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Moving to the US - customs
9:38 am September 26, 2019


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I'll be moving to the US in 2 months (YAY!! :D), the POE is going to be IAD.

Now preparing the move and starting to pack, I'm not sure if I need to declare all my stuff and if yes, how to do it.

The items I'll be brinking are mostly clothes, shoes, a few books, a laptop and data storage drives, cellphone, personal hygiene items, accessories, important documents such as diploma's and records of my work history, items of sentimental value such as small gifts from family.

Do I need to fill in the 6059B form or is there any other form for immigrants? Do I need to make an inventory list of all my stuff?

I searched cbp.gov but wasn't able to find any specific advice for immigration.

I'll be happy to hear how you guys moved your stuff and if you have any word of advice for me.

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After K1 approval leave for US right away or wait?
7:51 pm September 24, 2019



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Hello everyone!

Let me give me a quick explanation of my situation. 2 years ago I met my fianc during my internship in Los Angeles, I was here for about 5 months on a J1 visa. After this we kept on visiting each other and we'd decided to get married and started our K1 fianc visa process.

I've been visiting my fianc every three months on an esta form, and luckily I've never had any issues with this. Immigration did tell me to watch out that I wouldn't be spending to much time in the US compared to my own country, so I've been taking this into account.

Now my issue.

I came back out of Los Angeles about a week and a half ago, after staying there for 87 days. My fianc visa interview is planned for the middle of October. I was wondering, if my visa gets approved, can I go back to Los Angeles right away? Or should I wait for 3 months again in case they say I'm spending too much time in the US?
I understand that with an esta this probably wouldn't be possible, but now because I travel with a fianc visum and I'm in line with other visa holders I was wondering if I could still get in trouble. I know that there are no specific rules for this, and every officer makes their own decision, but I was wondering if anyone might have experience with this.

I hope I explained it clear enough and that people can help me.

Thanks! :D :D

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6:03 pm September 24, 2019


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Anyone here had faced this problem before with CEAC visa status check?!. NVC expedite request was approved last Tuesday on September/17 and NVC stated that my Application will be immediately forwarded to the US embassy. But on September /20 I got an email from NVC telling me to check my CEAC email. When I checked I saw that all my documents are received and accepted and I'm documentary qualified. But when I loged into my CEAC account to check the visa status to see if its in "Transit" or "Ready", I couldnt get into that page. I tried a lot since last week but it seems that the website is down. But it was never been down this long. And I could get into my documents page to see my accepted documents, paid fees and the NVC emails. Every time I put my Case number and the CAPTCHA, I get a message in red color that says the CAPTCHA i put is not correct!! I was first assuming because my application is expedited and already sent to the US embassy so that is why I couldnt check my visa status through NVC because the file is not with NVC anymore!! Am i correct?! But at the same time im asking myself, but after my interview is done, how can I check through NVC if my visa was issued or not yet!! Isnt it the same website?!
My concern for now, why can't i reach my visa status after my case got expedited?! I haven't even got an email from the US embassy since last week regarding my interview.

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Car insurance in VA
5:29 pm September 11, 2019


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Hi guys,

I have a couple of questions regarding the car insurance.

My fiancee (US Citizen) owns a car and of course, car insurance. It seems that since I will move in with her, she'll need to add me to her insurance, because the insurance company assumes (!) that any adult living on the same house address has access to her car and therefore drives it. Does anybody have experience with this?

I heard a newly-insured driver pays hundreds of USD monthly on car insurance....I obviously want to avoind paying such ridiculous amounts of money, especially while I wait for my Green Card and cannot work! I have owned a European driving license since 2009 and dare to say I am an experienced driver, never been involved in a car accident. Is my driving history something a US car insurance company would consider, or they just don't care?

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Expedite request timeline
10:15 pm September 9, 2019


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Anyone here from the Netherlands knows how long it takes the US embassy in NL to approve an expedite request? My lawyer sent an expedite request for my IW1 visa on August/30. In September/04, we received an email from NVC stating its under review. But till now i haven't heard anything from NVC!!! I heard so many ppl here in VJ got their expedite requests approved in 2 to 3 days. Some ppl say, the timeline depends on the US embasy I'm dealing with. Is this delay means they will not approve the expedite request or it means they will approve it?! Cuz I also heard some ppl got their expedite requests rejected after one day review and some in 24 hours!!! But i never heard someone got it approved after one day review. So cuz of that I am assuming if they planned to reject my request, they would reject it since last week in a short period of time like after 1 or 2 days. ( just trying to figure out their technique of reviewing the expedite) i know i should be patient and wait but its taking longer than anyone i saw in VJ so far!!! Its stressing me out.

Documents are submitted and fees are all paid since 3 weeks. Idk why I feel this expedite request we made is delaying the whole process. Maybe if we didn't ask for the expedite request, then the case is completed by now.

Please anyone (especially dutch ppl) let me know your experience with the US embassy of NL, like when did u asked for an expedite? How long it took the embassy to approve it?! Is the US embassy of NL so quick in reviewing documents and requests?


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