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What to put on i130 ever filed a petition
3:40 pm yesterday


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Hi,on page 8 part 5 -1 have you ever previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien ,not shore what to put ,

10 years ago whe went to the embassy for a tourist visa for the USA for my 2 minor child s and one for my wife,does that count or should I put just no? Then later on same page point 6a since I m filing the i130 for my 2 sons I did put the name on my other son that I will send in also ,is that write?

thank for any help

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Affidavit of Support
12:51 am October 10, 2019


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I've a question regarding the affidavit of support.

I'm a US Citizen, my husband and daughter are not. We all live abroad, and I'm planning on moving back to the US and (obviously) bringing my family with me.

I understand that I'm supposed to provide financial evidence that I can support them when we move. Because I can't support them, we have a co-sponsor (my uncle). I understand he'll have to fill out an I-864, as will I, right?

Regarding the tax transcripts, I've never filed US taxes (I've never had enough income to file, by US standards), what shall I do in this aspect? Should I file now? Can I say that I'm exempt from filing? I'm a bit lost.

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Documents need for i130 for a minor child ,father is a usc
10:10 am October 7, 2019


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Hi,I m a usc fileing a i130 for my minor child ,for this I read that I need my passport as proof as uscitizenship,my child s birth certificate ,his passport,any thing else ,thank you

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Joint Sponsor Documentation
9:08 pm October 6, 2019



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Me and my fiancee are waiting for our case to get to the NVC after getting our NOA2, and I have some questions about the documentation we need.

I've been living in Argentina for the last couple of years and we plan to use a co-sponsor for her visa since I'm not working in the U.S.

Do I need to fill forms I-134 and I-184?

What supporting documents do I need to ask the joint sponsor to have ready?


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I130 for child of usc
2:21 am October 3, 2019


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Hi Im a usc living abroad since I was a kid ,i will be going back to live in te states and will begin i130 for my 2 children .i read that since they become a usc once they enter the USA as a legal resident .i should fill the i864w file not the i864 ,is that correct ?

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