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USCIS webinar sessions
11:26 pm June 15, 2022


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Hi everyone,

@JeanneAdil shared this link with me, and I thought I would share it with you all. USCIS is hosting some webinars with information for immigrants.

USCIS webinars

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A short rant
7:24 pm June 15, 2022


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I am a little bit frustrated, tbh...

I have been reading here and it seems that, for family- based applications, USCIS seems to be focusing ONLY on AOS... And while I am happy that people are approved, I have already seen two or three cases where they were approved in a very short time (as in, four months...); meanwhile, it seems they've completely stopped working on I-751s! It should be fair for everyone...

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Health insurance
2:38 am May 31, 2022


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Anyone with experience regarding health insurance for beneficiary until they get their residence card?


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Why is Montreal such a tough consulate?
10:04 am May 24, 2022


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Hi everyone! I have a question that s been bugging me for a while now. If Canada is not a high fraud country, why is Montreal a tough consulate?

Mind you, I am not from Canada, and I have never done consular processing. But in all my years in VJ, I have been reading about tough consulates, such as Lagos, Mumbai, Islamabad those I can understand. But why Montreal?

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Affidavit of support
2:02 pm May 10, 2022


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I am confused about which affidavit of support id required. Before discovering this site I used Rapid Visa to assist with my application, the I-134 they have is completely different the one I got opened from the link provided by the NVC https://www.uscis.gov/i-134. This one is asking for financial information of the beneficiary as well as mine, I thought this form was for the sponsor?

Thanks in advance for any help

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