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EAD and drivers license expire
2:29 pm today


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I filed for my AOS in november 2017 and i m still waiting for the USCIS to schedule a appointment for my interview. My EAD and Drivers license will expire on december 14 2018. I filed for my renewal of my EAD on october 14. Can i keep on working or do i have to stop on december 14. I read something about a automatic extension of a 180 days when you properly file for you EAD renewal. My AOS is K1 bases btw. The Noa1 that i got for my EAD renewal didn t say anything about a automatic extension



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Never officially changed address. Am i in trouble??
12:32 am today


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My wife has a travelling job and we move across the country staying 3 months at each place. Our main address has always been our Washington one. In the I751 application i send copies of leases and of places we lived at and honestly filled out on the form where we lived and attached a letter and explained why we move so much.

Now i read not notifying uscis within 10 days is a deportable offense... Im terrified. Reason we never filed address change is because i figured there is no point doing it every 3 months and maybe missing important mail.

Im worried.

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K1 interview without tax returns
3:40 pm today


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Hi guys,

I'm not that experienced in posting here but have been a lurker for a while and wanted to see if the knowledge of this community could help me figure something out. I'm the beneficiary (Dutch nationality and will also try to post this in a country specific thread if it exists), and am planning for my K1 visa interview. We received Noa2 beginning of October and I received the 'K1 pre appointment package' end of October. We've been trying to get our papers together this past month and have run into something. So we have prepared the i134 including a statement from his boss and a statement from the bank but now the checklist said 'including latest tax returns' - we've never read this before and are panicking a little. Our situation is the following:

USC lived in the Netherlands with me from August 2016 to September 2017. Then was supported by his mother until January 2018 when he found his current job. Didn't do tax returns for 2018 bc didn't make enough by April and didn't do tax returns in 2017 because he wasn't in the USA. Latest tax returns are thus from 2016 and possibly misplaced.

My questions:

-what if I go to the interview with no tax returns? Just the i134 with letter from boss and bank

- I see we can request tax return transcripts from the IRS, what if we do this for the latest tax return and I bring that (so only 2016)?

- I know he can still file for 2018 and 2017 even though he didn't make hardly anything.. Would that help?

I'm a little confused why they need the tax returns and don't know what to do. Open to everybody's help...

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K1 medical--form error
8:32 pm today


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My fiancee had her medical recently and says that she made a mistake filling out the address on the form. I'm sure it's not as big a problem as she's afraid it is, but what do we do about it? Should she contact the civil surgeon, the embassy, or both? Or just wait until the interview and say "oops, my bad"? I'm not sure exactly what form this is and how important the address listed on it is.

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Marrying and SSN
4:15 pm today


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It says here that, after arriving, my fiancee should get her SSN first, then marry, then change her name at the SSA office. It also says here that she'll need to wait two weeks after arrival to get the SSN.

So my question is, why is it recommended to do it in that order? Is it based on the assumption that you can't marry without an SSN? In my state you can marry without an SSN if you provide a reason you don't have one (i.e. "I just got here and they haven't got my arrival in their system yet"). I'd like to avoid making multiple trips to the exremely-overcrowded local SSA office if possible--first marry with the change of name, then get an SSN under the new name. Can we do it that way?

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