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Flew from UK to US on CR-1 Visa
10:24 pm July 30, 2020

Jamie Solo

Jamie Solo

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Hey guys, thought I'd give a quick post so people can know a bit more about what to expect when travelling on a Spousal Visa during all the restrictions from COVID. And since I'm in the US now, obviously did it right ?

My flight was booked with British Airways. Manchester to Heathrow and then onward to Seattle.

After booking my flight and managing my booking I did attempt to say I had a proper visa (not ESTA) as there was an option. It accepted it and I thought it worked.

Turned out it didn't cause when online check-in opened, they flagged me and said I had to do it all at the airport. This happens in a few cases for BA but the check-in staff at the airport confirmed it was cause of the visa issues when I got there.

Got to the airport in Manchester and handed over my passport. They looked at my visa and had a senior person look it over. They spoke about how it should be okay since it was issued in July. I explained that if they needed I have marriage certificates, a copy of US spouses passport etc. if they wanted to look at it. They were then happy to send me on my way to Heathrow but warned me I might get taken aside to go over all of this stuff when I'm boarding.

In Heathrow, after handing over my passport, the agent checked with someone behind him. They gave a thumbs up and I was on the plane! So the people in Manchester either passed on that I had everything or they were just happy with the issuance of the visa. Either way, I only needed the visa in the passport, and I didn't show any additional stuff.

Arrived at SeaTac, did my COVID checks and got to immigration and it was business as usual from there like you've seen in many posts before! Except my fingers were so dry from hand-sanitiser that my fingerprints took a few tries lol

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Missing Background Check on CEAC
3:35 pm July 30, 2020



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I have uploaded all my documents to the CEAC and submitted everything. However, I am still waiting for 1 criminal background check that has been a nightmare to get (out of 6 in total). I have the other 5 from all the other countries I have lived in, however for the 1 missing document I stated in the comments that the application is pending, in hope that I can present the missing background check in person at the interview as I will have it by then.

Is this going to delay my interview process or have an impact on the case?

Hope I have been clear in explaining this. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Strange Advice from London Embassy
1:33 am July 2, 2020


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Hi All,

Hoping for some expertise in this matter because the advice from the London Embassy seems bizarre. Recently, I had my request for an emergency K1 interview denied. Won't go into the details but it was a reasonable request as there were medical and job related reasons. The reason for the denial was the travel restrictions between the US and UK. I then pointed out that if that's the only reason why it's denied, they should still process it and my fiance could travel to another country for 14 days prior to entering the US. They then replied that if he plans on doing that, he should have the case transferred to the embassy in the country he plans to quarantine in and receive the visa there. They said make sure that embassy is able to process K1 visas and that it could take 8+ weeks to transfer.

Am I crazy or does this seem like bad advice? Can you just transfer to a country you plan on traveling to but don't actually live in? I thought you actually had to live there before transferring. It seems like you would waste 2+ months transferring with no guarantees the other embassy would follow through with the processing. Plus you would have to do whatever their Packet 3 requirements are which who knows how long it would take for that to be issues and gathered.

Overall, seems like bad advice to me but maybe I am missing something.

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Police Background Check Questions (Japan, Norway, Spain)
10:08 am June 26, 2020



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Hi, new to this forum.

I am at the stage of needing to upload police checks to the website so I can submit all and assumingely, wait for my interview. However, I have lived in a few places and I am having an absolute nightmare getting police checks.

My question is: How essential are they are if I am unable to provide them, will this lead to my visa being rejected?

- I lived in Norway for a year 12 years ago, my background check request has been rejected because theres no record of me being registered with any residence there. I lived with my ex gf, the apartment we had was registered in her name, and not joint. I was not there illegally and have no criminal record in Norway. Chances of getting this police check are basically 0 now.

- Spanish police check. The embassy in Tokyo have told me, I have to go to Spain to pick it up which seems like nonsense. I've read bits in this forum about it and it seems like a nightmare to obtain via mail. Anyone want to help me with this one?

- Japanese police check. It is addressed to US Immigration with my name under it. It says it is only to be opened by the addressee. Those of you who have been in Japan, did you open it to scan to upload or leave the envelope sealed for immigration to open? Confusion.

Any answers would be appreciated here. My main fear is that after months of this, not having a police check for a place I lived in years ago will make all the difference.

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K1 Action Plan - Getting Consulates to Process Our Visas
1:07 am June 23, 2020


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Hi Fellow K1s,

The number one thing we can do right now to ensure that we get reunited with our loved ones, is to contact your US elected officials. Let them know that you are a constituent of their district or state, that you are in the K1 process, and that you are concerned that K1s are not being addressed adequately during the pandemic. Include a few sentences of your personal story so they remember you. Urge them to speak to their contacts at the State Department and ask the State Department to:

1) Clarify the position of K1s in regards to the EOs on immigration (we believe they should not be affected as they are non-immigrant visas which are not specifically denied)

2) Deem K1 visas mission critical visas during the pandemic and provide travel exemptions as such

3) Make a public statement regarding their intended plans for K1 processing so that we all can be informed

I contacted my representative last week and was surprised with how quickly they responded and how seriously they took my concerns. The more noise we make the better! The squeaky wheel always gets the grease!

Contact your representatives and post below with confirmation so we can shower you with applause and likes! I m going to contact my senators (North Carolina) tonight.

Find your House Representative here:


Find your Senator here:


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