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Michael Smith

Hi there, from Michael and Naphlai!


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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Thailand

Hi there all! My name is Michael, and I am just starting the process to bring my lady Naphalai from Thailand to the US to be with me..

She lives in HK, and works as a caretaker and masseuse in an old folks home in HK, because she can make more money in HK than in Bangkok. It was kind of the usual thing, we met on the net, and started talking and ended up talking more, and more, and MORE. Her best girlfriend owns a small internet cafe in HK, which helped.

I am sorry, but when you both agree in advance that you will be on webcam for 1 hour, and then end up talking for 6 hrs on the cam, and then doing it again the next day, and then do the same for every weekend for the next four months there is something Going On!. She works about 14 hrs per day in HK so we can only talk on week-ends.

I finally had to see her, so I flew to HK spent some time there, and we flew to Thailand together and spent some time there with each other, and with her family. At my age(49), and with some REALLY bad history, I am a little sceptical about "love". I refuse to say that this is love. (she isn't a kid, she is 42)

All I know is that I care about her and think about her every single day, and I want to be with her all of the time. Love, Not love, who cares? She will come here and be my lady, and I really want that more than anything in the world. She will take care of me, and I will take care of her, and I truly think we will be very, very happy together.

I think I have all of the papers together, and will doublecheck over the next 2 days. All I need to do is generate a checklist and a letter, and I think we have it covered! I will create a Timeline soon, and keep it updated.

MEGATHANKS to whoever set up this site, and manages it! The Fiance visa process is not that complex once you know what it is, but starting off from scratch is difficult. If it were not for this site, I would have paid someone to set up the visa, not because I could not set it up, but because I did not know what was required.



PS - One of my favorite blogs in Thailand is kind of under attack by google.com . If you have a minute please go to http://www.mangosauce.com/about/google_kil...sident_blog.php The blog owner "David" is a really nice guy. I am the guy referred to as MDS in the entry. I reallly think that everyone on the web needs to stand up to corporate arrogance and indifference, and kind of draw some lines. Just read the article, and if you are not pissed, do nothing. If you are pissed, send a nasty little email to google, per the directions in the article. I really and truly believe they deserve it. Google is really big, but I do not think they own us........................yet.

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Hi Michael! Hope your process runs smoothly for you both.... :thumbs:

555555.gif to VJ!!

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Australia

Welcome to VJ :) This is the place to be for the best advice and all your questions answered. The people here are great! Good luck with your journey :thumbs:


Alina & James

2000 - Met online in yahoo chat rooms (had known cousin and brother for a year or two)

06-10-2005 - James visited Australia for first time on ETA- met in person

02-14-2006 - Engaged on Valentines day!

03-1-2006 - James returns to the US after 9 wonderful months visiting together

03-15-2006 - Realise we can't live without each other - James visits Australia again

03-24-2006 - I-129f express courier to TSC

03-29-2006 - I-129f package arrives in US, picked up by TSC 5:33am

04-05-2006 - Receipt Notice for NOA1

04-06-2006 - Money order cashed :)

04-11-2006 - Received NOA1 in mail!

07-04-2006 - Received notification that RFE sent on June 23 - Still waiting to actually receive in post.

We sent a letter to CSC to cancel our application. Can't afford repeated air flight tickets to see each other and there's no way we can be apart. Married and staying in Australia :)

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Morocco

Michael... welcome to VJ...

wishing you and Naphlai a lifetime of love and happiness...

and a speedy process!

Tho' lovers be lost, love shall not... and death shall have NO dominion!



The will of God will never take you,

to where the grace of God will not protect you.

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Pakistan

Welcome to VJ and may you have a smooth journey.


Everything I respond to is from personal knowledge, research or experience and I am in no means a lawyer or do I claim to be one. Everyone should read, research and be responsible for your own journey.

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Brazil

Welcome to VJ and good luck on your journey (F)

* K1 Timeline *
* 04/07/06: I-129F Sent to NSC
* 10/02/06: Interview date - APPROVED!
* 10/10/06: POE Houston
* 11/25/06: Wedding day!!!

