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divorced and filing my I-751 with divorce waiver soon
5:01 am May 26, 2023


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Hello everybody,

I am currently getting my paperwork ready for filing my I-751 with a divorce waiver and have just a few questions about my situation. Long story short, and probably not uncommon:

I fell happily in love, filed for the K1 visa, moved to the states after approval and got married. During our long distance relationship he was loving and attentive and paid for most of my trips to the US to visit him. After I arrived in the states (during covid) I did found out he presented the best of him during my trips. After I moved in I soon learnt he is an alcoholic and was involved in let's called it ''shady business''. He never gave me much inside in his finances but always seemed to have money despite being unemployed. Because of this I have little prove of co-mingling our finances, he was in charge of our finances and despite my efforts to do so the only thing I have is evidence of joint car insurance, health insurance and a rental agreement I was added on. His alcoholism worsened and he got extremely jealous, controlling and verbally abusive. I won't go into any details since I am not the first and won't be the last immigrant having her living happily ever after dream shattered.

Fortunately I live in a small town and have become part of this tight community where everybody has been very supportive. They all lived and cried with me (and him) through our marriage troubles and eventually divorce.

Documents I'm submitting:

- divorce degree

- rental agreement I was added on

- joint car insurance

- his attempt to file for health insurance (it got cancelled because he never paid)

-pictures of us together. There are not many because for some reason he did not like having his picture taken.

Affidavits from:

- The mayor of this town

- A council member of the town counsel

- The veterinarian of the local humane society I volunteer for

- The director of the local humane society

- My employer who I know through my ex ( she is also the joint-sponsor on my green card)

- A bartender (who is also a friend of mine) of the local saloon (who knows my ex since he practically lives at the bar)

- A physician who is a friend of my ex-husband and I have been working with at the humane society where she also volunteers

- One of my co-workers (who knew my ex-husband before I became friends with her)

- A friend I have known for 20 years, she knows my ex-husband because he lived across the street from her for a while.

- One of the towns police officers. this police officer actually interviewed me as a witness when my ex-husband tried to beat up one of my friends. He will however not write it as a police officer because his supervisor advised against it, but he is familiar with the alcoholism involved.

I can also get an affidavit from the towns fire chief, my ex-husband is a volunteer firefighter. I reached out to the fire chief because he also runs a drugs and alcoholics anonymous meeting every week and I asked advice about how to help ''a friend'' with alcoholism. The fire chief is very familiar with my ex's alcoholism because he hardly shows up for calls since he is usually intoxicated around noon.

All affidavits basically say we were very much in love but our marriage unfortunately ended up in divorce. And they all state I am a great asset to the town and sorts.

My questions:

- The obvious, will this be sufficient?

- Do I write an affidavit myself explaining the course of our marriage and why I divorced?

Thank you in advance for any answers and advice you can give me!

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DS-5535 Amsterdam (split)
1:36 am May 4, 2023



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5 hours ago, APRIL2023 said:

I m relatively new to this group and I m sure some of the more seasoned members can add to this.

The whole AP could be for whole lot of reasons and the consulate office always keep it vague as to why are have been flagged. I asked my CO and he says maybe people with the same name, though he doesn t know what could have flagged it as I appeared to be a normal case.

Many members have no idea why they are flagged. I am convinced that it s because I was not born in Canada (born in Hong Kong). Though I have been a Canadian for most part of my life, I d been flagged due to racial profiling. Though many members here are born in Canada and haven t traveled much other than North America and Mexico.

Hi! I m new to this forum too. Last week I had my k1 interview in Amsterdam and was approved. Three hours later I got the DS5535 form. The reason I got mine is because I was born in Iran. I have lived 29 years of my 31 year old life in the Netherlands so I was shocked too. It s very unfortunate and unfair..:( might file a WOM if I don t hear anything in 60/90 days.

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Filing for DCF at Frankfurt Consulate as a Dutch citizen/resident
11:20 am April 9, 2023



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Hi everyone,

I am a Dutch national and spouse of a US citizen and we both live in the Netherlands since July 2021. My partner is actively applying to jobs in the US. We would like to move to the US and apply for a CR1 visa for me, we want to submit our I-130 and get the process started. However, we don't know whether it is best to file the I-130 directly with USCIS and wait about 1,5 years or wait until my partner actually has a job offer and then file as DCF. If we do it the regular way and file through USCIS it is not much use for my partner to continue applying for US-based jobs since we would have to be apart for too long; we are also trying to start a family in this time-frame. In that case it would just be best to wait for 1,5 years until my CR1 visa is approved. My wife has a good career and I think her chances are pretty high to land a job in the short term, it would also be best for her career if she got a job in the US. However, the US consulate in Amsterdam doesn't seem to process DCF requests: they are unresponsive by email due to severe understaffing, they have no phone number, on their website they only mention sending the I-130 to the US lockbox for US nationals resident in the Netherlands, and on the internet I could find no one who has done DCF through the consulate in Amsterdam. However, the US consulate in Frankfurt seems to be handling many DCF requests, and I also read the following on their website: "Individuals who were previously assisted by the USCIS Frankfurt Field Office (which includes individuals residing in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein) must follow these filing instructions." I was wondering if there are people here who are not resident in Germany but were assisted by the Frankfurt consulate with their DCF request? We really are in a dilemma right now whether to do regular USCIS filing and just wait; or take a chance, my wife applying for US jobs, and then see whether we can file for DCF in Frankfurt instead.

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K1 visa interview Amsterdam
6:27 pm April 2, 2023



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Hi everyone!

We have applied for a K1 visa and our file has been approved and is at the embassy in Amsterdam. We have received an email asking us to provide additional information (passport details, complete DS 160 form). We did that and then didn't hear back. Then I called the embassy and asked what the next step is. She told me that I have to register on the website us visa-info.com. I did that and paid the costs for the visa and scheduled a date. My question is: should I have waited for an official letter from the embassy with instructions or should they schedule a date for me? Or can I leave it this way? My medical exam is also scheduled. I found the information for the right clinic on the website of the embassy. Hopefully you guys can help me... Thank you!!

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NVC message of something missing, but nothing is missing
4:02 pm March 25, 2023



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we are in the CR1 process and we just submitted all the documents to NVC. They replied to us with this message saying that our documentation is incomplete
DS-260 Review note
Hello,NVC cannot review your submitted documents until we have received all of the required documents DS-260, Civil Documents and Financial Documents. Once these documents have been submitted, we will review your case. Please follow your CEAC Home page and https://nvc.state.gov.
We have double checked and we have uploaded and completed and played all the documents, we cannot find anything missing.
Did this ever happen to anyone? what is the best thing to do besides replying that we uploaded all the documents?

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