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US Immigration from Netherlands

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Medical exam--how soon is too soon?
5:44 pm


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My fianc e has just returned to the Netherlands after a long visit with me, and now she's aching to get everything done ASAP to avoid delays before she can come back with her K1. We've got most of the paperwork under control (filed for police reports already, she's got her general medical records and is working on her vaccination records), so one thing that remains is the medical exam. She wants to get this done as soon as she can, but we haven't even got NOA2 yet (I expect it soon, fingers crossed). I imagine it's too soon to start scheduling the medical exam, is that true? Is there anything else we can be getting ready while we wait?

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Realistically, how much trouble will they give us for getting engaged fast?
6:26 pm


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My fianc e and I had been online friends for two years when we first met in person. We clicked immediately and started dating, and perhaps a month after that I asked her to marry me (all during a 3-month visit). Since then we've spent literally every moment we can together, but our first in-person meeting was only 10 months ago. I know it's going to depend on the interviewer whether that looks like a real relationship or not, but we have ample evidence of us being together, both in the US and outside of it. How much of a 'red flag' is that likely to be in the interviewer's mind? What else can we do to assure them our relationship is real?

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Question about birth Certificate Translation
12:44 am


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Does anyone here have any experience with foreign birth certificates? My fiance got his Spanish birth certificate and requested the translated one. I have attached photos of it. The first image is the birth certificate where the information is laid out with numbers. The second image is the backside - it has numbers corresponding to each piece of information on the front and the translation to various different languages.

My question is, do you think this is acceptable? He's interviewing in the Netherlands (not Spain). It does have English translation on it, but I'm worried they wont consider it good enough.

Image-1 (1).jpg


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Can i exchange my Dutch drivers licence to one for Washington state?
6:13 pm


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Im a bit confused. Can i go to the DMV, show my Dutch licence and exchange it to a Washington state licence?

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Entering US after having the green card interview cancelled
9:59 pm


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Can I still enter the US with an AP combo card/work permit, when my green card interview and application was cancelled 3 months ago? Online the status says: we cancelled your interview for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number *, and mailed you a cancellation notice. We will notify you by mail if the appointment is rescheduled, a decision is made, or if we need something from you. Based on this, can I still legally enter the US and have a good reason to do so? I will have a return ticket to show I will go back to my country.

Thank you for your help

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