* AOS/EAD/AP Timeline *
*01/05/07: AOS/EAD/AP sent
*02/19/08: AOS approved
*02/27/08: Permanent Resident Card received

* LOC Timeline *
*12/31/09: Applied Lifting of Condition
*01/04/10: NOA
*02/12/10: Biometrics
*03/03/10: LOC approved
*03/11/10: 10 years green card received

* Naturalization Timeline *
*12/17/10: package sent
*12/29/10: NOA date
*01/19/11: biometrics
*04/12/11: interview
*04/15/11: approval letter
*05/13/11: Oath Ceremony - Officially done with Immigration.

Complete Timeline

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Thailand

Welcome :D

09/05/2005 Met Tik thru my brothers Thai Wife

12/01/2005 First meeting in Thailand

12/12/2005 Returned to the USA

12/13/2005 I-129F mailed express mail to TSC

12/15/2005 TSC Recived paperwork

12/21/2005 Noa-1

12/27/2005 Noa-1 recieved snail mail dated Dec 21 transfered to CSC

03/14/2006 NOA 2

03/16/2006 Medical, Police report and postal fee paid.

03/21/2006 NVC Sent to Bangkok

03/24/2006 Bangkok gets package tracked online with DHL

03/27/2006 Mailed in packet 3

04/04/2006 Interview assigned May 22 2006

05/22/2006 Interview day... delayed Approval because of FBI NAME CHECK

05/26/2006 VISA RECIEVED!!!!!!!!!!

05/27/2006 POE LAX ..MY BABY IN AMERICA!!!!

06/17/2006 Wedding DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! MARRIED!!!

06/19/2006 Applied for ssn

06/26/2006 Recieved SSN


08/03/2006 Sent AOS paperwork to Chicago lockbox

08/07/2006 Recived at Chicago

08/15/2006 NOA for 485 and 131

08/30/2006 Biometrics

08/30/2006 Notice Transfered to CSC.. Hello My old CSC Friends

9/26/06 Received Welcome Notice email

09/30/06 Green Card IN HAND

01/08/07 Pregnant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09/26/07 Baby Here!!!!!


( ='.'= )


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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: South Korea
:dance: Welcome to VJ and good luck to the both of you for a speedy process :thumbs:

1/12/06 Mail I-129f express mail

1/13/06 TSC rec'd

1/23/06 NOA1 from CSC

1/27/06 - Check cleared

7/10/06 - NOA2

7/14/06- rec'd @ NVC

8/14/06- NVC sent petition to Consulate

8/17/06 - Korean Consulate rec'd Petition

8/23/06 - rec'd packet 3 from Consulate

8/25/06 - sent packet 3 back to Consulate

8/27/06 - got confirmation email from Consulate, they rec'd packet three

8/27/06 - requested interview date via Consulate internet site.

9/1/06 - Checked internet site for interveiw date, it was there

9/25/06 - Interview date - APPROVED

9/28/06 - Visa in Zaeems Hand - YEAHHHHH

1/6/07 - leaving for USA

1/20/07 - Wedding Date

1/20/07 - MARRIED!!!!!

2/10/07 - rec'd certified copy of marriage license


3/13/07 - AOS package rec'd at Chicago Lockbox

3/20/07 - Rec'd Social Security Card

3/21/07 - Checks Cashed and Case Status online

3/24/07 - NOA1 Rec'd for AOS and EAD

3/27/07 - rec'd Biometrics appt letter - scheduled for 4/20/07 @ 11:00am

4/02/07 - "touched"

4/20/07 - had biometrics appt.

4/21/07 - rec'd letter stating case was transferred to CSC

5/22/07 - rec'd Case Pending at CSC email

6/25/07 - EAD card production ordered

7/7/07 - EAD "touched"

7/7/07 - AOS "touched"

8-6-07 - Rec'd EAD Card in the Mail


7-2-10 - Received 10 year green card in mail

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: Canada

Michael, welcome and good luck with your visa journey!


