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x-ray packet
7:08 am today


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Almost a month ago I picked up my passport along with the brown packet that I'm supposed to carry with me when I fly to the US. There's a small cut on one side of the packet, but I don't see any x-ray, just a bunch of papers. From my understanding there should be an x-ray right? Or is this packet enough?

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Can I joint sponsor with I-134?
5:49 pm today


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Sorry, I looked for a I-134 section to put this in, but I couldn't find it. I am doing the K1 visa anyway so maybe this is ok,

The I-129f got approved the other day, and I am currently trying to fill out the I-134 sponsor form to mail to Indonesia for her to bring to the interview. I do not think I make enough money to be the sole sponsor, so I am looking for a place to add a joint sponsor, but it's not making any sense to me. I read somewhere online today that maybe I can't do a joint sponsorship with a K1 visa depending on where I am sending it? I'm pretty confused right now. I could just fill out the I-134 form with my fathers information as my joint sponsor, and put his relationship to my fiancee as "father-in-law to be" or something like that, but I'm not sure.

Please help ?

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We got approved!
8:11 pm today


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Got it in the mail today, just shy of 6 months since I sent it in.

So, from what I understand, I need to send her the sponsor form to bring to the interview.

Also, how will that be set up? I know it will be after the paperwork gets to the embassy in Jakarta in ~6week, but will they contact me or her about it? About how far out is it set up?

Also also, will they tell her how/where to get the medical check up? Or is that something g she can do now?

I have a lot of question of what I need to do now haha that letter I got today wasn't very informative, I'm assuming the next letter I get from the place in NH will have more info.


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Patrynomic name as middle name
2:37 pm today


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When filling out US Government forms they ask for the person's middle name. Usually the patrynomic name is thought of as the middle name. For example in Olga Ivanovna Petrova the derivative of the fathers name Ivan is the patrynomic name. However, This name does not appear on some Passports. If the foreign fiance has this name on some Ukrainian documents but does not have this name on their passport should we be using it to fill out forms?

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Almost there?
1:32 am today

Clark C

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My case has been reportedly sent out of the NVC(Nat. Visa Ctr.) to the embassy in Jakarta. My K1 fiance has had her medical and submitted the DS160 today. (She also has my I-134 information.) Would it be advisable to contact the U.S embassy by phone as a follow up requesting an appointment, or should we just wait until we here from them? Also, does the NVC have anything to do now with the appointment in Jakarta, other than just sending them information?

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