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7:26 pm


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HELLO! I just submitted my application online for N-400 today.

Local office is Tampa - anyone else?

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Paper vs Online Application
8:36 pm


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Hi All. About to file my N400. (I'm a few days late and hating myself!!)

I tried searching but is there any info out there about Paper vs Online applications being faster/better/easier etc?


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Chicago I-751 interview - phones allowed?
8:51 pm


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Hey guys, we have our I-751 interview tomorrow in Chicago and the website says no phones. I have heard of nearby drop off points for phones, but does anyone know if they are actually allowed inside if they're off? Would hate to wait in line and then have to turn around and go put our phones somewhere but would like to keep our phones on us if possible. Thanks in advance!

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I-751 Interview (Chicago)
7:03 pm


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Hi there,

My Welsh husband and I filed for ROC in June of 2017 and hadn't heard anything about our case until a letter came last week asking us both to attend a I-751 interview in the middle of September. So far in the I-751 June 2017 filers forum, I haven't really seen anyone else be called for an interview. Has anyone else experienced this, specifically in Chicago? We also applied for N-400 in May of 2018, so someone had said this was possibly a joint interview for I-751/N-400, but the form only mentions the ROC so I'm not sure if this is actually a possibility. Any information about ROC interviews would be helpful as I've looked through the forum but haven't found too much. I thought my paperwork was super thorough and proved we were a legit couple but now I'm wondering if they noted a red flag or something (there is no reason that I can think of for us to be red flagged however) and that is why we are being called. Thanks!

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Travelling outside of the US after filing for N400
12:22 pm


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Is there any particular protocol I need to follow or any way I need to "let the USCIS" know about any short travel outside of the US AFTER I have filed for citizenship?

I ask because the forms ask me to list any and all travel outside of the US. I filed electronically as well.

I may need to make a trip in to Canada for a couple of days so I don't know whether that's something I absolutely can't do or whether I have to let them know in a particular way? - I filed electronically so I didn't know if that changed things as well

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