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  1. Older SS numbers where issued with geographically significant numbers. To make it harder for ID thieves they started issuing them randomly and that messed up some verification tools/
  2. So you pay for one petition , but when it comes to medical and such you will pay one set of fees for each person. Who knows how big the family will be by then or what the fees will have gone up to. It will be expensive in todays dollars for sure.
  3. Once the date becomes current , if he is till under 21 you can request an expedite due to pending age out. But you can't do anything until the date is current.
  4. I was born in NY ( upstate ) and after college have spent years in both California and Arizona. I am currently in California. California is expensive, it is also full of criminal residents that the state will suck every working person dry to support these lowlifes. Housing is expensive. My 1980s four bedroom house 60 mile outside of LA zillows at over 800k. That being said the high temp in the summer is 112 vs 120 ( I lived in Tucson ) and you can find whatever recreational activity floats your boat within an hour. I enjoy the mountains and live at the base of the foothills. Traffic in California is a mess. Arizona is hot in the southern half. You could cook an egg on the sidewalk and you will roast your feet if you try walking barefoot on it. Being an open carry state there is less crime, It takes a bit getting used to see granny packing while walking Fido. If you want to go to a real beach you are committed to a days drive. At the time I was in Tucson I will still riding and although beautiful the landscape is hostile. Cactus needles and trees with thorns.
  5. You can only expedite the process after a visa number is available , there is nothing you can do until then . The current F2b for India is early in 2011 so hopefully it moves quickly.
  6. You can try to proceed with your current k1 , remember there are more fees before the interview , like the medical. If you consider all that money a throw away , go for it , I'd say you have less than a 10% of being approved but you may get lucky. I would just get married with all the paperwork and file a CR1 and consider the K1 a lesson learned. The K1 really isn't faster anymore even if it does get approved the first pass,
  7. NigeriaorBust

    f4 immigration

    Maybe another 4 years'
  8. NigeriaorBust

    Looking for advice

    Using , or more precisely overusing , credit is an addiction. The worse thing you could do is use up your equity in your house( not your house or your equity really from what you said ) to pay off the cards and start using them again. You need to close all the accounts asap , if you insist on keeping a card freeze it in a large Tupperware full of ice so you have to wait until it thaw to use it. I was with a man that had this issue and it will be hard. From what you have described of what your husband does sounds like things my grandchildren can do easily. You should adjust your spending to what he makes now, not what you think he can make. Make a budget and stick to it. If you don't have the cash for whatever you have been using the credit card for you really don't need it. Also you should avoid adding to your household size until you get things under control.
  9. NigeriaorBust

    Nephew US Citizen but Parents are not

    As long as they show stronger ties to the home country than the US. they should be able to get a visa. That being said having a USC child no matter the ages ups their ties to the US. What have they done to up their ties to their home country.
  10. One of my ex man friends doctored shopped to get his boys an adhd diagnosis so they would get put on meds to make them more complaint teens. Rather disgusting.
  11. NigeriaorBust

    Order of supervision (C18)

    If you don't submit the required evidence they will continue your deportation.
  12. Your hard spot would be showing you intended to return. I assume your parents didn't maintain an address all these years. It looks like they left and changed their mind about returning and as your parents made that decision for you to.
  13. NigeriaorBust

    Tourist visa from friend in pakistan

    If you are so bored in your marriage that you are looking online for the next victim, get out of that marriage, your husband deserves better, As for not getting out before a trial run with your hot prospect, he is as fake as the naked pics of his genital area that have you so anxious to do this. You really should get offline for awhile and think this through.
  14. By marrying before you entered you invalidated you visa which means your wife and child can never come to the US and once discovered you will also be expelled.