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Is an CR-1 visa immediately switched to an IR-1 if the interview takes place after we’ve been married for two years?
4:51 am today


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Hi all! Hope everyone is safe and healthy. My husband and I were recently DQ d last month, but with the embassy closures our interview was never scheduled. When they are able to go back to work (whether that be May 7th or they have to extend it), we will have to wait for all the people who had their interviews cancelled to get rescheduled so I m thinking our interview might not be until July or even later. Our 2 year wedding anniversary is the second week of July, so I was wondering if my husband has his interview and the visa is issued after our wedding anniversary, does the CR-1 automatically switch to an IR-1 without us having to do any additional work? Sorry if this question gets asked a lot; when I googled it, I got some conflicting information that just didn t seem trustworthy.


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SSN - All offices closed
7:03 pm March 22, 2020



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Has anyone been able to find information on how my fianc can get his SSN with all of the offices closed? I am trying to navigate the https://www.ssa.gov/ website to see if they are offering a way to do it online but I'm not seeing anything. We are going to pick up our marriage license tomorrow but I believe he will need a SSN in order to be added to my health insurance.


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Spousal Visa Interview - How do they want the documents handed to them?
5:11 pm March 9, 2020


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I am trying to prepare my husband's paperwork for his eventual I-130 interview. I will most likely be in the country with him when he has his interview but if I am not, I want to have the packet all prepared and in order just in case so it's one less thing he has to worry/be nervous about. I know all the required documents for our embassy and everything that NVC has said BUT how do they want us to hand them this big stack of paper work? Should documents with more than one page be stapled or paper clipped? Should I whole punch things or put them in plastic protectors and put them in a binder or just put everything in order and hand over a stack of paper without any dividers? Should I make a Table of Contents page? I basically want to make it as easy as possible for them to look through our paperwork because we're already 19 months into this process and I don't want to give them a single reason to not approve us or put us under Additional Review. We are still waiting for NVC to approve our paperwork after an RFE so we don't have our interview but I'm just trying to be prepared. If there are similar threads or information about this, link them or let me know about them. I appreciate any help! Thanks!

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Potomac stats on VJ site
12:53 pm March 3, 2020


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Hi all! I was assigned Potomac Service Center even tho I have an IOE case, but still I would like to be able to see some graphs and stats about Potomac. I know you can filter by Potomac but the general trends don't have Potomac in charts. Is it posible to ask for this kind of charts to the owners os VJ?

Also, it would be great to start having all IOE stats since it's a different process for what I've been reading lately

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Getting car without credit score
6:09 am February 27, 2020



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Hi all!

So I recently entered the states and I got a job now. Getting there is not super easy by bus though so I am considering getting a used car. Any ideas/experiences on the best way to do this?

I have a bank account here and a debit card but no credit card. Of couse I don't have a credit score. I went to the bank and talked to them about a loan but the employee told me that they are probably gonna deny it. He suggested to go to a car dealer and get a loan with them. He said that they are probably going to give me a high interest one but I should take it anyway to build credit score. Any other idea?


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