06/2008: Green Card Received !!!

I-751 Timeline

07/02/2010: I-751 mailed to CSC

07/06/2010: CSC received I-751 application

07/06/2010: Check cashed

07/09/2010: CSC mailed the NOA1. Dated: 07/06/2010

07/13/2010: NOA1 Notice received

07/28/2010: Biometrics Appointment Letter received. Dated: 07/20/2010

08/17/2010: Biometrics appointment--- Done

10/07/2010: Approved- Green card production ordered

10/08/2010: Touched

10/15/2010: Green Card Received

N-400 Timeline

06/06/2011: N-400 mailed to AZ Lockbox

06/08/2011: AZ Lockbox received N-400 application

06/13/2011: Check cashed

06/13/2011: NOA1 Notice mailed & received the text

06/23/2011: Biometrics Appointment Letter Mailed

06/27/2011: Biometrics Appointment Letter Received

07/06/2011: Biometrics Appointment-Done

07/08/2011: Placed in line for Interview

08/29/2011: Interview Letter received

10/04/2011: Interview

11/15/2011: Placed in line for Oath Ceremony

06/01/2012: Oath Ceremony.. Finally...

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Jamaica

Congrats! :thumbs:

07-03-2013: Eligible to file
07-22-2013: Application sent (Delivered: 07-24-13)
08-05-2013: NOA1 received (Priority date: 07-24-13, Check cashed: 07-29-13)
08-22-2013: Biometrics (Received: 08-06-13, Walk-in: 08-08-13)
09-03-2013: Inline for interview (Yellow letter received: 10-23-13)
11-04-2013: Interview scheduled (Received: 11-09-13)
12-12-2013: Interview (Approved)
01-03-2014: Oath ceremony, passport application and passport received


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Wow!!! Congratulations girl, I see you applied in January, and Just receive your green card this month, I applied in Jan also, hope to hear good news like you this month,, Again Congratulations!!! yay :dance:

Jan/21/10---- Application Received

Feb/11/10---- Biometrics Taken

March/12/10-- One Yr. Extension Received

March/23/10-- Green Card Expired

June/26/10--- Updated date in USCIS Portfolio

June/29/10--- Place Service Request

July/30/10--- Place 2nd Service Request

Sept/07/2010== Place 3rd Service Request

Sept/27/2010==EMAIL received post decision activity, green card apprived.



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N-400 Naturalization Timeline

06/28/11 .. Mailed N-400 package via Priority mail with delivery confirmation

06/30/11 .. Package Delivered to Dallas Lockbox

07/06/11 .. Received e-mail notification of application acceptance

07/06/11 .. Check cashed

07/08/11 .. Received NOA letter

07/29/11 .. Received text/e-mail for biometrics notice

08/03/11 .. Received Biometrics letter - scheduled for 8/24/11

08/04/11 .. Walk-in finger prints done.

08/08/11 .. Received text/e-mail: Placed in line for interview scheduling

09/12/11 .. Received Yellow letter dated 9/7/11

09/13/11 .. Received text/e-mail: Interview scheduled

09/16/11 .. Received interview letter

10/19/11 .. Interview - PASSED

10/20/11 .. Received text/email: Oath scheduled

10/22/11 .. Received OATH letter

11/09/11 .. Oath ceremony

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Egypt

Congratulations!!!! :thumbs::thumbs::dance::dance:

Passage Revelation 19:11:

11And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

"satan is real and he's playing for keeps
God is realer and we are His sheep
which side are you on, CHOOSE, start moving your feet
choose JESUS and have ETERNAL PEACE" by GOD to me on 9/26/10 about 2am
Thank you Jesus!!!!

Bebe and Cece Winans Heaven

Abdel Halim Hafez Qariat al Fingan

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Thats totally an awesome news!! Congratulation, hopefully ours we'll go as smooth as yours next year :yes:

Oct 2005 - met my baby

Dec 2006 - he proposed

Feb 2007 - K-1 filed

Dec 2007 - K-1 Visa Interview (denied), the reason: i was overstayed my previous visit in 2000-2003 (my bad)

Feb 2008 - I-601 Waiver filed

Sept 2008 - Waiver approved (K-1 Visa issued)

Jan 2009 - the Wedding Blessing & Reception (Bali, Indonesia)

Feb 2009 - Arrived in the US followed by the Civil Wedding & Reception (again:)

March 2009 - AOS filed

April 2009 - Biometric

May 2009 - EAD card in hand

Aug 27th 2009 - AOS Interview (approved, yaay)

Sept 2009- Green Card arrived in the mail...yippeeeew...(i want to sing of Your Love forever)

June 2011 - ROC filed

July 2011 - Biometric

Dec 2011 - ROC approved (Best Christmas ever, i must've been a really good girl this year :)

The wait would be unbearable but it'll be worth it. It strengthens the love, it attaches you even more to each other, it shows how your man would do whatever it takes to be with you, that he will never give up on you because he LOVES you!! All the waits, stresses, tears, heartaches, all the miserable feelings you feel along the way will be paid off once you get what you've been hoping for...oh and WITHOUT PRAYERS? will be like trying to start a fire with water, JUST WON'T WORK!

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Nigeria

Congratulations!!! All the Best.


AOS Timeline
7-23-2010 AOS package mailed priority via USPS to Chicago Lockbox (expected delivery date 7-26-2010)
7-27-2010 AOS package delivered
8-3-2010 NOA 1 AOS/EAD/AP (received hard copy NOA 1's in mailbox 8-7-2010)
8-6-2010 AOS/EAD/AP Touched
8-9-2010 AOS/EAD/AP Touched
9-15-2010 Biometrics walk-in at Alexandria,VA ASC(original appointment date 10-5-2010)
9-15-2010 AOS/EAD Touched
9-16-2010 AOS/EAD Touched
9-22-2010 EAD/AP Touched
9-22-2010 EAD card production ordered. Approved!!!!!
9-23-2010 EAD/AP Touched
9-30-2010 EAD received in mail
10-4-2010 Received interview letter in the mail
11-9-2010 AOS interview 11:00am in Baltimore, Maryland
11-9-2010 Greencard approved!!

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