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  1. Last I’ve heard was that embassy is closed for non American citizen.
  2. Nope not concerned at all. Watch out for those narcissistic signs also. You’re welcome
  3. Wow . Even though they came by his house , it still doesn’t mean that’s his intentions are pure. This is high fraud country and I was married to a Nigerian and he left after getting the greencard. Not saying that’s your situation but many of us on VJ got scammed by Nigerians. Be careful
  4. I’m trying to respond to a particular comment, but don’t how. I want to say this. When a petition reaches the NVC level, you could then put in a expedite request. It is up to the Embassy to approve a expedite request. Once it’s approved, then NVC will forward it over to the embassy. Please stop misinforming people
  5. What happened she knew that that lawyer didn’t ask her for pictures and things to prove the bonafide relationship. Whenever she would talk to the attorney about the proof , he tells her to wait. Now right after the closing down Bcz of the pandemic, USCIS sent her a letter stating that because lack of evidence we denied your petition. After appealing the petition, she then sent in all of the proof herself. She didn’t wait on the attorney. Her case was approved. It took about a month or so. To get a interview. It didn’t take that long
  6. Well from my cousin’s experience her case was denied because of the attorney never submitted her proof of a bonafide relationship. USCIS told her that she could either refile or appeal it. She had to pay more money to appeal it, they worked on her case right away and her husband got approved. Each case is unique. I think you should do what you feel is best
  7. Because of the pandemic, no one could really say
  8. Probably because it’s a high risk country. That could be the reason why.
  9. You probably should correct the marriage certificate. Now that it’s on the way to NVC maybe you could wait until they assign you a case number and at that let them know of the error.
  10. Did you get your naturalization by marrying a American citizen?
  11. Once you’ve received the Noa1, you could send information at that time along with a copy of the noa1. Please don’t wait for a rfe if she feel like you need to submit something submit right away.
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