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F2a to ir1
7:10 am today


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Does anyone know how long it will take to upgrade from f2a to ir1? Uscis en nvc already approved so only have to wait for pd 15 february 2017 to become current. Also We have a baby of which i understand needs his own procedure when we upgrade to ir1.

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Is the k-1 visa the best path to take in this relationship?
6:23 pm yesterday

Doodling Hitman

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My name is Pieter and my future wife's name is Kimberly. ?

We came in contact through our art hobby back in December 2017 and January 2018. We started talking a lot and I was super eager to meet her in real life. So I did, in September 2018. I stayed for 3 months in the US with her, and we had a blast together. Now She's staying here in the Netherlands with me for 7 weeks but sadly has to leave tomorrow again. All this separation between us is heart breaking, and we just want to move in together already. We have plans on how we want to do things, but since this whole visa stuff is quite complicated, I just want to make sure we're making the right choices. We do want to live in the US. I don't mind moving. I currently live in the Netherlands. That's where I was born.

Now, my boss also has experience in this area and is giving me advice. He also referred me to this website.

Our plan was for us to get married in the US, and then me applying for a green card afterwards so I can stay in the US and don't have to leave.

There's just a lot of questions I have with that, and I am not sure where to go with all these questions. I would need to know whether I can just continue my job as a storyboard artist while married or applying for a green card. I work from home, so I should be able to as far as I know. I'd be staying with my girlfriend (at that time she'd be my lovely wife) and just work from her home while my green card is being processed.

Where can I find answers to these type of questions? Is this forum the correct place for that? If not, I do apologize. We're just new to all this.

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Birth Certificate of my daughter not accepted!! What now?
12:22 pm February 12, 2019


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Hello. I have full custody of my teenage daughter. And I'm moving with my daughter to my wife in the USA. My case was approved, but for my daughter they need a RFE (request for evidence). This is what the USCIS says: The birth certificate submitted on behalf of xxx was issued on june 2018. However, USCIS is unable to determine when the birth was registered. Therefore, your must submit additional info documentary evidence

I called the municipality of my city where they issue the birth certificates and they say there is no such thing as a date of birth registration on the birth certificate. On dutch birth certificates it only says who the parents are and when the person was born, and the date of issue.

(The USCIS didn't ask this about my birth certificate by the way that looks the same)

I also have to prove now within 3 months that she is my daughter. Even though she has my last name and it says on the birth certificate that i'm her father. Very strange. Did anyone else had these issues? Did anyone else go trough this? Please give me some advice if you know anything. I guess I'll have to do a DNA test to prove to them she is my daughter?

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Question regarding upgrade from f2a to ir1
8:34 am February 12, 2019


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Hopefully one of you guys can help me out. My husband??? applied for my i130 in february 2017, while he was LPR. My priority date is 15 february 2017. My husband recently became a us citizen and we are planning to upgrade my status. I already got approved by uscis and nvc. So if he would still be lpr i would have to wait for my date to become current. Do you have any idea how long it will take to upgrade my status from f2a to ir1? And do you think it will speed up the process? My interview will be in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Income requirement
9:56 am February 4, 2019


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Interview tomorrow. Ive reached the point where im starting to over-think everything. If anybody can help ease my mind please do. I feel like the only thing they could get stuck on is the finance part.

The situation:

Usc/petitioner/sponsor makes >125 percent at this moment and has done so since January 2nd 2018. Supported by documents: i134 part 3, and letter from employer.

Before that: all of 2017 spent abroad (studying in NL with me) full time master student thus not working thus no income thus no taxes filed. Supported by documents: IRS transcripts and explaining statement signed by him.

I also have the tax transcripts from 2015 and 2016 which is when hed just finished his undergrad and worked part time so they dont meet the income requirements.

From your experience: do you think well be fine tomorrow? I cannot seem to find a confirmation that they dont look at prior years. Right now he makes more than enough to support both of us. In the past this wasnt the case. Is that enough? Should we be bringing more documents? Or less?

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