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  1. But 2021 still is t the same information as 2022, but ok
  2. I’ve done that already by pay stubs and bank statements and a letter from the bank and a letter from my job
  3. I won’t be using it alone. I will be using other income as well
  4. Thank you for answering the question. Most of them like to take your question another direction. Yes that’s what I was wanting to do use my assets plus employment. I do have my 2021 transcripts but I have my reasons as to why I don’t want to use them. That’s why I was asking if I could use other income or assets instead of using my taxes
  5. Is that what I asked? Some of y’all just messy.
  6. Good all, if all income is met like 12 months of bank statements, letter from the bank, letter from job, paystubs, using a home as a asset along with 3 vehicles, all of these items was used except tax transcripts, or w2s . The question is will that be a problem if the taxes or tax transcripts wasn’t used?
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