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Questions on the I-129F I haven't found answers for
12:11 am November 28, 2018


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Hello All,

Brand new to this and in the beginning stages of the process.

I have been reading on this site for months now, well before my fiance' even proposed because we already knew it was going to be the process we would need to take for our future. My mind just wanted all the knowledge I could get on it. I have tried to search the internet and on here for a few of these questions without any success or the person inquiring about things on here didn't really fit my personal situation. With that said I hope someone reads this and is able to help. :) Sorry in advance if the questions seem dumb or simple, I just want to get everything right and not leave anything blank/left out that shouldn't be.

Question 1. My fiance's mother is deceased, sadly she passed 6 months before i knew him. When filling out the information of his parents and where they currently reside, should i put ' deceased' somewhere in the box, like next to country of residency? Technically she is in Wales. I don't know if it really matters but you never know. ( 33.a & 33.b)

Question 2. Beneficiary's physical address abroad: would that be considered where he lives currently even though i had already filled that out in a different section? (47a.)

Question 3. For my job and his it will not let me enter 'PRESENT' in the "-Employment end date" box, Do I just leave it blank then?

Question 4. G-325A- I saw on some Youtube videos and online people had added this to their packet- are these forms still required? Is it a good idea to just include them anyways if not?

Question 5. We have both been previously married, i am including both are divorce decrees in packet, i was wondering if on our' Letter of Intent' do I need to included the we are both legally divorced and our decrees are following pages after letters, or just add the divorce decees are included only in the' Table of contents". Also do the letters of intent have to be different or can i just email him what I typed up to sign and send back to me.

Questions 6. Does anything from him need a wet signature, one that is not a copy or printed out?

Questions 7. MY BIGGEST ONE- I've looked all over this site for help with this and no one had my situation. In regards to Part 3. 4.a

So back in 2013 i was pulled over cause half the word Missouri was blocked by a back up cam i didn't even know was on the car and in Missouri there is a license plan on the front and back, pretty sure i was profiled cause i was on cruise control for the speed limit as well and he was just bored i assume. Anyways he played a cops trick of "you're free to go", hands back the license, wait 10 seconds, " but do you mind if i keep talking to you", i messed up and said sure when i should of got back in my car and left. Long story short i had 2 grams of weed and a pipe in the car. So i was booked and release 2 hrs later. I was charged with possession and paraphernalia. It was a misdemeanor and i got diversion for a year and completed everything. Now in reading what the section says i would assume its a "yes" for the question and a brief description? Do i also need to include a police report of some kind? I actually have the original arrest report, does that work, so if i need to submit it do i just include it? or will the description work? Only reason I'm concerned is because of the whole " No more RFE" ####### that came about this year. It's making me much more paranoid.

2nd thing is in 2007 i got a MIP ( minor in possession) of alcohol, thanks to the city doing "party patrols" and someone who got pulled over after they left narc'd and with that I did a fine and release. Therefore I paid and that was it. I've looked multiple time online on our county site and it never comes up when i enter my name. Do i need to include that has well?

And i figure since i don't have 3 or ore conviction to the question 2.c. the answer would be a "No' which is the only time they request you send them documents and reports.

I also paid for a KSBI criminal back ground check on myself and nothing at all came up.

Thank you for reading all this and any help would be greatly appreciated! I keep hope this process will go smoothly, cause as well all know hope is all we have for this whole process.

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Tampa N400 Filers
11:40 pm November 25, 2018


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I thought I would start this thread to keep us all up to date with peoples timelines. If you filed in Tampa keep us up to date. This will help recent filers (like me) know how long we might have to wait, and any questions about interviews in our specific office answered!

Thanks & I hope this is a productive thread!

I filed Nov 6th.

Walked in Bio Nov 19th. no issues with walk in.

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7:26 pm November 6, 2018


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HELLO! I just submitted my application online for N-400 today.

Local office is Tampa - anyone else?

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Paper vs Online Application
8:36 pm November 3, 2018


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Hi All. About to file my N400. (I'm a few days late and hating myself!!)

I tried searching but is there any info out there about Paper vs Online applications being faster/better/easier etc?


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Chicago I-751 interview - phones allowed?
8:51 pm September 16, 2018


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Hey guys, we have our I-751 interview tomorrow in Chicago and the website says no phones. I have heard of nearby drop off points for phones, but does anyone know if they are actually allowed inside if they're off? Would hate to wait in line and then have to turn around and go put our phones somewhere but would like to keep our phones on us if possible. Thanks in advance!

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