09/16/2005 Mailed I-130 (CSC)

09/21/2005 NOA 1

02/07/2006 NOA 2 (Day 143)

02/25/2006 Petitioner receives AOS Bill in U.S. (Day 161)

02/27/2006 AOS Bill (regular USPS) and DS-3032 (Canada Post regular) are mailed out

03/21/2006 Petitioner receives I-864 package (Day 185)

03/22/2006 Beneficiary receives IV Bill and sends payment - regular mail (Day 186)

03/24/2006 Petitioner sends back I-864 (Day 188)

04/13/2006 Beneficiary receives DS-230 (Day 208)

05/10/2006 Beneficiary sends back DS-230 and docs to NVC via Fedex (Day 235)

05/19/2006 NVC issues RFE on Question # 20 on the DS-230. (Day 244)

05/29/2006 Beneficiary receives RFE and sends it off (Day 254)

06/02/2006 NVC receives RFE (Day 258)

06/16/2006 Case Complete! (Day 272)

07/07/2006 Case forwarded to Consulate in Montreal (Day 293)


08/14/2006 Picked up visa and crossed the border.

08/25/2006 SS card arrives in the mail

09/07/2006 GC arrives in the mail.


02/01/2006 Mailed I-129F

02/07/2006 NOA1

04/14/2006 I-129F is approved!

04/24/2006 NVC forwards the application to the consulate in Montreal

05/01/2006 Packet 3 is received from consulate & is sent of 3 days later

07/07/2006 Medical

08/08/2006 INTERVIEW- cancelled bec. of CR-1

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: Morocco

welcome aboard VJ, enjoy your journey, its one in a life time experience :lol:


08/26/08 filling date

08/27/08 NOA1

09/12/08 Notice for BIO

10/01/08 BIO

02/04/09 RFE received

02/20/09 RFE mailed

03/03/09 APPROVED


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Filed: Other Country: England

WELCOME!! :) And all the best to you..and Michael..this is just an opinion...but ...

YOU'RE IN LOVE, MR.!!!!!!!! ;):lol: :lol: :lol: just teasin ya! :) M.


10 year green card received

mid March, 2008. Done 'til Naturalization! WOOT! :)

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Welcome to Vj!

When you get past 40 you tend to approach life and relationships differently and sometimes feel a little jaded but Michael when it's love it's love no matter how old you are just enjoy it :thumbs:


Edited by MrsW2B

> Texas have received out application and cashed the cheque!

We got our NOA1 as at 26 Oct 2005!

Sent to CSC 26 Oct 2005

NOA2 26 Jan 2006

Sent to Embassy 9 Feb 2006

Embassy sent pk3 21 feb 2006

Recd and return pk3 27 feb

Medical 8 March

recd pk4 11 April

Interview 10 May

Visa Approved 10 May

Visa Received 13 May

Fly to Memphis 21 june

Married 1 September

AOS NOA1 23 Jan 2007

Case transferred to Missourri

Case transferred back to CSC feb 01

Card in the mail March 05

Case approved March 005

Welcome to America Letters received March 08

Filed for lifting of conditions - received in Vermont Jan 20 2009

I-797C NOA received Jan 26 2009

Visit My Website

A Joy unshared is like and unlighted candle

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Filed: Country: Indonesia

Welcome to VJ & good luck with your journey! :thumbs::yes:

Our K1 Journey Click Here
K1 Interview in Jakarta Click Here
AOS Journey:
May 02, 2006 :AOS Sent to Chicago...Let the couting begin
May 03, 2006 :AOS received in Chicago
May 12, 2006 :Received NOA1 dated 05/09/2006
May 22, 2006 Biometrics Notice Rcvd dated 05/17/2006
May 30, 2006 :Biometrics done in ASC Birmingham
July 01, 2006 :Interview Letter received
Aug 30, 2006 :Interview in Atlanta & got RFE for I-693A! OUCH!!!
November, 2006 :I-693A Sent. The waiting goes on...
April 4, 2007: Infopass & it doesn't help at all!!!
April 18, 2007 :Contacting our Congressman.
May 18, 2007 : E-mail rcvd, Welcome Notice Sent! Finally!!!
April 22, 2007 : E-mail rcvd, GC has been ordered
April 24, 2007 : Welcome Notice Rvcd. Yeeehaaa!!!!
June 1, 2007: GC arrived! Yippy! USCIS Free for 2 years!
2008: Moved to China
2009: Conditional GC Expired and Husband has been having affairs since 2008 in China. Can't file for ROC since he got laid off. He came to Jakarta to live with me and my parents. He got a new job. Life resume to normal or so I thought.
March 2010: Officially separated after yet more affairs exposed just a day after my birthday!

February 2011: Officially divorced.
June 18, 2011: He married the girl he had the last affair with.

August 2014: I am engaged with my real soulmate. Not an American.

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