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Benefit to apply SSN before married
3:59 am today



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Hi all...

I've read many statements that it is better to apply for SSN 10-14 working days after arrival to U.S. by K1 Visa, before we have our wedding. Thing that makes me don't understand is what is actually the benefit/s of applying for SSN before married rather than getting married first ?

Could anyone tell me the pros and cons about doing it before married vs after married ?

Thanks in advance.

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12:45 am yesterday

Tia Stephanie

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Hello guys, i get notification through case tracker application if uscis sent requests for indentical evidence for my AOS process. I want to know how long usually does it takes to receive the request via mail? Coz it s been almost week and I don t receive it yet.

Thank You ?

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Original birth certificate...can I substitute that with certified copy?
2:50 pm October 11, 2019


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One of the document requirement of visa interview for IR5 is bringing my original birth certificate to my mom's interview. Can we substitute that with certified- translated copy? I have my original with me and my mom has the certified-translated copy. Just wanted to know if I do not have to send my original as I am afraid it could lost in the mail.


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Name changes
1:25 pm October 11, 2019



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Hi VJs,

So in the form I130 we put my name without my married name ( i am the aplicant/beneficiary)

can we put my married name in form I 864 and D260?


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Worried! Bringing my mom here and affraid to get denied
1:42 pm October 9, 2019


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Hi everyone,

With the new law I am super worried about my mom's approval. I am petitioner and we approved by USCIS on October 3rd. I make 26K/year, still in school but will make at least 40K/year when I graduate next year. Total with my husband we make like almost 90k/year for this year alone. We never under public assistant (food stamp, medicaid, social security, and so on). We only have 1 child. My mom is a retiree, she is 53 and housewife. I saw a post before that she got denied because the embassy worker concern about she will need public assistance as soon as she arrive in the US. Well for me, we make enough money to support my mom (noted that she also have 2 kids under the age of 17. We already support them from here as well) and I am very sure that she will not go under any public assistance when she gets here.

Could anyone reasure me that I do not have to be worried based on my income and situations?

Please help!!!

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