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Did we get P4 before P3..?
2:36 pm May 16, 2022


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Hello everyone,

Majorly confused over here. I ve been in contact with some other K1 visa applicants who are also bringing over Dutch fianc /fianc es and it seems that somehow..me(I m American) and my fianc (Dutch) made an interview appointment and got all our documents together based on links and information we found online at travel.state.gov and CEAC s website and some ais website that was buried in the Amsterdam Consulate.

When we tracked our case from the NVC the visa was READY and at consulate(I called them) so we took that as an okay to schedule an interview. They said wait for an email. He got an email from the NVC confirming the application was at the consulate. Edit- So we thought this is the email! Ah ha! When we applied for an interview and logged in to the ais site only one date was available edit: May 17. This is the only date available for about 6 months out. It seems like it s just assigned?

anyway. We never received instructions for how to make the medical appointment. We have everything else in the checklist. Appointment schedule page, DS-160, police report, I-864, passport photos.

to hear some of the other applicants tell it, we are supposed to have received a packet 3 that tells us to send the DS-160 to someplace? I don t know.

All I know is we have everything and received an email just now with a listing documents for our interview and a link to make the interview (which we somehow already made a week ago). Very very confused. Did we skip P3? Did we just never receive it? Was this email P3 or P4?

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Approved but some forms in wrong place
6:49 am April 15, 2022



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All forms but a few got accepted today.

Our submission date is jan 26th.

Forms from householdmember (husband) of joint sponsor were put in the wrong place so these got rejected.

Resubmitted them but I have a question;

Under proof of domicile I have submitted the 1040 form which has the name of joint sponsor and the householdmember.

Would that be enough? I would think so because it has their adress and names on it.

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Which Tax Forms to Submit? [split topic]
2:45 am April 14, 2022



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On 1/29/2022 at 9:23 PM, pushbrk said:

The 2020 tax return filed in 2021 showing 2020 income is currently the most recent tax return

One recent pay stub is fine as evidence of current income.

No worries regarding bonuses. As long as the income stated is comfortably over the required amount, it's fine. They can see the past income is actually MORE than the stated income. It's not a problem.

Not required to file a tax return is not a problem. Being required to and not filing is a problem.

Lots of members here have been in the same situation but may not be reading and replying. More important is to get the right answers from somebody who actually knows. ?

Good evening, I recently received a RFIE regarding my (the sponsor's) I-864. One of the items that USCIS requested was "a complete copy of the petitioning sponsor's federal income tax return...for the most recent tax year."

I have filled out my 1040 for the tax year of 2021 and I have all w2's and 1099s. However, I filled jointly with my wife who does not have a social security number or ITIN. In early March we applied for an ITIN number at a IRS office. They took my 1040 and all supporting documents and said they would file it for me once my wife's ITIN number is approved/issued.

So should I submit my 1040 for 2021 with my I-864? Or just send them a copy of my 2020 transcript and list years 2018-2020 since my 2021 return has not been processed yet?

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Do you need stable employment for citizenship
6:24 pm April 5, 2022



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I m from Europe and I m a permanent Greencard holder. I ve been living in the usa for over 2 years with my American wife. I would like to start the citizenship process next year.

My question is, do you need to show prove of stable employment/ a stable job in the usa when applying for citizenship? I ve been working in IT for over 20 years. I have a good stable IT job here in the usa as well since I moved here, for over 2 years.

However, I started my own company over a year ago and it s doing pretty good (not IT related, it s a staffing business). I want to quit my IT job to focus on my business and I want to expand it. But my friends here are saying it s better to keep my IT job to show the uscis that I have a stable w2 job.

But I feel like it s now or never to focus on my own business because I can t do it on the side anymore, it s too exausting and it s hurting my business if I can t focus on it.

What should I do? Will it hurt the citizen ship process if I quit my job to focus on my business.

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RFIE Form I-864
2:13 am April 5, 2022



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Hello everyone,

My wife (the principal immigrant) and I received an RFEI from USCIS 147 days after submitting the I-485 packet. The RFEI requests that I, the primary sponsor, submit a new I-864 due to multiple deficiencies. I am grateful for the chance to correct this form. I believe that most of my issues came from Part 6.

The question that I have for this forum pertains to Part 6 Question 25 "I was not required to file a federal income tax return...". Is this question referring to the most recent tax year or any of the three most recent years? I filed taxes for 2021 and 2020, however I did not file taxes due to no income (I was in college).

So for the third most recent year (2019) I should write "$0.00" in 24.c. and leave 25 unchecked since I filed for two of the three years?

Thanks for the help!

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