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I-485 RFE
10:13 pm yesterday


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I've received an RFE for my I-485 requesting for birth certificate, which I did send along with the translated version by a certified translator.

However, I am wondering if there is an expiry date on the translated copy? I have attained the translated version in Nov 2019 when I needed it for my K1 visa.

Is that why they requested for my birth certificate again?

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F2A: when should start worried for age of the beneficiery?
1:36 pm July 12, 2021

Anggrek Bulan

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One of my son will be 21 years old in December 2022. When should I start worry about his age? Right now his case is at NVC. All of the necessary documents are submitted per June 22.

Thank you and have a blessed Monday everyone!

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Different Name on SSN and GC
10:30 am July 9, 2021


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My name is S A and that is what's written in all of my documents. I just got my green card a few months ago. I wish to have my husband last name so my name becomes S A M. My green card expiry date is February 2031. If I change the name in my SSN and DL to S A M (my state allows me to get DL with a new name even if my GC is in different name as long as I have proof of name change and new name in SSN), and keep my GC and passport in my maiden name, would that be a problem for work or traveling or is that against the law by USCIS? I have done my research for weeks and still can't find an answer.

I might change my passport name to a new name in a few years (it's a complicated process to change name in my country and also I need to attend court in my country for it) so I will eventually change my green card to my new name when it expires. As of now I haven't decided to naturalize yet as my country doesn't allow dual citizenship for adults and me and my USC husband wants to retire there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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How to update Global Entry/Trusted Traveler Programs?
7:24 pm July 2, 2021


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I have Global Entry / Trusted Traveler Program membership that I signed up when I still had my PRC.

In my TTP dashboard (https://ttp.cbp.dhs.gov/dashboard) I have the ability to update my passport and my PRC. However, those only allows me to update the number and expiration info and the passport section doesn't allow me to add a new passport or change the nationality.

Anyone have any idea how to update my information?

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K1 then CR1
3:48 pm July 2, 2021



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Hello everyone,

I'm planning to go to U.S next month on a K1 visa. Since my situation changed, I will just come for the wedding and honeymoon for about a month then go back to my home country.

I know you can't leave without a parole card or green card but that's why we will go on the CR1 route afterward (we both know that will be another whole waiting game and money, but we're fine with it)

Please help me with these questions:

  1. Will it become a red flag for me to apply to CR1 after K1?
  2. Will USCIS/Embassy be suspicious of why I apply CR1 after K1?
  3. What are documents I can gather while I'm in the states?
  4. Can we submit our documents right away although I'm still in the U.S or we should wait until I leave the country?
  5. Since I will live apart from my partner, should we still need a joint bank account? or medical insurance or mortgage under our both names? would that be necessary?

Thank you!

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