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US Immigration from Argentina

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11:50 pm January 21, 2019

M and Ed

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Hi everyone!

I'm starting this thread for those of us having their K1 interviews in Buenos Aires during the Argentinian summer.

Let's keep each other posted on experiences, doubts, concerns and comments.

Good luck!

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Argentina Medical - What if we don't have vaccination records?
9:51 pm January 21, 2019


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Hi All!

My fianc and I have already received NOA2 (filing from Argentina!) and are booking his medical appointment before the embassy interview. My question is, he does not have any vaccination records from childhood, etc. His parents died/are mentally ill and did not keep any.

Is this a big deal? I feel like he isn't the first Argentine to not have their vaccination records on hand... Any tips? Should we even worry, will the doctor at the appointment figure out which ones he needs regardless?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Traveling Abroad on Green Card
12:47 am January 21, 2019


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My husband's green card interview is in a few weeks. Hopefully all goes well (and I anticipate it will be fine). Once he gets that, we will remove his conditions in 2 year (minus 90 days) and he will apply for naturalization after 3 years. He is currently studying in college and has his summer break beginning in mid-May until the end of August. Are we permitted to travel to Europe during his summer vacation to backpack for a few months? I would think this would be okay, as he would be in the country for more than 6 months this year (we are in his home country for a month right now). He would still have ties to the country and his fall tuition would have already been paid for by the time we left. Just wanted to get some opinions.

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New I 134 form?
7:53 pm January 17, 2019

M and Ed

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Hey everyone,

I've looked everywhere but the only I134 form I could find is the one issued in 2016.

Is there a newer version around?

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Translating text messages
10:14 pm January 15, 2019


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Hi everyone,

I apologize if anyone s asked this question already. Everything that is not in English, we ve had translated and certified. However, can I translate the texts messages myself? I can t imagine having to have texts translated and certified, that would be hundreds of dollars...

Thank you.

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