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US Immigration from Argentina

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How can I bring my husband to Argentina in September?
2:26 pm July 30, 2020


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My husband has been in the US during the whole covid situation and we were thinking that the borders were going to open in September, I've been reading and apparently it is not a sure thing. I know Argentinians can enter the US because they don't have restrictions, but to enter Argentina you need to be a citizen or have permanent or temporary residency in Argentina. How can I prove his temporary residency here and what would be the process to follow so he can enter Argentina to be together?

Sounds like a terrible idea, but, is it a good idea to go visit him to the US on a B1 until I have my interview here for the CR-1 and then go back to the US on the CR-1? (I'm just waiting for the interview date, I was DQd on July)

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Some CR1/IR1 questions // J1, COVID related
6:23 pm July 20, 2020


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Hello! My name is B rbara, from Argentina, and by the end of the year (Corona willing and all) my american fiance Derrick and I plan to get married here in Argentina, and start the CR1/IR1 process once he flies back home. He lives in Portland, OR, and I live in Buenos Aires, Arg. We know right now any plans are bound to change, with the pandemic and all, so we're prepared to shift our plans back into 2021. Plan A though is end December 2020. We're still a few months away from starting to file paperwork and all, but I like to be prepared so we've been looking at all the paperwork. I've read the guides here, and checked a few other websites out, but a few questions have arisen and maybe y'all can help us out.

j1 visa things - I did two winter work and travel J1 programs, during the 2018-19 US winter, and the 19-20 US winter, both to Timberline Lodge, OR. During both my J1 stints, I lived in the same place. Should I list the address twice, one for each different period (dec 2018-march 2019 / dec 2019-march 2020)?

covid stuff - Due to travel bans related to COVID-19, I couldn't return home right away after my second J1 season, and stayed at this house for three months. My embassy and sponsor knew, but the was no legal documents or anything legally tying me to that address. Should I still list it? Also, should we list this as having lived together in the 'proof of bona fide marriage' section? I think 'probably not' as it was never my legal address, not are there any bills showing my name in them. Thought I'd ask though.

spanish citizenship - I hold both argentinian and spanish citizenship. I looked through the forms and didn't see anything asking about dual citizenship on my part. I live in Argentina, we're getting married in Argentina, and I will continue living here until we finish the visa process. Should I disclose this information, somehow? Is it important?

bonafide things - Due to how our relationship panned out, we don't have any of the following:

1. Documentation showing joint ownership or property; or
2. A lease showing joint tenancy of a common residence.

I read somewhere that, in case you lack a bunch of evidence, you can both write a letter explaining why; should we do this to explain why we have no joint ownership/residence? We currently have a joint savings account, technically still only on his name, but he plants on adding me to it once we actually get married.

Thanks in advance! Hope everyone is staying safe.

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Best way to get a ssn
6:41 pm July 19, 2020


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Hi,I ll be entering soon with my minor son(17) ir2 visa I m at the nvc stage and I m filling the 260 form,whats the quickest way for him to get his ssn?
to check the box on the 260 form and wait or put no and go after he arrives poe to a ssn office ?
thank you for any help?

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Argentinians in the U.S. - Emotional Support Group
4:06 pm July 14, 2020


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I found this area in VJ where we can have an off topic discussion. Since we wanted some sort of emotional support group, maybe we can use this thread to just talk about Argentinians in the USA and how they (and those of us married to them) are dealing with today's immigration process, moving to a new country, and handling life in general.


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ROC after divoce
5:31 pm July 10, 2020



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Hey y'all.

I got my green card after marrying a US-C back in December 2018.

We had been together for 2 years, got married in April 2018, we married in Bona Fides. The GC interview in December 2018 went very well and was super easy. Things turned a bit rough since my husband became very violent and abusive (verbally and physically). We separated in July 2019 and filed for divorce in December 2019 (summary of dissolution - AKA amicable divorce - in the state of California). Prior to December 2020 I have to file for ROC alone. I am still waiting for the final divorce decree.

I saw a counselor for over 7 months after the abuse episodes started and this specialists told me she would write a statement of her diagnosis and assessment of the case.

I have some other pictures taken (on top of the ones we presented for our initial interview) and a lot of text/calls. One of them basically states that he hit me. On top of that I have shared car insurance, shared health insurance, and lease. We now live apart of course.

I was planning on writing a statement for the USCIS officer to tell my story. I'll attach the counselor's document.

I saw an attorney a few months ago and she felt that the case was straight-forward and easy to approve, yet she disclaimed 'nothing is written on stone'.

What do you guys recommend I should do in order to prepare well?

Will an interview be required?

Any changes you have noticed with this new covid-era?

Any additional advice?

Not gonna lie, I'm terrified.

Thank you,


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