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Success in Opening a Joint Account with my Spouse! (Pre visa approval)
8:01 am August 27, 2019

Jamie Solo

Jamie Solo

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Hey guys,

I'm currently visiting my spouse whilst in America (still waiting on NOA2 FYI) and one thing we decided to try and do was open a joint bank account to help out in evidence for the process and also cause it would be useful to get my name in the system etc. right now.

I obviously checked here and saw lots of conflicting info so wanted to give my experience:

First - we visited Chase. Chase sucks when you're an intending immigrant and they will also not be very friendly to you on arrival. So don't bother.

We instead visited Bank of America and we had a whole bunch of help and a smooth ride in setting up our accounts!

All that was required was a passport and Driver's license for the US citizen (but any normal ID would be fine too including utilities and stuff. And for the non-US citizen, your passport, and a secondary form of ID, which could even be a Visa/Mastercard from your home country.

I quizzed them on why we could open it with them when we didn't have success with Chase and they said this was fine as the US citizen essentially acted as the "anchor" in our joint account and the person helping us mentioned that Visa/Mastercard is a good secondary ID as they're global so the bank can access some kind of record on you. This also allowed me to apply for a US credit Card (approval is pending so we'll see on that!).

So just wanted to share that opening a joint account in the states is possible whilst going through the process for anyone who wants to get it done!

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K-1 6 month validity period
10:51 am August 21, 2019



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My petition has been received by the embassy but I have a question about the 6 month validity period. Does the 6 month period to enter the US begin from the issuance of the visa itself or is it a different date? Thanks in advance!

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K-1 visa interview documents - originals or copies?
8:14 pm August 12, 2019



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Hello all. My fianc e has received the NOA2 and I, the beneficiary, am awaiting a letter from NVC for my interview.

Would anyone please provide information on what documents I need to provide? Do they need to be the originals of the copies included in the information/evidence package we provided? Does this mean I need to possess my fianc e s birth certificate and passport? Or just copies of them?

Thanks so much for any help.


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JP Police Certificate - When to apply?
2:17 am July 2, 2019

Jamie Solo

Jamie Solo

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Hey guys, was hoping someone has been through this kinda situation before, or if not then hopefully the collective can help me out with some advice!

So myself (the beneficiary) and my Wife met/got married in Japan. We are both leaving at the beginning of next month with her going back to the US and I will be in the UK for the remainder of the visa process. And current NOA2 date is December.

I've lived in Japan for over 2.5 years so I know I need a Police Certificate from here at the next stage. But my question is, if I apply and pick one up in the next month, will that be okay for the next stage in the process? As doing it now will save a lot of money in travelling to the Japanese embassy and stuff later on.

Thanks in advance for the help/advice! =)

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Divorce decree for beneficiary
6:12 pm June 1, 2019


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Been while since i posted a topic and its been 6 month since a made an account and still have not submit our visa, there is a reason why and here it it:

So back when we got engaged we knew we needed our divorce decrees. I have my original, i copied all the pages unsure if all are needed but i did anyways. so i am all good. My fiance' though kept putting it off idk why work and such and finally he requested it around Jan. The offices in Wales take forever to get back to people so when they finally did they advised that they never got the filling papers and fee after the 6 week wait time from the initial submission petition for divorce. Honestly i was not surprise by this somewhat. His ex was a controlling, selfish gold digger type and of course she didn't cause she would have had to pay a fee and seeing has she left him with $40,000 of debt when they ended there was no way she would have paid. Now your like " well why didn't he check or file himself?" When they separated she was the one to get the paper work started (they both wanted out) she mailed it he signed and sent it back to her. Now at this time sadly is when his mother was in the hospital dying from an intestinal infection so he had much bigger issues going on and just assumed she handled it all. So in Feb. of this year he got a solicitor and got the paper work to finalize and complete but they couldnt use the old petition so he had to do it all again AND WAIT 6 WEEKS. Now as you can assume i was pissed mainly at the fact he knew in Oct we would need this and could have figured it out and had it handled but his lack of urgency caused more delay. That was are first ever fight in 2 yrs.

So this brings us to today. The solicitor has everything and is finishing so i am waiting for him to get it and send it to me so we can turn in the K1 Visa. My main question is, since it is dated for April of this year is that going to a huge issue? They separated and got "divorced" in their minds in summer 2015. we met on online in March of 2016. So i dont want them thinking he was married this whole time and was "cheating" on her cause thats not the case whats so ever. I assume since it only mention the decrees are needed to prove we are legal and able to marry it'll be fine but im paranoid i guess.

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