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US Immigration from Argentina

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Incredibly disappointing interview
5:56 am September 1, 2023


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So my fianc e went to the interview very prepared, we checked the list 3 times at least, and they wound up asking for more paperwork.

They want copies of my divorces, which were sent 18 months ago when we started the process or I don't think they could have even sent the process to the embassy. I really think the woman just wants her to see my divorce paperwork, even though she told them that she's well aware of all of that.

Also they wanted something different for her criminal background check, a report with some type of exception.

They also want me to file the form proving my income again. I make several times the minimum, but besides that, it's not my fault the process took 18 months. Now I have to pay the lawer to redo this since I really don't want to risk more delays.

The most disturbing is they want her immigration history from 2002-2005 when my fianc e was in the states illegally. They already know this, they asked her about it, and she said yes. But this is well outside of the 10 year ban so it's not even relevant. The worst part is that this immigration history is going to take up to THREE MONTHS to recieve from Argentina.

Anyone have any suggestions??

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I am a citizen and over 21 years of age and I want to petition my parents who are outside the USA
9:18 pm August 18, 2023



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how long is the process until they can enter the US?

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I-129F sent (Merged)
7:48 pm August 18, 2023



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How long is the time since you sent the I-129F to the fianc s entry to US?

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What forms should I send with the first package to USCIS K1 visa? thank you! (Merged)
1:45 pm August 17, 2023



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I'm about to start my process and I want to make sure I send everything correctly

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Filed ROC, Separated; Waiver? [split topic]
3:08 am August 17, 2023

Fer Schvarztman

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Hi everyone!, I'm looking for some insight on my situation. I already filed for ROC Jan 2023, and got separated after that. We are close to reach a year separated now. In my situation separation and counseling is not an option, so I believe a waver is what I need. Since I'm waitting for the ROC interview and the gov sent me a letter stating my expired GC is extended for 2 years, that means I should ask for a waver at the interview or file one? I would appreciate some insight about how to go over this situation, as of course I will need legal advice, but at least any data that can put me in the right direction will be much appreciated, thank you!

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