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Time Lines for Approvals
1:31 pm August 2, 2022


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Every Sunday I receive an email from this website, giving me an estimated time line for my application and it changes from week to week for up to two months one way or the other. One week it says December 10 then the following week says Feb 1. The USCIS website that gives you time line dates to find status of application has been constant from the day I started using it showing a 10.5 months timeline since I entered my application, why the significant difference?

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2x2 photo for the k1 visa interview
1:52 pm July 16, 2022



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Hey guys, sorry for asking again so soon but I figured it wouldn't hurt.

When they ask for two 2x2 photo for the interview, do they mean of just myself, or of myself and my fianc ?

(Thanks again for your help in advance, this forum has helped me a lot)


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How important is providing a criminal background check at the interview stage?
1:59 pm July 15, 2022



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So one of the things I need to bring to the interview stage is a criminal record history/check indicating past criminal record, in which thankfully I have none.

But not only does it ask for it from the local police station (ottawa, canada), but it is also asking for criminal record check from my country of origin (indonesia), which i spent only 2 years as soon as I hit 16+.

this process will be slightly convoluted since it requires for my fingerprints to be sent there somehow from the local police station.

my question is, are they very thorough during the interview stage? will there be possibly any delays if I do not have a criminal background check from my country of origin?

thank you!

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Schengen Visa (Different surnames US Green Card vs. foreign Passport)
6:41 pm June 27, 2022



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Has anyone had any issues applying for a Schengen Visa (for tourism travel) when your Passport has your maiden surname, and Green Card has your married surname? Will the EU accept a copy of the marriage certificate to prove name change?

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Arrived to USA like with Diplomat visa
11:46 pm June 5, 2022



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What if my spouse came to USA with a diplomat visa after I made her the petition and waiting for approval? Can she stay with me and we remarried or No? what to do in this situation?

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