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Can I work with my IR1 visa?
11:21 am April 10, 2021


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I've sent my passport today to get my IR1 visa from the Consulate of Amsterdam. I should receive it back in about 1 week.

I have a job offer already, and I'm thinking to move to the US in May to start working the last week of May.

Can I work with my visa or must I wait for my SSN or Green Card to be delivered in America? Is there some sort of SSN or related number on the visa?


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which physical address during application process when moving
11:06 pm April 2, 2021



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soon I will start the process to apply for Citizenship.

I have 2 questions:

1) We are soon moving and will be traveling around so won't have a steady physical address. Knowing the process will take a couple of months and they move the case when you move to another state. We do own property in Arizona but physically we won t be there the whole time. Can I use an address of a friend or.... What do you recommend so I don t delay the process?

2) My application is marriage based so Be physically present in The United States for at least 18 months out of the 3 years immediately preceding the date of filing the application.

I counted my time abroad over the last couple of years:

In 2019: 9 months in the US, In 2020: 10 months in the US, In 2021: 4 months in the US (counted till May 1st), so 23 months which means I am good to go for the application?


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N400 Question - location in system
9:09 pm March 26, 2021



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Hi all,

I have a question. So I have my I751 interview early next week and my N400 is waiting to be scheduled for an interview. I filed online.

I was wondering if for online filers, the case is accessible at the local office, or does NBC print it out and send it to the local office, like they do with paper-printed files?

Just trying to prepare myself for a possible combo-interview, even though I am not expecting it.

Does anybody know or is this one of the USCIS secrets? And what do you guys think the odds would be for a combo interview?

Thank you!

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USCIS approval notice and NVC
12:20 pm March 26, 2021



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Hi everyone,

I ve never wrote here before but I m not new to the forum.

I m currently in the K1 process and received the approval letter from USCIS. The letter says that my case is now at the NVC and that if I didn t hear from them within 30 days I had to email them. I did, but I haven t heard back from them yet. Does anyone know how long this process could take? And what the next steps will be.

I ve been apart from my fianc for a year now and it s killing me. I understand that there s a lot more people in this situation and especially due to COVID I need patience, but we started the process in March last year, and I m just curious when we could be able to see each other again.

Thanks so much!

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How to upgrade I-130 from F2A to CR1/IR1?
12:03 am March 25, 2021



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I am scheduled for my citizenship interview soon and, assuming I pass and can do a same-day oath ceremony, I should have my citizenship certificate that day.

It is my understanding that I can ask USCIS to upgrade my I-130 petition for the F2A visa for my wife to the CR1/IR1 category by writing them a letter.

But it is not clear to me what exactly I should write in that letter? (Just personal details, my case number and that I want it to be upgraded?)

What should I include? (A copy of my citizenship certificate, or the original? Anything else?)

Where should I send it? (The petition is at the California Service Center. Should I send it there directly or to the lockbox where I sent the application?)

I want to send it all in as soon as possible after my naturalization so any help to get me ready is appreciated.


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