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Name Change After Marriage
7:41 pm April 2, 2020



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Hi everyone. I arrived in San Diego, CA under a K-1 visa on March 5, and we just got married two days ago. I also added my husband's last name to mine on the marriage license.

I understand that for GC/filing AOS I will need to fill the form with my married name.

But within the waiting period between now and getting my GC, am I already allowed to put my married name on other documents/paperwork, such as Driver's License, Medical Card, insurance, bills, etc. even though my existing ID's (passport, SSN, unexpired I-94) are still under my maiden name? Will I encounter a problem when they ask for proof of identity that matches my married name? Is marriage certificate a sufficient for a proof?

I appreciate all the answers.

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Interview status changing
10:55 pm April 1, 2020



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Hi all, on March 31st we got a notification via USCIS online case status that our interview on April 7th just got cancelled and we have to wait for notification in mail. We see it coming along with this COVID-19 situation. I saw that USCIS announced they'll reopen offices on May 1st. We haven't gotten anything in the mail today. But my online status per today is changed to : ready to schedule for interview again.

Anyone has the same experience?

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Well This is Embarrassing
4:41 am March 17, 2020



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I heard what I am about to share is common, but I have never heard anyone share about it. I am hoping someone can give me some advice. My first marriage took place in California in 1999 with a Swedish national. She ended up disappearing on me shortly after that. I searched for a while trying to locate her to file for an annulment, but had no success. I reported her to USCIS for fraud Via email etc. and eventually thought I had placed a public ad as well as submit a thorough attempt at trying to locate her. Life went on, in fact I was married a few years after that thinking we were divorced.....two more times , and divorced twice. I have 2 divorce decrees. I am now happily married with the right woman "finally". My current wife is Indonesian, we were married in a catholic church, our paperwork here is good. But for USCIS , I will have problems if I can not find that first decree. I have called all the courts in California, ALL OF THEM. There is no record of the divorce. I have tried to search for (removed) for 20 years now on and off and still zero trace of her besides a old email , telling a monk she will be going back to Europe in 2005. I am now awaiting for a lawyer to give me a number of a person to tell me exactly what to do , but I figured I would see what kind of response I'd get in here. I am in the market for a divorce lawyer, or a detective, or any answers to help me solve this cold case. My fear is that my marriage here in Indonesia is not valid, but according to the paperwork we are. I used to say, its just a piece of paper, well....that little piece of paper is vital to my life. I can not move forward with CR1or Ir1 until this is resolved. We have been married for two years in Bali, I am about to obtain a 5 year KITAS here. If someone here knows a good lawyer or detective, please private message me the information. Or advice. Thank You. Will I have to re-marry, or can I get the annulment after all these years and I will still be considered married in Indonesia? And will USCIS accept my marriage after an annulment was made after our marriage?

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CR- land border from Canada instead of flying?
11:26 pm March 15, 2020



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so i got my CR1 visa, and it also says serves as temporary I-551 for a year.

with this covid-19 epidemic they canceled flights from Canada to US.. so after POE in Toronto can continue by land to get to US soil?


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Problem with payment page on ustraveldoc?
3:21 am March 11, 2020


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Hi, I have completed the application on ustraveldoc but it doesn't bring me to the payment page. Instead it says :

Your Transaction Is Complete

Please click "Printable Version", print the confirmation, and bring it with you to your interview.

How do I get the 16 digits virtual account number? Am i missing a step?

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